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The JFK Conspiracy (1992) (TV)
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Hardcore Evidence!, 30 December 2005

Every person in America should see this movie. It shows you that our government has lied to us before. There are several detailed interviews with witnesses of the JFK assassination showing the fraud of it all. However, even without these interviews, the conclusion that I've drawn was from the physical evidence and tests which are preformed in this video. According to a poll by the history channel, only 17% of people actually believe that Oswald acted alone. After you view this movie, I would suggest visiting some websites that 'debunk' theses claims. If you have not research this topic much these sites might look amazing, however, after you have all the information presented in this documentary, you'll see that pretty much every refute is ridiculously implausible.

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not as entertaining as his more recent ones, 6 December 2005

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Warning: The following contains hardcore truth. If you wish to live in the matrix please do not view the following comment.

This was definitely not one of Alex's better movies but the reason I gave it a ten is because he did what he does the best: expose the NWO.

In all honesty, the movie gets boring in the middle where Alex and his crew begin infiltrating the grove. The most interesting part of this movie is the bizarre mock ritual at the end. And of course, seeing Alex scream on the street saying "This is how Bush dresses in the Bohemian grove."

I have seen a quite a few people giving this a one. This is either because one of the following: They wish to live in the matrix, they have the attention span of a circus money, or because they are insane religious fanatics.

Stop reading the bible, and download this.

Titanic (1997)
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a beautiful depiction of a terrible monstrosity, 7 November 2005

This film had good effects for a movie created in 1997. This is the only reason why it is worth watching. Once again, Hollywood does its best at taking a terrible tragedy and turning it around to be a love story. You either liked this movie for its effects and love story or you hated because of its depiction. Fist Titanic, then pearl harbor. Next, it will be on 9/11. I would like to see how America responds to a 9/11 love story. Trust me, they will do it within a few years. If you are deep into the events of titanic, it would probably be a good movie to watch. other than that, keep walking down the movie shelves.


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Your not getting that micro chip in me!, 1 October 2005

This is probably Alex Jones' best movie. It sums up the crimes of the global elite and how the American government has lied to us time and time again. When viewing this documentary and any other documentary on terror or 911 just remember this: Your government funded and trained the taliban. The US has been trying to take away our rights for years. 911 was a certain way of doing so. Lets admit it, we were all doped. I know Alex gets a little out of hand sometimes but he is informative. Do some research on this one. However, on some cases of this movie it is unnecessary because he presents his points showing original news clips from main stream media. Whether you are right or left this movie must be viewed. You will see that we are under going a new world order and not for the better.

You want to see a reaction? Stand up!

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your all in denial, 28 September 2005

I have seen a lot of movies on the 9-11 cover up. however, this one probably sums up the endless proof the best. Also I do believe that Van Kliest was the first person to notice the pod and the missile flash before the planes hit the tower. Good call man. sometimes the best place to hide something is right in front of your face! Just one quick comment on the flashes. It is absolutely irrefutable that the flash happens before the first plane hits. The second one is controversial. However, if the flash really is the fuselage sparking off the tower wouldn't the wings also spark????? When you view the footage the rest of the plane goes in without any flash.

Don't listen to these people that are saying this movie is terrible. They are in denial. Take the red pill and do some research.

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read this if you don't believe, 9 August 2005

The moon had only one light source, the sun. It is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be parallel shadows. The Van Allen radiation belts are the most brutal radiation ever discovered. The first belt starts at 1,000 miles. Many astronauts have almost died from these belts in recent years being 400 miles away from them. Yet we went to the moon in 1969 with no radiant shielding. Why didn't the astronauts take any pictures of the stars. It would have been easy to take and been a beautiful site. However if would have been hard to created a fake star landscape. If they would have do this any amateur could have debunked this scam. Why doesn't Niel Armstrong give any on camera interviews. Why is the flag constantly waving in an atmosphere less planet. Why is there absolutely no mark of a blast crater under the lunar lander. Why didn't they use the high quality color camera which they brought with them to shot scenes on the moon. If landing on the moon was so easy more than 30 years ago why don't we go back and do more studies. WHY DOES NOBODY MENTION THE TEN MINUTE CLIP OF THE CREW STAGING THEIR MISSSION. IF YOU HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE THAN YOU HAVE SEEN IT. SOMEBODY COMMENT ON THAT PLEASE.