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Visually Stunning and Graphic, 11 March 2012

You will never see a film quite like "Santa Sangre"! It is a uniquely artistic and well made horror film that presents the viewer with some of the most graphic, yet visually stunning and artistic scenes imaginable. The film concerns a young man named Fenix (played as a child by the director's young son then as an adult by his older son) who was born the son of a religiously obsessed woman who is part of a strange cult that worships a woman who was murdered and had both arms removed. This woman soon meets up with a circus owner who takes her and her son in but then begins an elicit affair with a woman who works for the circus who is covered from head to toe with tattoos! When Fenix's mother walks in on the two of them doing the deed, she douses her philandering husband's private parts with acid and he retaliates by cutting both her arms off before slicing his own throat! A few years later, Fenix (who witnessed this entire spectacle) is now in a mental institution and there is an unusual scene involving his leaving the institution for a night and roaming the streets with several mentally deficient patients while high on cocaine! Fenix is eventually freed from the institution by his mother, who miraculously survived the previous attack but is now without her arms. She takes her son under her wing and the two create a strange illusion type stage show involving Fenix standing behind his mother during the performance using his own arms to simulate her missing arms! He becomes his mother's arms during their everyday life as well in some intricately thought out scenes involving the two of them playing the piano and performing other daily tasks! Anytime Fenix becomes to closely attached to any female his mother compels him to kill her using her body and his arms until eventually Fenix can take no more leading to the film's unusual and unpredictable ending. This film is an absolute assault on your senses and even though it is graphic it must be seen to be fully appreciated!

Anguish (1987)
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"The Eyes of the City are Mine!", 11 March 2012

This has got to be one of the most original concepts for a film I have ever seen! This film takes the 'film within a film' (a concept used in other horror films such as Lamberto Bava's "Demons") concept to an entirely new level! As the film begins, we are told the story of a diabolic mother (played by Zelda Rubenstein of "Poltergeist" fame) and her obese, dim witted son who is nearly blind. This man is a serial killer who is controlled by his mother and her bizarre hypnotic powers over him. The strange hypnosis scenes in this movie are quite intense and it was rumored that they actually caused headaches and nausea for some viewers (in fact the original VHS box for the film warns that the film can be hypnotic and that watching it could cause headaches). "Mother" convinces her son to stalk a movie theater during a screening of "The Lost World" and murder the patrons one by one. She also commands him to remove the victims eyes and bring them to her. She believes that collecting eyes will somehow cure her son's illness and blindness. However, at this point the film takes a strange twist and we now realize that the film we have been watching is actually a separate movie called "The Mommy" that is being viewed by patrons in yet another movie theater who are being stalked by a man who is obsessed with the film. As the patrons of the theater witness the brutal slayings happening on the screen in front of them, they too are murdered one by one by the psychopath that is loose in their own movie theater! Now the viewer realizes that they are actually watching a film within a film within a film! It is now that the film reaches it's bizarre and unusual climax with an unbelievable ending. "Anguish" is not for the squeamish or faint of heart as the eye gouging and murder sequences are pretty intense and gory but it is most certainly one of the most original concepts for a horror film that I have seen in a long time and unfortunately, yes it is currently being remade!

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Break out the Barf Bags...the Centipede has returned!, 3 November 2011

An inferior sequel compared to the original, this film is an obvious attempt by director Tom Six to further shock his audience. Even though it is filmed entirely in Black and White and the main Villain has not one actual word of dialog, the film does succeed to shock. It's villain Martin's shocking and grotesque appearance alone is enough to make anyone want to vomit. Throw in the fact that he randomly likes to soil himself and is sexually obsessed with the original "Human Centipede" film and you have an original concept for a sequel that I do not believe has ever been done before. Martin's obsession leads him to create his own 'Human Centipede' this time with not just 3 but 12 segments! The plot takes some absurd twists and turns ignoring the fact that, as a security guard, Martin should be a little more conscientious of all of the security cameras filming his every move and abductions! Logic is thrown completely out of the window in exchange for pure shock value in this one. Consider the fact that, as a security guard who is mentally challenged, it is impossible for Martin to have the medical knowledge required to undergo such a surgical endeavor. Nearly all of the characters in this film are deplorable human beings from the insensitive mother who taunts Martin incessantly throughout the film to their belligerent neighbor who goes on a rampage simply because someone complains about his loud music. Martin even tricks one of the film's original stars, Ashlynn Yennie, into believing that she is auditioning for a Quinten Tarentino film and makes her the head piece of his centipede. Very little is left to the imagination in this one...things that were merely inferred in the original film are shown in graphic detail here and expounded upon grotesquely! DO NOT VIEW THIS FILM WHILE EATING!

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The Infamous "Mouth to Ass" movie!, 3 November 2011

I gave this film a higher review then I normally would have for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I do not feel that it deserves some of the criticism and low ratings that it has received. Secondly, the brilliant performance of Dieter Laser as the film's villain Dr. Heiter is alone worth a high rating. This film has earned itself a cult status and deservedly so. You either love or hate "The Human Centipede" there is no in between! The film starts out like many other horror films...a brief segment where a man is abducted by a psycho using a tranquilizer gun followed by the suspenseful scene involving the abduction of 2 American girls who are tourists in Germany. These 2 broads couldn't be dumber and you find yourself almost hoping that they get knocked off! On their way to a 'party' at a club, they get lost, in the woods, and inevitably get a flat tire. They wind up seeking refuge at the home of Dr. Heiter and are drugged and placed on medical gurneys with IV's stuck in their arms next to the man that was abducted in the beginning of the film. He is told by the demented doctor that he 'does not match' and is quietly murdered. The doctor then brings in a very strong willed Asian man who apparently does match whatever twisted concept the doctor has in mind. Dr. Heiter proceeds to thoroughly explain to his victims precisely what is about to happen to them. Using a diagram he explains that they will undergo an intense surgery that will attach them to one another by use of their gastric systems! First surgery involves their knee caps being surgically altered so that they are forced to walk on their hands and knees. Then they will be surgically attached to one another mouth to anus thus forming a Human Centipede! After an extended chase scene involving the doctor and one of the girls who rips her IV out and tries to make a run for it but does not make it, the surgery is completed. It is at this point that the film's most infamous and shocking scenes take place! As the good doctor tries to train his new 'pet' to walk, fetch a newspaper, and yes feed the other 'segments' of the centipede using the only method possible! Although little gore is actually shown the scenes are powerful and shocking enough to make anyone wince in disgust! Eventually some detectives come to investigate the disappearances and the film really begins to take shape. For pure shock value this film is worth at least a one time viewing. As I said, you will either love it or hate the film for yourself and decide. This film is an original concept but is definitely not for the squeamish!

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Fantastic Documentary on a One of a Kind Film Maker!, 1 October 2011

This film is truly one of the best documentaries I have ever seen! Not only does it give you the history of Herschell Gordon Lewis and his wide range of films but it also gives you a history of a form of film making that is basically a lost art today. Several sub generes of the exploitation film industry (which in itself is a dead art today)are covered when you talk about Lewis and his films including the "Nudie Cutie" films of the early 60's, The Biker Films, The "Roughies", and yes the film style Mr. Lewis invented with his 1962 classic "Blood Feast"...the "Gore" film! Between the film itself and the over 60 minutes worth of 'deleted' scenes included on the DVD version (which by themselves can be considered a separate movie)every single one of Mr. Lewis over 37 films are covered (save his latter efforts "Blood Feast 2" and "The Uh Oh Show"). There is even footage from rare Lewis films such as the never completed "Eye for an Eye" and "The Magical Land of Mother Goose". The film makers even go so far as to recreate footage from an "Eye for an Eye" by remastering it and adding a soundtrack so that Lewis enthusiasts can finally see, at least part of, this never before seen Lewis film. Many different Lewis alumni are interviewed for this film and there are some terrific segments featuring Lewis and his partner for many of his films, the great exploitationeer David F Friedman. In one of these scenes, the film makers completely recreate the town of "Pleasant Valley" from Lewis' notorious gore epic "2000 Maniacs". To top it all off the film is directed and produced by one of the greatest exploitation film makers in history...Frank Henenlotter ("Basket Case") and includes interviews with John Waters, both of whom were influenced to begin their careers by the work of Herschell Gordon Lewis. An excellent piece of work, well worth repeated viewings but you really have to have an appreciation and previous knowledge of Lewis' work to fully appreciate it!

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You must see this movie in order to believe it!, 13 April 2011

The Queen of Exploitation, Doris Wishman, brings us one of her most successful films and her most popular female superstar, Chesty Morgan (billed in this movie as "Zsa Zsa"). Where in the world did Doris Wishman find Chesty Morgan? I'm sure there's a story there. Chesty is clumsy throughout the film, she has zero talent as far as acting ability is concerned and she looks as if she is absolutely miserable in practically every scene. Her teeth are hideous, her wigs are tacky, and whomever it was that told her to get dressed for every scene in the closet in the dark should be ashamed of themselves! As is the trademark for Doris Wishman movies there are many shots of feet, lamps, and other such inanimate objects for no apparent reason (often the camera will zoom in on Chesty's monstrous breasts) but all of this makes the film more appealing in a strange and bizarre way. The plot is simple...after the mob kills her boyfriend, Crystal (played by Chesty) goes on a rampage and murders his killers using the only weapons she has....her 73 inch breasts! Yes, she actually suffocates her victims between her ample bosoms in mind boggling murder sequences that must be seen to be believed! This film was so successful that it spawned a pseudo-sequel titled "Double Agent 73" which also features Chesty and is directed by Wishman.

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The Wildest Gore Movie Ever Made!, 13 April 2011

This has got to be the most outrageous gore flick I have ever seen and by far the funniest! The gore effects in this movie are so outlandish that it is actually not frightening at all but extremely humorous (for those of us with a taste for black humor). A movie like this could only have been created by the "Godfather of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis. Known for his mix of sex and extreme gore, Lewis out does himself in this one as Go-Go girls at a nightclub are hacked to pieces one by one. A hot iron is used to melt the face of one helpless victim, another has her face fried in french fry oil, still another has her rear end turned into hamburger meat and of course the infamous scene where a girl has her nipples cut off (the left bosom spews out whole milk while the right spews out chocolate milk!). Faces are mutilated, eyeballs are squished, and even the killer appears to have a dark sense of humor (a lit cigarette is found between the toes of one dead girl and the word "OK" is written on her leg in blood). There is even a cameo by the "King of the one-liners" Henny Youngman (who denies ever having been in this film to this day). After making this film, Lewis retired from the film making business and went on to become a successful investor. That is until 2002 when he is coaxed back into the director's chair for "Blood Feast 2: All you can eat". Gorehounds will LOVE this flick...most others will be repulsed by it but then again, that is the point of the movie.

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The "Godfather of Gore" does it again!, 9 October 2010

I caught a sneak preview of Herschell Gordon Lewis' latest gore film "The Uh-Oh Show" recently at the Cinema Wasteland convention in Cleveland OH. Mr. Lewis was in attendance for an informative Q & A after the screening and I have to say that the man who 'excreted'(his own words) such classics as "Blood Feast" and "2000 Maniacs" has definitely not lost his touch! In this film, Lewis obviously parodies himself and his own work with outrageous gore mixed with tongue-in-cheek humor. This film never takes itself too seriously and Mr. Lewis even has a role in the film as himself. There is also a cameo appearance by Troma film president Lloyd Kaufman, as a pimp of course. It's all here in gory details...arms are hacked off, heads decapitated, intestines are ripped out and yes there is even an obese drag queen thrown in for good measure. The film is a wrap around story concerning the exploits that take place on the set of a bizarre TV game show where the players are asked questions...if they are correct, they win fabulous prizes but if they are wrong...UH OH, they are brutally dismembered! There is another wrap around story surrounding a second TV show entitled "Grim Fairy Tales" (the film was apparently originally titled "Herschell Gordon Lewis' Grim Fairy Tales"). I am not quite sure what the future of this film will be, whether it will actually be released in theaters or go direct to DVD but if you are a fan of Lewis' work or of the gore film in general do yourself a favor and watch it, it will be an experience you will not forget!

Death Nurse 2 (1988) (V)
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Hideous, Awful, Horrendous,....and those are it's good points!, 28 July 2009

At this point the "Crazy Fat Ethel" series is now beyond frustrating. It is downright dumbfounding! I don't know which is more pathetic, Nick Millard for making this crap or the people (probably only those who are in this home video attempt at making a movie)who can actually sit through this crap! I could not even finish watching this one it was THAT bad (and I believe the running time is only less than 60 minutes)! For a laughable Z-grade horror flick, the original "Criminally Insane" was pretty good...but enough is enough! Once again we are forced to watch even more footage from "Criminally Insane" in this one. If you took all of the original footage from "Criminally Insane" out of "Crazy Fat Ethel 2" "Death Nurse" and "Death Nurse 2" and then combined the remaining footage together you still wouldn't have anything close to a full length film. If you like watching old ladies run around in their night gowns and a film that is so cheap that they simply re-hire the same actresses to re-hatch their original roles (trying to pass them off as the 'sisters' of the original victims) than this film is for you...otherwise this 'movie' and it's 2 predecessors have absolutely no redeeming value what so ever!

Death Nurse (1987) (V)
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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse..., 28 July 2009

I didn't even know this movie existed until recently and now that I've seen it, I know why! What a horrible, hideous, god-awful waste of time and effort this one is! Just like it's predecessor "Crazy Fat Ethel 2" "Death Nurse" is shot on video. It is also a pseudo-sequel to "Criminally Insane". Talk about milking a story to death! Obviously Nick Millard aka Nick Phillips was totally devoid of all thoughts and ideas at this point and simply decided to recycle the same old lousy story for a third time. To make matters even worse, he put even less effort into this "film" (and I use that term loosely) than in the previous sequel. Once again we get recycled, crappy footage from "Criminally Insane" and a rapidly aging Priscilla Alden cast in the lead. The storyline in this 'film' is not even remotely related to that of "Criminally Insane" and Priscilla Alden's character has a name change which makes all of the footage from "Criminally Insane" seem awkwardly out of place. There is nothing about this "film" that makes any sense and I really do not get the point of wasting time making it!

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