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Looking back from the 80's-90's of all the movies and tv shows I had watched when I was a child and a teenager! Time flies! Its hard to list them all!
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of all time..
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Pretty cool how laid back they are in person and want to live a normal life. Its so different when you actually meet a celeb and reality kicks in. Hollywood is all fantasy. Heres a list of celebs I have met, or gone to their house once.
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Pretty much grew up watching all of these films I listed.. love fantasy-adventure, sci-fi, action, animated, classic, and period movies.
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I've been looking forward to most of these movies in 2014-2015, especially ones I just seen on The list starts out with movies thats already in theaters and are coming soon. I obviously love action, adventure, and fantasy movies! Lots of famous historical "artist/painters" movies coming out! Looks like that'll be a trend for the middle of 2014 to 2015.
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My personal list of the best Christmas and winter movies to watch during December, whether its on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day, or during the winter season when its cold and snowing outside where you want to snuggle in a warm and cozy blanket and watch a good movie.

I included Christmas themed and movies that have Christmas scenes in it that I grew up with.
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Here's a list of actors, investigators, and artists who I've always thought were sexy in their own way. The low-key friendly personality, nice eyes, and smile is what I like about them.
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in no particular order..
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List of movies I've watched growing up and remember in particular watching Raggedy Ann and Andy on Halloween night and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. This list is in no particular order.. I'm not much of horror fan, obviously.
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this makes me feel old.. lol
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In my opinion, these tv shows had a promise and some were unique where it made me want to watch more, like "Outsourced" for instance! Hope that show picks up again on another network.
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SPOILERS ahead.. (if you haven't seen some of these movies yet)
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here are just a few I can think of right now..