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Reigning Doom Down Upon the Filthy Heads of the Doomed Viewers, 16 September 2006

Sometimes I think it was for the better that this show got canceled. While it was one of the GREATEST(!) creations of all time by mastermind Jhonen Vasquez (also the mastermind behind the brilliant Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics) it was also something that probably never should've surfaced on Nickelodean. Invader Zim follows the common thought that one day an alien race will come to our world to whip us clean off the galactic space map: enter Zim with only one problem. He's too stupid for the job and his superiors known as The Tallest, don't want to have anything to do with him and find Earth to be a useless planet in their conquest to take over the universe. The big problem with this show is that there really wasn't any good station for it to go on. Sure Comedy Central or Sci-Fi could've take it under their wings but the ratings probably wouldn't have gone up at all. Nick claims that Invader Zim was canceled due to low ratings. Strange that it was taken off the air directly after 9/11 hit. I've also heard rumors that Nick found out about Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (<-HIGHLY recommended by the way) and became afraid that parents might discover it at a Hot Topic. Whatever the reason maybe it doesn't matter. Vasquez already said that even if he was given the chance he wouldn't raise it from the dead, perhaps he ran out of pig jokes to tell. If you're a fan of satire and extremely bizarre humor (i.e. Aqua Teen Hunger Force) then I highly recommend this series to you. We'll probably never see another series like this.

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This is what a sequel should be... minus the small loose ends., 16 September 2006

Having just finished Cronicles of the Heroic Knight mere minutes ago I find myself extremely please but questions still loom over me. While it would appear that the first 7 episodes or so are actually a retelling of the events of the first Record of Lodoss War the truth is that they really aren't. It would appear that the creator of CotHK had a different vision as to how the original ended (and that may be the reason that the first 7 episodes occur) but I do not find that to be the case. CotHK does say it starts 5 years after the War of Heros which Parn was a part of. I think the director made the first 5 episodes seem so much like a recap of the original just to give the viewer a small reminder and an introduction to characters and their deeds done because they appear much less after the series kicks into Spark's story. Now, once the series does kick into Spark's portion we find ourselves kicked up another 10 years (15 years now since the War of Heros). Spark and his crew do, in some cases, resemble Parn and his crew once the journey kicks into gear, especially the love story that brews between Spark and Neese. I also thought several times throughout CotHK that I threw in the original series and if it wasn't for Spark's long blue hair I know I would've pressed stop more than once to make sure the right disc was in. By no means do I consider these major set backs however, the writers did a fine job in crafting believable characters and a remarkable storyline. The only thing that makes me hurt is that Ashram and Wagnard return. Ummmm... how??? Don't get me wrong both are great villains even though Ashram's only villainous trait is that he supports the Marmo. Perhaps I missed something during the coarse of the series that explained that part. As far as sequels go though, I highly recommend CotHK. I place both CotHK and, even more so, the original Record of Lodoss War far above the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Both of these are more epic than anything I've ever seen or read. I highly recommend this.

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Hours upon hours of gaming goodness., 13 September 2006

How one could actually get sick of this game is far beyond me. Why someone actually gave it up at a Game Stop for me to buy I'll never know. I do thank that person however. The countless hours I continue to pour into this are cherished and loved. Everything about Disgaea is absolutely great and down right cool. The cast of characters are unique and easy to love which is a breath of fresh air in this time of the regular "save the world/universe" hero and heroin. Rather in this case you get to take over the Netherworld and anything stupid enough to step in your way. If you can still manage to find a copy of this (for under $100) I highly recommend you check it out. The battle system and everything is great even though the game does have it's very hard points.

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A reality check, if there ever was one., 11 September 2006

Requiem for a Dream is probably the most realistic fiction story I've ever bared witness to (and if this is based on a true story I didn't hear about it, I apologize and stand corrected). We see ourselves standing over the lives of four people who plan to finally achieve their dreams, for three of them it's money, for one it is to finally have the spot light reflecting off of her decaying skin as she gets a phone call stating that she is going to be on television. The movie is beautifully shot in a bizarre but unique manner. The characters are very human in their reactions and remain unpredictable and, in some cases, repulsive. I don't think the director could've done a better job shooting this. Bravo! First Pi and now this masterpiece. It's a shame nothing else has come from him yet.

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Too Human., 9 September 2006

If it's one thing George Romero has down its character creation and reaction. Thus far in the zombie movies all we've seen are people who flee in terror of the zombies; in this installment however, we find most of the people to have pent claustrophobic aggression from hiding out. We find the group mourning the death of their recently deceased leader and now oppressed by an extremely aggressive new one who takes no prisoners and no b.s. The conflict of interests is so real you'll swear this wasn't happening. Acting is more than top notch, those who starred in this did an extremely good job at creating tension between parties. I don't think I can say this is better than Dawn of the Dead but it's a toe to toe match and a complete step forward. The zombie carnage is also gritty and disgusting but completely satisfying. If you've seen and enjoyed Night and Dawn then Day should be more than a satisfying entry for your tastes.

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The Revolution, 9 September 2006

If one had to give Refused a comparison it would be The Beatles. What The Beatles did for the 60s is what Refused has done for the underground today. Refused Are F_cking Dead follows their short lived history from 1991 to 1998 with video clips put together by guitarist Kristofer Steen. The documentary is both shocking and dramatic as it traces the decay of this revolutionary band. If you're a fan you'll be more than happy to find out that there's an entire concert performance of The Shape of Punk to Come (arguably their most important album) and videos for "Rather Be Dead" and "New Noise." The downside? The length of the documentary alone doesn't even round an hour (althougth the entire DVD encompasses 80 min). In addition to that, 85% of the documentary (give or take) is in Swedish, so have your finger on the subtitles button before you start viewing it. If you listen to underground music then this is worth your $10 because chances are any underground (or even above, Lost Prophets cited Refused as a major influence) you listen to has been touched by Refused.

Refreshing and well written., 7 August 2006

Red vs. Blue deserves the attention it's been getting lately. The ever growing internet series now on DVD is zany, vulgar, and gut-busting funny. From Caboose's random spits of non-sense to the illogical decisions of Sarge, who seems very similar to Dilbert's pointy-haired boss, Red vs. Blue is a kick in the gut. Most Halo fans should be pleased (especially with Season 3's "coarpse hump" scene); although I have crossed one who didn't like this but then I was reminded that he didn't have a sense of humor (maybe because he sucks?). I can't help but be reminded of the great Monty Python every time I watch this because it's easy to see a group like that write something like this. If you like laughing don't miss this, if you don't like laughing then crawl back in your hole and wait for sweet death.

Collateral (2004)
Good but not great., 7 August 2006

I hate Tom Cruise. I can't stand him for the life of me, nearly everything he's done has done more than just annoy the sh*t out of me, however, after receiving several "this movie is great" from friends, I decided to give it a spin. This is one of the first Tom Cruise movies that hasn't made me shut it off early. That doesn't mean that the movie itself is a stellar achievement. If I recall correctly there's a little Michael Mann movie called Heat (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) that was at least 10 times better than this. Collateral takes us through an evening with Jamie Foxx (Max) and Tom Cruise (Vincent) as Cruise makes five hits. Unfortunately, I was able to guess the plot twists which were good but easy to see coming. The action is very intense which put a smile on my face, especially when Cruise executed the guy who stole his brief case. However, when the action isn't on all we see is arguments, threats, and some character development. The way Foxx develops in the movie was to be expected which wasn't bad because I was getting sick of his character. Collateral is worth watching, but if you're thinking about buying wait until it hits the $7 mark.

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Maybe I just don't get it., 7 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Perhaps there's an underlying message in this shameful excuse for a "movie." Maybe I just don't get it. Brown Bunny seems to be a hit and miss movie, some love it others hate it. Thankfully I only spent $4.50 renting this waste of life. While the concept of the movie seemed to be really interesting, the attempt to bring of one of the most realistic portrayals of a male angst and sexuality to the silver screen, the overall effect of it is not. What do they do in the movie? Drive, and when that gets old they drive some more. As the movie progresses you'll find yourself asking: "Where is this going besides to California?" and here's the answer: it's going at a turtle's pace to a "climatic" finish that seems to be there mostly to be controversial. My boredom level reached an all time high during the coarse of a mere 89 mins. I found myself reading my video game strategy guide for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, plotting the next coarse of action. Do what you will with this movie, I plan on staying far away from it.

Dark City (1998)
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Akira meets the first Matrix., 13 July 2006

Dark City holds the ideas of a great innovative sci-fi that could've been a masterpiece for its time. Unfortunately the movie falls short in a few areas making it a mostly decent sci-fi. The first 10min of the movie give us the monologue of a traitor and the awakening of the main character, John Murdoch. John has no idea who he is or where he is, all he knows is that there's a dead call girl in his room and it's time for him to split. Don't let this mislead you into thinking the entire movie is fast paced, truth is, it's just as "stop-go" as a Penzoil commercial. The Strangers however, the group hunting John, are a harrowing race of people that you'd think would appear in a Marylin Manson video. The Strangers have the ability to "tune" which allows them to alter reality around them. Unfortunately they don't use their powers too often to try and stop John. Watching this only kept reminding me of the mysteries of the first Matrix movie and the anime masterpiece Akria in which the character Tetsuo tapped into his psychic powers. If you've seen both Akria and the Matrix you'll likely enjoy Dark City, if you haven't I suggest checking out those before you see this.

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