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Disney 3D version good but not great, 30 October 2006

While we put our feet up and watch our DVD of this great movie a least once toward the end of each year. We thought it would be great to see it on Halloween this year (2006) on the big screen in the digitally remastered 3D version. The film opens with some new and startling computer generated 3D graphics that is right in your face - as good 3D should be. Then the main feature starts of the remastered movie. It is flat to the screen but has depth going back - kind of like it was happening in a fish tank the front of which is a screen away. The film only leaps out at you on one or two occasions. A little disappointing But this is one hell of a movie that is a lot of fun in 2 or 3D.

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Great spin off of Aussie show, 28 October 2006

"The Panel" was originally on the Ten Network Australia produced in Melbourne,Australia. RTE, to their credit, bought the format, simple though it may be, and produced a quality fun show. They could just as easily have copied it and maybe called it something different. While I have only seen one episode of the Irish version I thought it to be very fresh and well paced. I do not know any of the presenters but I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. The Australian program is a panel of, much loved, long experienced comedians and presenters. Great to see RTE served the format well and look forward to seeing more.