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Brought Back Memories, 19 July 2005

This, for a made for TV movie is excellent. It includes everything that a good comic book adaptation should, and ranks up there with Flash Gordon, Superman: The Movie, Batman & Dick Tracy, it really is that good.

Again, for a made for TV movie, the production values are excellent. The chemistry between the actors really makes you believe this is actually happening. For this type of film in this genre I cannot rate this acting highly enough.

Made in the late 80's - early 90's, the last hay day of comic book adaptations, which included very strong films such as Dick Tracy, Batman & Batman Returns. This film only reflects the quality of films that were produced in this genre at this time, compared to now when in my opinion good comic book movies are few and few between.

Danny elfman has had great success composing in this genre, and it is great to hear his music play through the film, and it is a credit to a small film such as this that they got hold of such a big name composer such as he, and has went on to composer such comic book adaptations such as Hulk & Spider-man. The new flock of comic book adaptations are clearly influenced most notably by this film and Batman, and Spider-Man totally reflects that influence.

Not to be taken totally seriously. If you are a fan of the genre it ranks near the top, and is a fun movie to watch with the family. I know i loved it as a kid, and watching it now, years later the fun has'nt changed, much like Batman & Dick Tracy for me. a movie to be enjoyed and not Criticized.