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I have seen a couple of lists about which Final Fantasy titles are the best, in what order they should be given ranking... and have disagreed with all of them. This is the TRUE list- read it and weep. (also includes FF games that are not numbered and ONLY console titles, no handhelds) And remeber this: all of the scoring is based on WHEN the game was released as well as overall (don't want to hear any haters comment on graphics not looking good anymore for older titles)

Explaination of criteria
Story- how well written the events of the game are
Pacing- is the story well-paced or does it drag and how much
Characters- are the characters memorable and iconic
Linearity- is there much exploration and is that good or bad
Length- is the length of the story too short or long
Epicness- how "big" is the scope of the work

Visuals- the way the world, characters, enemies look and feel
Display- relates to the menus, text, etc.- how good they look
Music- is the soundtrack part of the greatness of the game
Sound FX- are the SFX lively and fitting

Ease of Use- how easy is it to control everything, easy=good
Innovation- did this installment break new ground
Replayability- when it is over, do you want more