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The Traveler (2010/I)
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Not so much, 22 February 2013

While I agree with one other reviewer in the fact that Val Kilmer is an excellent actor, and he can play creepy so well..the movie was lacking for me.

It was too predictable. Inside of the first 10 minutes, I was already calling out key points in the plot because you can see where it's going. This could have been a great movie. I would have loved to have seen it well written and with more focus on Val Kilmer.

In all, it's worth watching on cable some night if there is nothing else on or you are a huge Kilmer fan. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it personally. Only reason I did was I couldn't find anything else.

Exhibit A (2007)
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good but sad and tragic, 22 February 2013

I watched this and was engrossed until the last ten minutes. Then I was overwhelmed and just sad because this is the same sad story that seems to be in the news daily.

The movie was very well written and does accurate display the destruction of one man and his family. It is serious and to the point and brutally honest. It's "found footage" and it could be your neighbor or relative,which adds to the horror of it.

While I do recommend this be forewarned especially if you have ever experienced a tragedy like this. I find it incredibly sad, I can't say that enough, that things like this movie occur every day in real life. I find it more horrific than movies like Saw or Hostel.

In the Dark (2004/II)
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save yourself, 22 February 2013

Let me save you and your time and recommend that you Do Not watch this! Occasionally a bad horror movie will have at least one redeeming quality. It's unintentionally funny, it has a creative death scene. even an over the top character that you love to hate. This had none of those.

I watched this movie and was rooting for the characters to die just so it would be over. There is nothing new in the plot, the villain, or death scenes. Why did I keep watching it? I was not the person in possession of the remote. If I had been, I would have watched paint drying on the DIY network instead.

Yet another movie where I think the good reviews are from family and friends of the cast and crew.

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Great Movie, 10 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not going to get into art direction, Character psych profiles, or anything like that. I am going to let a great movie be a great movie and not analyze it for you with my over-inflated opinions.

That said, this is a movie definitely worth watching. I also saw Shannon in Bug, a weird head-trip movie and he is an incredible actor. The scenery is beautiful and at times frightening. I could never live in that part of the country, I would be in terror every time the sky darkened.

This is about a married man and the slow death of his marriage due to his apparent psychosis and obsession with dreams he is having of the apocalypse. The extent he will go to to insure his family survives while his life collapses around him. The dream sequences are incredible and Shannon is totally into character.

This is a great movie and if you liked Fraility, this is right up your alley.

Very Good, 10 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this movie one night on Netflix and thought what the heck? There was nothing else on. I was delightfully surprised.

I am a fan of apocalyptic themed books and movies and thought this was very good despite its small budget. There is not a lot by way of sets and does not have a huge well known cast..but the plot is incredible.

A dirty bomb goes of in the city. The main male character tries unsuccessfully to follow his wife who works in the city. He can't and ends up back at home where all news reports are saying to seal up all your windows and doors, don't you dare go outside or let anyone in, they are contaminated.

So what do you do when someone comes to your door for help and shelter?What if it's a stranger? What if it's family?

I found the movie to be very riveting and the irony of the end is unbelievable.

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Watch this!, 9 February 2013

We really enjoyed this movie! It is worth watching if you are a fan of B movies. It doesn't have a huge budget and no really big names but it is fun! Think Tucker and Dale versus Evil without Tucker and Dale.

They shot this film to look like a 70's movie and if they had dropped cell phones and the music you could almost believe it was the 70's. The movie begins at the end and then shows how they got there. The deaths were creative.

I took away the following things from this movie.. First, I will show it to my niece who wants to move away and join a similar organization as the characters. I will let this movie be her warning. Second, I will always look over my shoulder in the woods before I turn around. Third, I will follow all safety instructions. Fourth and most important, I am not going to the woods! It never ends well.

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Didn't get it, 9 February 2013

OK I just read the first listed review. If that author reads this, I would welcome a reply as to what I missed.

Now I did not get the end. It starts out okay and there was decent character development. The first death was a little shocking. If you want to be startled, keep the sound up. If you don't or have neighbors,don't crank the sound.

For me, the last half of the movie fell apart. It turned into a mind^&*( and I was lost.

Overall the movie is about a town whose people all walked off and disappeared one night in the 40's. Our main characters are researching the story in order to learn the truth and maybe write a book.

If you decide to watch this and do get it, please let me know!

Unrest (2006/I)
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no,just no, 3 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

8 Movies to die for. Sadly I have seen several movies from them and just don't understand the hype. I have seen better on late night TV.

Medical students are learning anatomy and doing an autopsy. They have gotten the wrong corpse, she has a vendetta and doesn't care who she gets revenge on.

One of the students decides to investigate and researches the back story of the corpse. It's like an episode of Scooby Doo but with a cadaver.

Basically, it's not a very good movie and if I had paid to see it in a theater instead of at home, I would have been angry I wasted money to see this.

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Not too bad of an idea, 3 February 2013

OK. Not all the actors are very good. That being sad, this is actually a pretty good movie.

The title says it all but the road to the hunters death is interesting. A bigger budget may have made it even better but they did pretty good as it was.

A ghost hunter, film crew, and a representative of the church walk into a haunted house...sounds like the set up to a joke. What happens next is there attempt to document the haunting and the ghost hunter becomes personally involved. A nice twist to the end. The best thing I can say about any movie is that I would watch it again and I could definitely watch this one again.

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FInd something else, 3 February 2013

I just glanced at the message boards and I love it! " Pompous reviews!" Sadly I have noticed this is true. Several movie reviews seem to be either written by film school students, wanna-be critics, or the family members of the cast and crew.

That being said, Don't waste your time watching this. Even if you know someone in it. It is very slow and mostly footage of two bored desk clerks. I kept waiting for the ghosts and was sadly disappointed. And the death scene at the end..hard to buy and didn't make sense and totally avoidable if anyone had any intelligence.

If you read a review that is an in depth social,political, and psychological commentary on the bet it is not worth watching.

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