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Great children's movie, 23 May 2007

I am not a big fan of Estonian cartoons but this is actually good. My sisters name is Lotte too it was funnier to watch it. It is quite unrealistic but most of cartoons are like that. The main character wants to grow up to be someone who has been everywhere, done everything and knows all there is to know. Lotte has a lot of friends with whom they have a lot of fun. In the end Lotte and her friend enter a contest in china. That was the funniest part for me. My sister loved the park where all the towns inventors gathered to the town square and held a contest who has the best invention. It was sooooo funny.

I recommend people of all ages to see this movie. A lot of fun for everyone.

Sinimäed (2006)
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Great dockumentary of Estonians fighting for their freedom, 23 May 2007

I have seen a lot of WWII movies but all of them are about another country, so few are about Estonia. Sinimäed tells the story of Estonians fighting for their freedom under Narva and on the ''Bluemountains''. Most of the film contains archive footage which is the greatest about the film. A lot interviews of Estonians who were really there. You can see it in their eyes that it is so hard for them to tell the story of what happened back then.

If You are a fan of history and interested in WWII you should really see this film. I think it is the best film of Estonians in WWII.

I gave it 9 out of 10 because it lacked something but i do not know what. If you find it please post it here.