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Akale (2004)
Akale - A Genuine and Satisfying Adaptation of Tennesse Williams, 15 July 2006

Akale is a beautiful adaptation of Tennessee Williams' timeless play, The Glass Menagerie, and for the same reason there is little chance that anything could go wrong. The entire production team and actors have done their parts quite well. but it was Tennessee Williams all the way.

Its the words that touches you the most. you would be am again convinced how important it is to have a well-written screenplay to make a good movie.

Syamaprasad has done a wonderful job adapting it. And he has taken the liberty to alter it without hurting the finale sequences, and is an indicator of how he has internalized the whole theme and made it his own.

A streak of hope that he instills in the views mind is so positive in all his movies, despite how tragic the characters remain. He did the same thing with his previous film Agnisakshi, and he has done it again.

The acting of Geetu Mohandas, reminds us how she is one real true actor.

Camera by S. Kumar, and neat editing by Vinod Sukumaran have helped perfecting this film to its final form.

I am glad a director like Syamaprasad handles such sensitive themes in his movies, and i hope he comes with movies that would address and communicate directly to the world at large than a small community like Malayalam.