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Carnival in Rio (1983) (TV)
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The Austrian stable boy at his best!, 5 April 2007

This is to funny to be true. I almost died laughing when I saw this a few weeks ago. I think this was made as a promotion stunt for the coming carnival in Rio but the only thing I learned is that Arnie's libido is bigger than his chest. He constantly makes sexual remarks and talks about " my favorite body part : the ass!". If you thought his English was bad, listen to his Portuguese. He can't even pronounce "amor" without me thinking about an Austrian Shepperd. He also tries to dance the samba with some locals and guess who was the odd one out! Anywayz, if you want to watch the 5 minutes and 15 seconds of shame, google it or wait till the next election for governor in California! "Now let me teach you an English word: Bite! Like this.... yeesssssss!

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no legends needed, this film is deterring enough!, 16 December 2005

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OK, I understand the whole revival of thriller/horror/teen movies. Scream was original and very well casted and directed. Actually it was the only movie from the genre (which is luckily on its way back)who I appreciated, together with the critics. If the genre wasn't entirely finished, this movie certainly did the job. I'm not even gonna mention the poor character casting (and the acting by itself) or the poor directing and infantile action scenes and tension building, because it would lead me too far. The plot was the worst part. In such movies, the plot consists of the revealing of the not so obvious killer. It was unexpected, but him or her were certainly somewhere on your suspect list. In this movie they really had us. The killer is someone (the professor) who appears one time in the film for only a minute. Waaawwwww what a turn! Real surprising (irony...)! Good job! PS: Even the title ain't cool. They promised us it was the last movie. My life is going to hell!