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Reunion (1936)
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great movie..but some of it is in french, 9 May 2005

I saw part of this film at the Callander Bay Heritage Museum. The little Dionne girls are so was so sad what happened to them. They speak French mostly, so it was hard to understand them. I thought of the doctors and nurses as evil because in the film, when the girls were brought puppies..they squealed and ran away like little aliens. It was so sad. But this film is GREAT! Mostly because I love the Dionne Quints, I would recommend viewing this piece of history. Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie, and Marie Dionne are frolicking in the yard most of the movie. It is so cute to watch five alike girls playing around. But it is kind of sad to see them treated like zoo creatures and gawked at by the public. If you like the quints you would surely love this movie..and thats all I guess!