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Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007)
A nice movie that could have been better...
28 April 2007
It has been almost 4 weeks since release of Namstay London and there had been no other major release recently. So, being movie aficionados we were quiet looking forward to this fast track racing action.

It is difficult to describe this film in a regular way. As we say in India; it is just too "Filmy"! It has all regular ingredients of a successful movie - a happy family (with dog), a tragedy, the downfall and then back to success amongst tears and a kid in hospital... It can't get more FILMY than this...

Having said that, I must say that it is an entertaining movie with some nice locations, rocking music, meaningful lyrics and decent acting from Saif & Rani. Saif doesn't quite reach the heights in terms of performances he gave in Omkara or Parineeta, but still he is looking good as family man.

This movie won't surprise you at all, in fact it has all tried and tested bollywood masala (right down to the Indian flags in the final winning sequence).

I generally do not prefer to write long previews as readers (including me) find them boring. In short, don't watch this movie for some extraordinary movie experience, but watch it if you want some decent fun with family & kids.
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Salaam-E-Ishq (2007)
A complete waste of time, watch it only if you want to test your patience
27 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
We all have seen some unending epics in our times, but this one really tops them all! The movie is so long and so slow, that, just to put things in perspective, i felt a lot older when i left movie hall, than I entered it. At almost 4 hours length, it could have rather been made into a tele-serial.

What starts as a promising comedy slowly loses its pace. Nikhil advani has woven the plot around 6 love stories and he cant make justice to any one of them... There is no interconnection between them to start with, and links shown in last 20 minutes just seem to be forced to connect the story.

Situation is made worse by Silly dialogues (most of them repeated in Hindi cinema over years)and stupid cinematography.

Priyanka doesn't realise that she actually needs to play her role rather than just looking glam on screen... An utter waste of beauty without acting skills.

And then there is loud-is-humorous Govinda & my-face-twists-better-than-jim-carrey Akshay Khanna who keep belching at the top of their lungs to irritate already tired viewers.

Only good part in movie is John & Vidya's love story & nice acting/comedy by sohail & Isha. But they are so good at their roles that just these two couples could have justified the movie without jumbling it with other bunch of characters. Their brilliance gets lost in the midst of other substandard plot lines.

My guess - Director was making two separate movies(may be more!) and some beginner assistant mixed up all the records, beyond a point of sorting them out, so director was left with no choice to show it all as a single movie...

Watch it only if you want to test your patience!!!
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One of the best movies in recent times!
2 September 2006
This is one the excellent movie that refreshed me to the core. A classic Vinod Chopra production, this movie does not only fulfill high expectations of the audience, being a sequel of Munnabhai MBBS, but exceeds it.

A decent and hilarious comedy throughout, you can watch this movie with family and realize that superb comedy can be created even without vulgarity.

On acting front, it is difficult to rank the actors as everyone has made his role alive. Sanjay Datt (Munnabhai), Circuit (Arshad Varsi) & Bomman Irani (Lucky Singh) have given their best performances.

Cinematography is excellent and songs are appropriate to the situations.

SO what is the best thing about this movie? Unlike most big-budget-glamorous Bollywood flicks, this movie entertains you, and still makes you think.

It carries a message for today's generation!
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