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The Proposal (I) (2009)
Stupid movie!
20 June 2010
One of the worst romantic comedies of recent times. I have absolutely no idea how everyone gave good reviews for this god-awful movie! I thought the theme of the movie is very very clichéd. But that's not a big problem. Because you can make a good movie with clichéd themes, but only with good treatment. This one lacks that. The story is told in the lamest and boring way possible. The biggest fault seems the casting of Ryan Reynolds opposite Bullocks. She is evidently much older than the hero and more than that, they just don't make a good pair. It's pathetic! Secondly, the whole Paxton family behaves so odd and crazy that one wonder why they're not living in Antarctica instead of Alaska! Thirdly, there's no specific reason shown for the transformation of 'hatred' to 'love' between the two lead characters. If seeing an elderly woman nude is a reason enough, then I don't have anything more to say! Stupid movie!
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Red Chillies (2009)
Dud Chillies
4 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is sleaze to say the least. The director Shaji Kailas had churned out some good movies during the start of his career teaming up with script writer Ranji Panikker and Suresh Gopi. But after they split he started making his own brand of movies which are mostly hero centric. He tried his hands with Mohanlal and found a perfect match in him for Mohanlal enjoys the biggest fan base in the state. Raising an 'oh so natural' actor like mohanlal to the status of a demi-god was the director's first sin. But then, the audience had the last laugh as they rejected their later movies with disdain and before he knew it, Mohanlal, the actor was in deep trouble. Even with a huge fan base, the actor found it really hard to recoup his lost image of a simpleton and slowly started to pick up the right kind of roles and movies. He again emerged as a power to be reckoned with as his movies started mixing his superman and simpleton image skilfully. But whenever he teamed up with Shaji Kailas, they produced a dud.


Now, here they come again to give us another cr*p. Red Chillies starts like 'Aaram Thampuran', the only difference being the backdrop. OMR (Mohanlal) is a millionaire don who owns an FM station in Kerala(!!!) the name of which is 'Red Chillies', a team of 9 girls. The scene cuts to Kerala where an evidently noble politician (Thilakan) is giving speech against OMR. Then, there is a new year bash of Red Chillies and there's a corpse found in their house. At the same time there was also a hit and run case reported which cost the lives of 10 people including the politician. The girls are the suspects and they flee quickly. Now OMR, the don, wants to save his girls for he wants to save the goodwill(!!!) of his radio station. He comes to Kerala and sneaks into the court where the girls are being tried. When the police attempts to arrest him, he takes out a black coat and proclaims that he is a lawyer(!!!). The girls are acquitted after some stupid court room dramas and then, OMR is on a mission to unravel the truth. In the end, he understands the involvement of one girl in the crime, with the help of a camera affixed in a distant tree(!!!) which zooms into the number dialed by the girl in her mobile(!!!)(!!!)(!!!). OMR dials the number and finds out who all are involved. The worst part of the movie is its suspense. It is worthless, to say the least.

Performance wise, the movie doesn't proves to be a challenge for the highly talented cast. Everyone does their jobs pretty decently. Mohanlal looks good for a change though he has nothing much to do except walking in slow motion. The screenwriter could have easily did away with the stupid punch dialog, conversation to the audience, and dialogs which hits out on the other actors (evidently aiming at mammootty, the rival superstar). The scene where Mohanlal's photo is kept in the 'pooja room'(!!!) will be laughed at for the next two decades. The cinematography, editing, and background score are more than enough to cause headache for a couple of days. On the whole Red Chillies is just another 'Dud' Chillies. If you've seen the movie already, go get some rest... for you need it badly. If you haven't, stay away!

I wonder how anyone, be it a fan or not, like such a bad movie! Coz the people behind these kind of movies are making a fool of the so called fans and normal viewers.
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Oscar (1991)
Damn the bloody reviewers!
4 November 2009
After watching Oscar for third time in a row, I was wondering whether all the reviewers who gave this movie a negative, were constipated when they watched it. Either the people who don't like this movie has some serious problem with their mind or they're just lying because they don't like Stallone.

Oscar is a wonderful comedy, which will make us laugh laugh and nothing but laugh. It's set (beautifully) in the thirties and all the characters, their expression and mannerisms resembles the time. Stallone is a live wire as the gangster 'gone straight' and evokes laughter in more than one occasions. All the supporting cast were wonderful except the guy who played Anthony Rosano. They could have opted for somebody with a better comic timing. About plot, there is not much to say, but there is lot to say. In fact, the movie is all about confusions, oxymoron, and a lot of dangling participles. You'll understand that once you watch it.

The stupid reviews the movie garnered held me from watching it for almost one year and it strengthened my belief that Stallone is one actor who every reviewer in Hollywood loves to hate. Its like... if you wanna pretend you're a brainiac, rip up Stallone's movies and bam you are Einstein. Its prejudice, the one thing which the reviewers should never have.
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Kanamarayathu (1984)
Just Brilliant
24 August 2009
The best thing about the movie is the performances of Mammootty and Shobana. Mammootty looked the part effortlessly in his suits and Shobana looked quite a cutie in her frocks and skirts. I saw the movie yesterday after more than 10 years and still found it very very entertaining and romantic. The movie will evoke a smile in the viewers face. Most importantly, other than the outdated production values, I couldn't find a flaw in this wonderful movie. The movie was a big hit at its time and catapulted Mammootty's career by giving the 'superstar' tag. But frankly, the movie belongs more to Shobana than Mammootty. She performs the adamant teenage lover girl's role to perfection. Even now, we can't think of any other actress in Indian cinema to portray this character. She is just brilliant. Hats off to her!
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good "bollywood" movie
3 February 2009
May be its the immense hype given by the Indian media and the golden globes it won, I guess I was expecting too much from this one. But it came out as a fairly good work, though reminding a bollywood movie most of the time, except the childhood of the protagonist. Of course it portrays India in a very bad light. But then, its a story about the slums and we have a lot of them. I will not say that these kind of things never happens in India. It do happen. There are murders, prostitution, begging, and money involved in all these, but still we have a civilized section too. People who watch Slumdog Millionaire have to keep one thing in mind that... This is India, but India is not just this.

And about the music... If any foreigner thinks the music in Slumdog Millionaire is great, then I feel sad for them, coz they missed all those beauty of A.R. Rahman's earlier works. Trust me, this is just an average work according to his standards. He's the mozart of madras. I mean, how can anyone churn out hits after hits like this. Two characters I love about his music are... 1. Its timelessness. You will love it 10 years after now as you love it today. 2. You hear it first time.. you'd think... wow! second time... woww! third time... wowwww! and it goes on like that.
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Another dud from Lal
20 December 2008
Easily one of the worst movies in recent times, this is yet another dud from Mohanlal. He was not in his elements and the plot or the direction were not able to draw a better performance from him. In fact, everything about the movie was bad. And there's the worst part... the transvestic kind of act from Lal. Its sad and pitiful. He could have better avoided this one.

All said, one scene had me in splits. It was the one where everybody is enjoying the success of our hero, and he suddenly breaks into a sentimental flashback of his life, which our heroine overhears and leads to their romance!!! What was the scriptwriter thinking???

Mohanlal's acting hams and his looks are the worst. He is padded with heavy makeup and awful eyeliners. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy is wasted, Jagathy has repeated a role which he has done time and again. And yeah... in between, there's an old MGR song rehashed and performed by the lead pair!!! AH... really AWFUL MOVIE!!!

Not even recommended for die-hard fans of the star.
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Narashimham (2000)
one biiiiiiiiig yawn!!!
20 December 2008
Shaji Kailas tried his level best to ruin the career of Mohanlal by raising him to a superhuman level. Mohanlal a gifted natural actor, was made to do roles that required to utter lengthy and stupid dialogs which lacked natural tone. Initially, his fans lapped up each and every movie until when they got tired and started to stay away from them. Mohanlal deliberately tried to escape the superhuman image created on him and at last got successful with movies like thanmatra and rasathanthram. But still, Shaji Kailas has not changed. He is still trying to make a superhero out of every single actor and the time is very near when he'll be considered the most unsuccessful director in Malayalam.

In Narasimham, the director just ripped off an image of Superstar Mohanlal and recreated it in a different milieu. The story is wafer thin, but the dialogs are bombastic. How can you describe the feeling when you hear somebody speaks for around 15 minutes in a stretch and utters a punch dialog as stupid as "po mone dinesha" (and who's that???). I was waiting for the interval to have a breath of fresh air.

In short, Narasimham is a strict NO for all good moviegoers. Its a movie which raised mohanlal as a superstar and destroyed mohanlal as an actor.
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Here comes the Worst movie of the decade!!!
20 December 2008
I'm so glad to write comment for this movie coz i was looking for a place to vent my anger towards the actor, director, and everyone behind this horrible torture called hariharan pillai happy aanu. This is probably THE worst movie of the last decade. The story is so stupid that one would just want to find the writer and beat him to death. And about the making, its better not to say anything. The production value is a pity, direction is horrible, comedy is crass, acting is horrible. Altogether its better to buy the CD of the movie and destroy it without watching... so that some other person would escape from the agony.

And I seriously wonder how can anybody in the stature of Mohanlal can accept to do such a stupid role? I don't find any good reason except the hefty paycheck he gets. Its so sad that such a fine actor has degraded himself to this level.
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Just like hell
8 December 2008
The movie is a straight lift from 'just like heaven', the reese witherspoon rom-com. The screenplay is a big let down, the acting is superficial, and the production value is pitiful. Its all about an eccentric called Sreekumar who can speak to the spirit of Rita and there is a weird reason for this... similar IQ! After lot of confusion, Sreekumar finds that Rita is actually alive, but the soul escaped from the body and she is in coma state in a hospital. The movie is clearly an attempt by the one-time ace director Fazil desperately trying to make a comeback. He ripped off a beautiful English movie and managed to array a range of stars like Mohanlal, Nayantara, Mukesh, and Harisree Asokan. He would have dreamt of making another 'manichitrathazhu' which was an original and one of the best movies ever made in Malayalam. Fazil still has capability, but his screenplay is so artificial that one wonders whats in his mind when writing those contrived dialogs. Nobody speaks nowadays like the way Mohanlal or Nayan speaks in this movie. Its pretty similar to a drama. Moreover, Mohanlal's hammy acting is a real burden. Not for a single moment, he understands that character. The way he portrays it is much similar to another eccentric he portrayed in 'Ayal Katha Ezhuthukayanu'. Nayantara does not deliver, but that can be pardoned as its only her second movie and the role is quite heavy. Frankly, the acting by the lead actors is the worst in recent times, especially towards the climax. The songs are again, rip off from various Hindi and tamil songs. The only saving grace is Mukesh who, as usual, very effective in tickling your funny bone. My vote is 2 out of 10 and that 2 is just for Mukesh. Its better to watch the original 'just like heaven' or Manichitrathazhu for the 10th time than wasting your money over this one.
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Nair Saab (1989)
One of the best!!!!
31 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
'Nair Saab' is arguably, the best army movie released in India. It is a Malayalam movie released in the eighties. It was picturized in the stunningly beautiful Kashmir, exploiting both the summer as well as winter seasons. The movie starts with a new batch of trainees arriving at the army training center (SAT) situated near border. Their trainer is Nair Saab, a man known for his hard-and-fast training strategies. The first half of the movie is a bit lighthearted and is treated with humor arising from the intense training of the guys. But, things take a U-turn once when the underworld buys out two guys from the batch and use them for importing drugs from the neighboring country.. which is obviously Pakistan (though never mentioned in the movie). In the turn of events one trainee gets killed by the hands of underworld, while the blame falls on the trainer, Nair Saab. Everybody turns against Nair and he has to flee, only to come back later. The second half takes us to the winter time in Kashmir, which is an exquisite treat for the eyes. The plot thickens as well with the arrival of new trainer for SAT and the attempt to sell the ammunitions stored there, which is worth millions, to the enemy state. Nair Saab intervenes at the right time and with the help of his students, spoils all the evil plans of the traitors. In the latter half, the movie keeps a very serious tone and is complemented by wonderful climax action sequences. Mammootty, as Nair Saab gives a knock out performance. The audience loved the character so much that he was forced to do more army characters in his illustrious career. Other actors too, gave impressive performances, Mukesh being the pick of the lot. The direction, photography, art direction, and background score has been fantastic. To put it simply, the movie was well ahead of its time and is regarded as a cult classic today. To think that this movie was made in the eighties and moreover in a shoe-string budget (compared to the Bollywood and other 'woods in India) is just incredible!
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The Quest (1996)
hapless stuff
3 February 2007
I have to confess that i had neither the strength nor the patience to see this movie till the very end. I found it embarrassingly similar to the classic "enter the dragon" and "bloodsport". The movie thrives to be similar but reaches nowhere and ends up as a ridiculous copy. I consider vandamme as a better action star than the likes of chuck norris and steven seagal. his stunts are more realistic as he brings some kind of emotion in his face during the fights. His movies like nowhere to run, sudden death, bloodsport etc were good entertainers with some very good action. but this one was a disaster. it neither scores as an action movie, nor as a drama. the saving things are the camera work and the lady in the lead. i strongly recommend everyone to AVOID it and grab any jackie chan stuff instead. at least you can have a few laughs.
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Rocky V (1990)
Don't go for it...
11 November 2006
I think the film is not even average. Even worse, if we compare it with the series. Frankly, i liked the fourth part better than this. The first mistake, if u ask me, was to put the fight in the street. That stole the essence of the movie. The family side of Rocky has been etched out well, especially the father son relation. but the teacher-student relation was poorly shown. As against the other rockies, the film went wayward in the script department. Rocky I was realistic, but gradually in II, III, and IV that aspect waned and in this installment, there is not a bit of realism. But then, its not devoid of any pluses. The music has been great, especially the final song. Stallone has done a decent job. So if you are a Stallone fan, then you can have a look. And if you are a Rocky fan then its better to avoid.
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Sudden Death (1995)
Film for the fans
23 May 2005
The film is undoubtedly a bad one. If you are a die hard fan of Vandamme, you can watch it, but others don't even think of it. Though I'm not a fan, I like Vandamme because of his action. In this film I got to see very little of it. and so it disappointed me. And as the earlier reviewer said it is a clone of Die Hard. But i don't completely agree with that review. I don't think Vandamme is that bad or that he can be compared with Seagal or Norris. Vandamme is obviously better than them. And basically action heroes like Vandamme or Arnold don't need to emote with their faces but they need to emote with their muscles. so don't take their acting skills into account. Just watch their movies only for its action element.
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The Tuxedo (2002)
Undoubtedly the worst
23 May 2005
What to say about this 2 hour ultimate boring stuff. Jackie should never have done it. I mean, he don't need to do films like this. He is already a big name in Hollywood and a film like this would do only harm to that hard earned reputation. Basically the film lacked sense. but a nonsense film can be a good entertainer, like bloodsport or many vandamme movies, But this one lacks in the entertainment part too. i wonder how much time Jackie was left 'wireless' in the movie. because all the time, he is either jumping or flying or running. Jackie, as a wonderful director himself, should have known that the film is nothing but @#$%. I wont recommend anybody to watch the movie. but i would like to advise the Hollywood filmmakers to watch some original Chinese stuff like police story or armor of god before getting into making a Jackie Chan movie.
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Better than Jackie's Hollywood flicks
23 May 2005
The film has everything action, romance, and emotions. Jackie has played his part quite convincingly... may be his best performance as an actor. The age shows in his face but not in his movements. it is a very good entertainer and far better than his Hollywood flicks. The movie shows Jackie as a victim of the brutality by a group of freakish youngsters (or kids?). Dejected, he goes on a drinking binge. A young man brings him back to life and he takes revenge by capturing the whole group. The good thing about the movie is that the villainous kids are not being killed by the cops but they kill themselves. it is a sensible film. but the only problem is i bought the movie thinking it to be the sequel of the police story series, but i don't think it was. i wont recommend to watch the film in a jovial mood. its more of a serious kind unlike his other action comedies. anyway, i liked it very much and would give 7 out of 10.
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