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A classic TV series that all should have in their DVD collection!, 5 June 2007

I have been looking at this TV series with two of my boys the last months. It is one of the best ever sent TV shows during the sixties and seventies. All episodes are not real good, but most episodes are real classics!! I am thru these shows, together with The Saint and Columbo "going back" to my youth time of my life. They are of course in many ways very different to the modern "realistic shows" with many times too much blood and violation, and death. But to meet the old stars as Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and the others is worth all minutes of the shows. The idea, spirit and soul of the show is wonderful and even if you know how every show begins, it just need to begin in that way! If not - it is not any Mission: Impossible.

I look forward to sit together with my boys on Friday evenings to look at Mission Impossible. We have decided to have one evening a week for the show! But the problem is now that the first season is soon coming to an end, and I cannot see any date for the release of the second season in the Old World yet. I really hope that it is soon coming, and that Paramount/CBS speed up the schedule for season 3 to 7.

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The High Chaparral is now under investigation for release 2008 on DVD, 5 June 2007

The High Chaparral is now under investigation for a release 2008 on DVD by Paramount/CBS! This is really good news for all of us that have been waiting for this wonderful TV Western series to be released on DVD. For me it has been the best ever TV Western series. I grew first up with the old classic Bonanza and the Cartwrigh brothers, in the beginning of the sixties. But when this series began to be sent on Swedish television, I were sitting in my chair waiting the program to appear on Friday evenings. It had all a real western series should have. The people that were playing their rolls were almost perfect to this and still they are before my eyes. It was very realistic and had all different kinds of episodes included. It were a very good show of how the life were in the western during the time the shows happened.This is the first western TV series not played in a studio, but in open air. I can already hear the The High Chaparral melody when I am waiting for the worldwide release of this wonderful show. The dust from the horses and ....well all...If you like westerns your only need to see The High Chaparral. And then you will agree! This is western when it is as best as it can be. Paramont/CBS- Hurry up we are waiting!!! If you would like to be updated with very good information about the show, go to the website for The High Chaparral - you will have most of what you want there.