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Safe (2012/I)
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Everything I expected, 27 April 2012

It's strange to rate this a 10, but I do believe those of you who like Statham movies will find this movie to exceed your expectations. This isn't really a 10 as compared to all other deserving 10s out there, it's one for people who like movies like this. You'll love it! Watch it intoxicated and you'll love it even more. Great chemistry, great villains, great action, and awesome plot. It also gets a 10 because it, unlike all of the other action movies I've looked forward to only to be disappointed with, actually delivered much more than the trailers and ads promised. So, my 10 isn't the sign of a cinematic masterpiece, but it's a sign of enjoyment, met expectations, and those who enjoy vegging out and watching action movies of Statham's brand will probably agree. Or not.

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Eight? Seriously?, 6 February 2010

There are some people who will dive deep into this as "film" and chop it up when it comes to directing, camera work, plot, and every other way they can criticize the "art" of film. My eight isn't based on any of that deep, appreciated acclaim good films get.

This was a movie. A movie you go watch when you want to be entertained. Guess what? If you're the type who WANT to go watch a movie like this, you'll like it. It is like Bourne meets comedy. If you're a Travolta fan, an action fan, a comedy fan, or a fan of pretty French women (I guess, she sounded French to me), you'll enjoy this. If you're an industry hound or a "theatre" major or graduate, you probably won't. Big deal? It's not called "From Paris with Love: The Cinematic Masterpiece" for a reason - it's a movie! To entertain people who want to watch entertaining movies.

Travolta's great and it is funny. It is over the top and predictable. Watch it any way, you wouldn't be looking at its page if you weren't somewhat interested...

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Very disappointing, 10 June 2007

I remember watching Hostel and thinking to myself that I would never go to a hotel in Europe, ever. It was one of those irrational thoughts you get after seeing a movie that disturbs you much like the feeling of heading down a river in West Virginia, just don't do it.

I waited patiently for this film to hit the theaters. I should have waited longer, maybe for it to be on one of the On Demand channels.

The fact is that this movie doesn't give those who loved the first Hostel what they would want out of a second. Without giving too much away, the movie is just disappointing and when it ends it does so quickly and you're actually saying, "are you serious?" Bottom line, if you want to watch a good movie about a killing factory in Europe, watch the first Hostel, if you want to waste your money in the theater, watch the second.