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Rent (2005)
Rent, one of those movies that everyone must see at some point in their life...
6 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Like many of my favorite movies and musicals, I had never heard of Rent, and as my friends were singing along to the CD in the car, I began to hum along with the infectious tunes and eventually said, "What movie is this? Do you think I should see this?" and all eyes turned to me and with disgusted looks said, "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS!? YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE IT OR WE'RE NEVER SPEAKING TO YOU AGAIN!!" and I kind of went, "Wow... Okay, I'll go to Blockbuster..." I went to Blockbuster that weekend, rented "Rent" (heh, no pun intended), and watched it 70 billion times... I L-O-V-E THIS MOVIE!!! The music, the lyrics, the characters, the messages, the emotions... I loved it all!! It is one of those movies that will be a classic forever... I know it'll be a classic b/c even those who are the experts of the stage/Broadway version of Rent (aka Rentheads) don't hate it as a whole, the worst they find are little mistakes or things they wish to change... a lot of my fave "movies-of-musicals" have been bashed about everything, but it seems that Rent pleases just about everyone... ********** 10 out of 10 stars from me...
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Boston Legal: BL: Los Angeles (2006)
Season 2, Episode 27
Controversial Case involving Celebrity
6 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*May contain spoilers on the episode, read at your own risk* I thought this was one of the best cases on Boston Legal. Today, you can't perform simple everyday tasks like driving to the store without hearing about some celebrity on the radio or watching TV at home without hearing about celebrities on TV. Like Alan Shore said "We ... cultivate a public obsession for them. It is totally and utterly out of control." I thought this case was great b/c it brought up all the major points that surround celebrity cases like that of Courtney Reese in this episode. The two main ones being: 'Was her fear reasonable, and if it was, were her actions?' and 'If acquitted, are we making a new set of laws that only apply to celebrities?' I began watching her trial believing Courtney Reese, but as the prosecution began to explain why she should be convicted, I began to ride the fence. But, like he always does, Alan got his point across explaining that Courtney Reese did not react like a normal person would, because she is a celebrity, and the life of a celebrity is not normal, because even though she may get away with things, because of her celebrity, she lives in a world of fear and distrust. Celebrities must always be on alert b/c their chances of recognition are much higher and their are people who could cause them harm. In a way, I still believe that it's silly for celebrities to blame the paparazzi (like Britney Spears did, saying she didn't put Sean in his baby seat b/c of the paparazzi), but we can't forget the tragedy and destruction the paparazzi cause in the lives of celebrities.

And as always, Denny made me crack up being (as my brother said) "booty-blinded" by Courtney Reese and hitting on her whenever she was in the same room with him...

9 out of 10 stars for me... *********
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Failure to Launch or Failure to Get Across?
5 July 2006
I thought that Failure to Launch, was a predictable chick flick... I myself am a chick flick fan, I found it predictable: guy meets girl, girl maneuvers so guy fall for girl, guy falls for girl and breaks it off, girl and guy get together in the end... I thought it was amusing that a hunk like Matthew McConaughey was a dead beat that still lived at home and that the witty and beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker had to craftily maneuver him out of living under his parents' roof... Over all as a movie, I give it 4 out of 10... The reason that I give it in review a 7, however, was mostly Zooey Deschanel's performance (also Justin Bartha's as well)... Zooey Deschanel's performance as the psychotic, hilarious friend/roommate of SJP was pure genius... She, along with Justin Bartha, had me laughing out loud as I watched FTL... I believe any success or enjoyment of Failure to Launch is because of them...
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Just My Luck (2006)
Reasons it was good, reasons it flopped...
22 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Alright... I admit, I went into "Just My Luck" wanting to go see "Failure to Launch" more with the preconceived notion the Lindsay Lohan is just a bulimic, partying slut... *I'm not holding anything back, I'm totally writing what I feel* I was a Lindsay Lohan fan, but now I think she's just become the typical Hollywood teen, fighting bulimia and getting a rep for partying and cat-fights... So I should have known better when I let my best friend pick between the two movies that she'd pick "Just My Luck" (no offense to my best friend, you know who you are for reading this) I guess it's easier to pick the slower, less thought-provoking storyline, which come on, that is "Just My Luck" compared to "Failure to Launch"... But I said sure, figuring I could just watch through Lindsay Lohan getting tortured by "Bad Luck" and drool over the gorgeous Chris Pine... but that's what I immediately hated...

***Spoilers!!!*** Even though she begins to admit she is in love with Chris Pine, Lindsay Lohan still kissed him (after kissing practically every guy in New York) to get her luck back, then JUST LEFT HIM!!! I whispered to my best friend, "OMG who would have thought, she's a selfish, bratty slut!!" She giggled but was still obviously engrossed in the know, "Wondering if she's going to get with him at the end" and of course, you knew she would b/c like the rest of the "jokes" and clues of the storyline, the ending was completely predictable... And then when she kissed him to give him back the luck and then realized if she was "with him" she'd take the luck back and she was "heartbroken" because she wanted him to be happy... to which my BFF turned to me and said, "See?! She's not selfish!!" I just stared at her and said, "She still took it from him and left him hanging... now she's crying because she wants him but 'Can't have him?'... Oh please, I hope he realizes how much of a gold-digger she is, but I know he's not... It's a movie and they're going to get together..." She shrugged and all I could say at the end was "I think I would have liked this movie if the leading girl wasn't Lindsay..." I think the movie had potential, as did Chris Pine as the leading man, but the storyline, flow, and message of the movie was really overclouded by Lindsay's usual "Drama Queen"-ness... I give it a 3 out of 10, 2pts for Chris Pine (it's not his fault he got saddled with Lindsay) and 1pt for the writers, they tried...
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I loved this movie!! Definitely in my top 10...
4 March 2006
I just saw this movie yesterday with 6 of my good friends and we all absolutely positively loved it!! I came into it knowing nothing but what I had seen in the trailer, and I was absolutely enchanted as soon as it had begun. I had never seen any previous versions and had never read the book, and I was breath-taken by the scenery, costumes, and brilliant acting. My friends and I sat in the front row cheering on Keira Knightley as sharp-tongued, witty Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bennet, swooning over Matthew Macfayden as the snobbish, rich Mr. Darcy, and laughing at Brenda Blethyn's marriage-obsessed Mrs. Bennet and Tom Hollander's awkward and hilariously short Mr. Collins. I was amazed at the insight they put on Lizzie and how they showed their insight (i.e. Keira Knightley standing on the cliff looking out at the positively gorgeous landscape). 4 out of 6 of my friends (including me) came out stamping our feet, pouting and whining "we want a Mr.Darcy" (to which Matthew Mcfayden played an extremely sexy, rugged, and endearing leading man), and 5 out of 6 of my friends by the end of the movie were screaming "KISS HER!! KISS HER!! KISS HER ALREADY!!" at the screen (and getting "shh!"s and popcorn thrown at them for their screaming). An irrefutable 10 out of 10 by far!!
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Are the Princess Diaries staying true to the series?
17 May 2005
I liked the PD2 over all as a movie, but being a fan of the series, I was disappointed on how far the movies are beginning to stray from the series. Many little things got me in the first movie like how they changed the plot of Mia's father dying instead of turning to her because he couldn't have anymore children and the fact that they got a black and white cat as Fat Louie instead of an orange cat, but I let those things go since the movie basically stuck to the storyline and it stayed true to Mia's character. But now that they've completely changed Mia's character, I don't really think that it's right saying it was based off of the PD series. The first one was worthy, but I still have my doubts about this one..... I was really shocked, for example, to find that they had already chucked Michael out of the story before you event got to see Mia's face in PD2, considering in the books she's dating him and completely adores him (sorry for the people who aren't there yet in the series). Still I liked all the small little jokes that they put in the movie and over all they taught a good lesson, but I don't think it's fair to call this a Princess Diaries movie.
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Moulin Rouge! (2001)
Moulin Rouge was spectacular!!
17 May 2005
I thought Moulin Rouge was spectacular!! The vibrant costumes, sets, and characters made the whole movie come alive in it's own sense. I was amazed to see two actors I'd never known could sing (Ewan McGreggor and Nicole Kidman) project such astounding voices! I loved all the little musical jokes in the movie like McGreggor belting out The Sound of Music to McGreggor and Kidman singing a wonderful medley of classic songs. I loved the conflicts and "close calls" that all of the characters faced in this movie. Baz Luhrman put a magnificent twist on a basic "love-triangle" plot, making it one of the most amazing, funny, tear-jerking movies I have ever seen.
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I Loved Phantom of the Opera
16 May 2005
I absolutely ***loved*** seeing Phantom of the Opera. I had to wait to rent it to see it, but I still loved it all the same. A good number of my friends recommended it to me, promising me that I would enjoy it, and I did! I have never seen the stage performance but after seeing the movie, I am trying to see when a convenient performance is going to take place so that I can see it for myself. I loved the storyline, music, and the sets of this movie. I think that the parts were well cast but I was disappointed to find the actors lip syncing, even though most it was most of the actors' voices' anyway (except for Minnie Driver, who was still hilarious and great). But the how each actor played the role of their characters just amazed me. Kudos to Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler!! Even if you don't enjoy musicals, I would still recommend this movie. It hits each emotion right on target, and has a great lesson to be learned in the end. I own the 2-Disc Phantom of the Opera on DVD, the 2-Disc Soundtrack on my iPod, and a poster in my room...
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