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Love, love, loved it!, 4 June 2013

Another FABULOUS Australian film which should appeal to the international market. Wayne Blair did an amazing job of direction, handling sensitivities with ease, keeping the mood exactly right, letting the story be told by his very talented cast. The script was a good balance of fact mixed with a little fiction to make the story work perfectly on the big screen - Tony Briggs and Keith Thompson should win awards for their words. (I'd love to read the final script, someday too.) Jessica Mauboy successfully makes that difficult transition from singer to actor and Deborah Mailman, who I fell in love with during episodes of 'Secret Life of Us' a while ago, were most ably supported by the rest of the fabulous cast. I couldn't fault it - loved the production, story, acting, direction - the lot. Fan-bloody-tastic!

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A different romantic comedy - a love affair with balls., 3 July 2012

'Not Suitable For Children' is not what you expect but it's what you need to see. Filmed in a party atmosphere of young abandon, a serious question is treated with life-affirming humor and served up on a plate of romance by two very good friends. Michael Lucas writes what he knows by taking a taboo subject and treating it with a fresh and compassionate honesty, rooted in the hedonistic universe of youth. His script shines with experience, knowledge and unlike many Aussie scripts was obviously given time to stew until it developed the perfect flavor. Under Peter Templeton direction the film feels very contemporary - Young Australia without a single koala - full of life as they know it in a Sydney polished with affection. The affection is what struck this writer. The director made smart, funny, caring, gutsy, real and tender choices which hit their mark, every time. Each of the cast carry their weight perfectly, especially Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook and Ryan Corr. Their total commitment to and trust in their director and writer was obvious and much appreciated although it looks like they're just having a party - perhaps they were.

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Loved It!, 14 May 2005

If I give it a perfect 10 that means I hope never to see a better script, so I am giving it a 9 and give the film 'The Upside of Anger' my utmost recommendation. You'll feel good. You'll feel like you've been a fly on the wall of a very intimate moment in a woman's life - loads of us women have been exactly where Terry has been. Mike has written a script that demonstrates all the best ways to construct a story for multiple audiences - dare I say a four-quadrant script? Females - women of all ages, (Romance/drama) Teens (4 sisters struggling with their identities, ambitions, going out with the wrong guy and dealing with divorce - one a ballerina), guys - young and older(Kevin/baseball - sexy women) and families - the whole divorce, sibling relationships etc etc. And best of all - the intriguing twist at the end makes you (firstly) question your idea of the characters which have all changed during the course of the film, but damn it - still makes you feel good about them, the story and yourselves. I hope, one day - I can write a script as good.