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Zombie 108 (2012)
Terrible film, terrible acting, lacking depth and generally poor, 24 March 2014

I find it had to see why anyone has rated this film as anything above terrible.

I love zombie movies (usually) and I also really enjoy movies from outside the UK, especially Hong Kong Cinema. However this film was such a let down I find it hard to put into words.

I will start with the acting which is some of the worst I have seen in any movie, even the Zombies are acted badly! Secondly The camera work is all over the place to the point that it makes the viewer feel dazed and loose concentration.

The story is poor taste and seems to just look for excuses for nudity. The film tries to shock and fails terribly. The whole film is patchy and seems to be really badly put together jumping from scene to scene often lacking in sense and direction.

My conclusion: Save an hour and a half of your life and skip this one.

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Such a let down, this is what happens when.., 23 October 2012

This film is such a let down and by far the weakest in the series, this is what happens when film directors listen to fans on the internet.

I love the Resident Evil franchise and have been a fan since the first game. I was looking forward to seeing Retribution as I knew it continued straight where the last film left off.

The last few films have been really enjoyable but after each film the forums are full of people voicing their own opinions to how the film should be more like the game. When will people realise films fully based on games are terrible! This film looks like the Director has unfortunately listened to the fans and made this film to be a game with level and lives which I feel ruined the film and seems to be any old excuse to get actors the director has worked with in the past back in the film even if they were previously killed off!

The opening sequence was good and I settled into the film but then it takes the route of computer game and the film takes a dive from here.

There is no tension in the fight scenes.

I hope they make another Resi Evil so they can fix everything that is wrong in this film.

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Possibly the best TV program I have ever seen, 20 April 2011

I was skeptical about watching this series as I am a huge zombie movie fan and I presumed that this would be a poor adaptation. On watching the first episode I was proved wrong and was instantly hooked. The special effects of the zombies an their victims is first class and a lot better that in recent cinema zombie movies! The story is gripping and keeps you wanting more. No TV series has had me this hooked since the first series of Lost. The only thing that lets this series down is that it is only 6 episodes but this bite size chunk sets the story up perfectly for the second series that is coming in October of 2011 and promises to be double the episodes.

Be warned as this is a zombie program it can be very gory but if you are a zombie flick lover you will not be disappointed by this truly excellent series.

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Still a fun movie over 20 years on, 4 January 2007

I have not watched this film since I was a young boy and I had fond memories of it. I am now 32 and it was on UK TV today I thought I will watch it but I was sure it would ruin the fond images I had of this film.

I was mistaken although over 23 years old this film is a classic and still stands the tests of time. The special effects have a charm of their own and over all this is a fun enjoyable movie with a great story.

It is an honest film that although has some violence it is suitable for the whole family.

I am still waiting for the game of this film to come out they could do it perfectly now days!

Soldier (1998/I)
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No Brainer but still a fun action film., 23 November 2006

I was really sceptical about watching this film as I had heard so much bad press about it but on watching it I really enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong it is a complete leave your brain on the side film but what it lacks in cleverness it makes up for in action and excellent corny lines, such as "I am going to kill them all". Its amazing to see how much all the hard work was put in into getting in shape for this film.

There are some very artistic shots are in the film along with a good cast. I personally would love to see a sequel to this film. I think a prequel would be fantastic but I doubt it will ever happen. In conclusion this is a good solid action film and if you enjoy things like commando I am sure you will enjoy this.

It is one of my most watched films as for some reason I can watch it over and over again.