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These films are guaranteed to ruin any valentines day.
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Hong Kong may not have produced the best or most remarkable films, but over the years there were some very interesting cinematic works that have emerged from this former British Colony. Without further ado, my selection of my 30 favorite Hong Kong films...
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A selection of my 171 favorites in order of ranking.
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My selection of 51 films that you may or may not have heard of. Many of them did not get much exposure or recognition for whatever reasons. However, all are great films in their own right and deserves to be acknowledged for being so.
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Criteria of actors to make this list: talent, charisma, toughness, but most of all the badass factor.
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They may not be the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema but are some of the finest craftsman of the pop culture entertainment of the last 40 years. The bottom line is: the make their passions ours.
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