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Sexmission (1984)
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The real Matrix?, 29 December 2006

I recently saw this brilliant Polish film with English subtitles and I must say that I am becoming quite a fan of this director. After seeing this, I realize that the Wachowski Brothers are obviously Polish, hailing from Chicago - a Polish epicenter and obviously fans of this film. If you liked the philosophy, the 'what is real' twists running in the Matrix then you best check this film and witness the obvious inspiration for that stunning trilogy.

This film is seriously clever, gratuitous and the obvious forerunner to what we praise the Wachowski Brothers for so cleverly revealing to the American audience; the decadence of totalitarian regimes, propaganda and fascist idiosyncrasies. Mind you this film is funny, even with subtitles.

'Sex Mission' is a Polish classic. It is an obvious reaction to Communism and quite brilliant as a humanist science fiction. Quite a few scenes seem to be properly praised throughout the Matrix Trilogy and its fun to witness the clever inspiration for such blockbuster features.

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call me crazy, 22 October 2005

I'm pretty critical of most pop films, but I thought this was one of the best ones to come out in awhile. The underwater cinematography was amazing - totally worth the matinée price and cheaper than diving- the kind of film you need the bigscreen to enjoy.

Sure I love much more clever crafted films , but for the MTV generation this film had just enough, maybe the fact that I am an ocean person, have a thing for treasure, the romance of lost properties and jessica alba- i was totally enjoying it.

I thought the casting was great- sure Paul really cant act, but he reminded of more than a handful of people I went to highschool with - so I could believe it- his obnxious pompous buddy was classic and some of the underlying subplots of human greed are so universal that I actually felt something for these morons.

The real star is the ocean here and the good guy/ bad guy looked like my step brother and fit the bill. Anyhow i doubt this film will do very little justice on a small screen, but overall the script was solid and the sea animal work was mind blowing.

Maybe I was just in the mood - but i enjoyed it and watching alba swim, god she is gorgeous. Didn't change my life, but I was entertained to the end.

Domino (2005)
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almost amazing, 22 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

very cool super stylized cinematography, (hyper-cool title sequence) the story almost has too much going on at times kiera is absolutely gorgeous and the film resonates as an homage to Oliver Stone's NBK, in many ways. Mickey is cool as f*@! as usual and most the cast comes off solid. Pretty much another Hollywood cameo orgy.

it is very much a cool guy movie though I couldn't understand the jump in the story, where Domino starts calling the shots and Ed has taken a back seat - that never made sense - from mentor to yes mam - i thought he was the boss and all of the sudden he is taking orders from her? She is responsible for the decisions and he is just not asking questions - that made no real impact and seemed unbelievable within the story

I wish the film had chosen to be either really way more f@#!ed up or more streamlined, it dances between being the film I wanted to see and being the film it is

almost amazing- entertaining none-the-less

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classic, 18 May 2005

Classic 70's low budget with very witty writing. Armitage is a genius. Very much ahead of its time in terms of the dialog concerning politics, pharmaceuticals and personal psychology. A cult classic in that sense. The character Barbara is gorgeous and the opening sequence was ripped off and used in Constantine, the latest Keanu Reeves quasi occult film. If you can get past the 70's cheese, there is a very clever and rewarding piece of writing underneath, if you don't think much or cant read between lines you'll concur with the other review. The film moves all over the place and one of the main story lines seams to get resolved in a flash. There is a classic use of voice overs to cut around a lame blonde beauty performance, but it works and is a good lesson in salvage editing for the student. The strength is in the writing of this film, seems there may have been some fluff added by the others involved and if you get the DVD, the original trailers will have you rolling on the floor.