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Try Me (2006)
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Blend of absurd and romance - nice comedy, 20 March 2006

Pierre François Martin-Laval (Pef) is a member of the famous theater/TV company Les Robins des Bois, known for great TV highlights ("L'instant Norvégien des Robins des Bois") and artistic bombing with their first picture "Rrrrrrr". Pef's comedy is a blend of sheer absurdity and childish references and that makes him a very particular character during the whole movie. He plays Yves-Marie a french cosmonaut (sic) who returns see his childhood love Jacqueline 24 years after she promised him that she'd marry him after he'd have travel in space.

Jacqueline, the girl turned woman Julie Depardieu is obviously speechless, while she's supposed to get married with Vincent (Kad Merad) in a few days. Yves-Marie suggests Jacqueline that if we try pants and cars before we buy them, she can "try" him for 24 hours.

The plot is original and funny and the movie offers funny appearances like Pierre Richard's, godfather of Pef's sense of humor based on clumsiness. Unfortunately, even if the movie is based on this nice plot, the gets lost in it after its two first thirds, hardly driving towards its expected happy ending. The movie's still worth to be seen, as I think that Pef may become one of the most original comedy writers in France.

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Really overrated out here, to my opinion., 14 February 2006

After having read so many rave reviews of this movie on IMDb, I finally bought a copy of this movie on Amazon. I was really disappointed about it. The music is definitely too eighties, and the general atmosphere of the movie reminds me too much of most of what french TV produces when it tries to make a TV show look like a film noir. The end is good, but I still think it is really overrated on these pages ! Still it's interesting, from a french point of view, to see that Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu can do on this job as he's a quite underrated actor in France. I cannot not think did not inspire Michael Haneke for the first sequence of Funny Games, it's really the same thing.