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Abuelas (2011)
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A sad story with every day objects, 9 October 2012

This is a story told several times before by different tellers. However it achieves a different level through really saddening narrative and using very simple objects like toys or picture frame to help you understand the consequences.

It's a shame that the world is a place full of stories like this however it's fortunate there are people who are willing to tell them to honour the loved ones.

Narrative is in Spanish with a voice over in English - which makes it more effective than using subtitles.

Nominated for short film reward in Bafta but not won it. Still it's powerful and sad.

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Impressive, 9 October 2012

Watched this movie in Manchester Film festival last week and among all other short movies, that was one of my favorites.

B&W usage is great, light is perfect. Actors are in great harmony and references to Irish & English culture made me smile.

It looks like this won an award at Bafta 2012 - I'd say it's well deserved !

A good deal of time and money invested in this and outcome is not disappointing.

If you like short films - you should watch it. If you aren't keen on short movies normally, still this one will grab your attention.

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good if you know the story behind it, 2 May 2012

This documentary movie short enough to watch without learning too much what was going behind the scenes.

A narrative guy who is ID and responsibility in the company is unknown is talking randomly and not giving much insight.

We see a meeting room full of people but we don't know who they are. So if you are not familiar with the full story, I suppose you would struggle to follow.

Also terms are used is fine for a person with finance background but wouldn't mean much to others.

Overall a nice attempt but not to the point - leaves blanks to fill and the effect of the collapse has gone untouched.

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Moving, 28 April 2012

It is not very often you will find a heart moving story in a sci-fi series.

While Fringe has had some of them at times, this episode by far, is the most remarkable and moving one.

While we witness Walter finds someone who can truly understands him ( mind you it is not very often - he can understand the grief he caused however not many examples that he was by others.) we also see a time travel story - not a unique idea but thinking how many of us wanted to travel through time to be with the ones we loved once, it fits all beautifully.

Every one of us has our regrets, been late to say something to someone we loved. Some of us wished to be long gone with the ones we love and miss.

Easier to say than it is done. We found ourselves in these pieces of art, TV series, songs, novels. We want to be understood and we want forgiveness.

That's why we loved this episode so much more than the others perhaps. Remarkable acting reflects whatever we want to have.

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Really Enjoyed, 16 March 2012

I'm not a huge comedy fan. The reason being behind it is repetitive scenarios and horrible acting mostly.

I heard a lot of good things about this movie but still didn't see it on the theatre. Today , out of the blue, decided to watch it online. It was worth it. Dialogues are fun.

However this time acting is top notch and plot is so entertaining. Especially Charlie Day ( Dale) steals the every minute he's on the scene. Kevin Spacey is great as usual.

Movie itself is about 90 minutes , every minute of it offers a lot.

If you need to cheer up, just go watch this movie. Good laugh !

Open 24h (2011)
Beautifully Shot, 9 March 2012

Seen this during a film festival and enjoyed beautiful shots.

It becomes a bit slow after a while but you feel the tension and desperation through the scenes.

Contrast is impressive, makes you pay attention to details you wouldn't realise if it was coloured.

Little boy is also very sad - makes you feel really sorry for him. I even thought if he had a problem in real.

Just one thing though, probably it would be better if they didn't squeze a cheap sex scene just to sake of it.

It is a nice , independent movie.