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Streetwise (1984)
Follow-up coming!, 5 April 2014

I love this documentary. It affected me deeply.

I made FB group for fans of "Streewise", "Tiny Revisted" and also the up-coming "Streetwise follow-up documentary" is NOW open to the public .. Please go to FB & search "Streewise" to find out group... (we come up first) or contact me here and I can link you.

If you cannot find the group- look me up "Beth JaniTholeMyDolly"

We have updates, memorial threads for those lost, pictures of the "kids" now, update clips and more. Many of the "kids" from the doc are posting....come join us.

We are becoming a very big success.

I welcome all fans and people from Streetwise. =)

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Tyra Banks is the Anti-Christ, 3 December 2009

It's the only conclusion I can come to. She is awful, overbearing and rude. A good talk show host does not insert her opinion every 4 minutes and fail to let people talk that are on the show. The show should be about the subject, whether it's strippers or whoever, they are humans and because Tyra claims has all these high-morals and doesn't agree doesn't mean they should be humiliated.

You also gotta love her getting dressed up as a stripper and then backing out. I guess in the end Tyra couldn't force herself to go parading out on a stage 1/2 naked...oh wait....didn't she do that for Victoria's Secret?? Oh, but that is different I guess.

Tyras outfits are ridiculous, her make-up is caked on, and her hair must weigh at least 10 pounds.

But of course she ruined Top Model, so why not ruin this show as well? Hopefully they will cancel it soon and she can find something else to do with her time.

Maybe she can go back to her singing career (LOL).