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Otis (2008)
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Unexpectedly great!, 11 March 2008

Just saw the movie premier of "Otis" at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin. Reviewers are comparing it to "Juno" albeit a much darker version. The similarities are there even tho the story lines are vastly different. Initially what appears to be just another slasher movie takes a hard left turn about 10 minutes in. Wit, humor, contemporary hip dialog, and the perfect ensemble cast take over. Every actor will be recognizable from other movies even if their names are not household words with the exception of Otis. Otis, however, could not be more real or despicable! He is wonderfully evil, pathetic, and deranged yet still evokes sympathy from the audience. This movie is "ripe" for a sequel and will definitely have a cult following if it makes it into distribution. See this movie if you can! My friends call me Miss "Picky" for a reason and there was nothing to pick at in this movie. In fact, if you want a sure thing, see anything written by Erik Jendersen in my opinion the smartest of today's Hollywood writers. No dumbing down in any of his scripts.

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this movie is aching for a modern remake, 19 May 2005

Even tho I find Jackie Chan wildly entertaining, his movie "The Tuxedo" is not the kind of remake I had in mind for this wonderful classic. A modern version of "Tales of Manhattan" could run the gamut of young and old stars (ala Woody Allen films) with the situations altered to suit a more modern time as long as the dilemmas are not too "over-the-top". Kevin Spacey "doing" the Edward G. Robinson role is the only actor I can think who is up to the task. I'd love to see this on the Big Screen. As Hollywood appears to be on a re-make kick, it would be nice to see a drama. I've had enough of the Starsky-Hutch, Bewitched, etc., mind-numbing stuff.