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Jigsaw (I) (2017)
1 November 2017
Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for ten years. as have the people in the game.. but the bodies they keep finding are fresh kills.. a major plot hole... Really really really major let down.. it thought it was pg13 with the lack of gore.. that's right saw without gore.. lame in the end and over all..
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Young Adults are killed by vengeful spirit.
28 January 2016
A group of 7 friends seek shelter from a heavy rain in an old abandoned house.. eventually one of the group becomes possessed and acts as a conduit for the vengeful spirit of the homes previous murderous owner.. Not Saw.. but not a real snoozer.. it simply ..IS.. not a bad movie but far from Academy Award material. No nudity.. implied sex.. minimal profanity.. occasional incorrect subtitles.. but that's one of the things that makes Intl cinema so much fun. Recommended if you are bored or want something to keep the kids --> early teens occupied. Axe murders, scary masks, dark house full of shadows and covered furniture.. all the prime material needed for an old dark house movie..ohh there is a rat squishing by hand scene.. a woman crucified, a killing by axe , attempted drowning, ghosts that come and go.. yeah.. probably worth the hr and 20 minute running time.. with a kind of twist ending..
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Load of horse-sh!t shovelled by a mental defective.
28 October 2014
Stupid moron that thinks his styrofoam and straw stuffed clothes are real releases a video based on his "daughter'.. a stupid waste of time featuring an unfunny mentally defective yahoo. I guess the next video will feature this MAROON throwing a birthday party, a scores party, and a deflowering of his "daughter".. It actually makes you want to kick his ass for wasting your time. If you are hard up for entertainment.. then go rent a handful of troma films.. any of which would be academy award winners when compared to this ignorant, aggravating, inane use of a camera and time. The only redeeming factor is that it is one of a kind.
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Pretty good gore-sex piece
7 June 2013
It's not Citizen Kane.. but it isn't trying to be. It is a schlocky, early exploitation piece with sex, murder and religion.. A true mish-mash of genres. I'm amazed that no one has made note that the Robert Chinn in the credits became the "Famous" Bob Chinn once he hooked up with John Holmes and began directing the "Johnny Wadd" series. The next film featuring some of the same workers was "The Demon in Miss Jones".. aka Sex Psycho.. which featured an early appearance by John Holmes.. therefore making that film the first time Chinn/Holmes worked together.

This film is more gore-centric where Sex Psycho is more sex centered. All in all.. a pretty good waste of time.. you could do lots worse.
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When will we get the "End of America's Wealth' version ?
25 February 2009
About Obimbo's waste of taxpayers dough and the way the DIMocrats destroyed the wealth and finances of the ENTIRE WORLD with their social mis-handling of the Freddie and Fanny crap and the CRA from Clinton. NEVER.. that's when.. they keep trying to back peddle and blame Bush.. forgetting that they were in control of the congress when the sh*t went down.. And when Bush tried to call them in and reel in some of the excesses.. he was called racist and told that it was because Franklin Raines.. who is black.. was being singled out because of his race.. no.. it was because BUSH had enough sense to realize that the CRA was a load of dung and that it was based on a house of cards theory taht would never pay off.. BUSH STANDS Proved CORRECT,,, Libs cringe and cower and try to spin the truth
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Scalps (1987)
Not as bad as the other reviewer thinks..
25 July 2007
Guy must've gotten a poor bootleg copy .. that's what you get for being cheap!! You should get the DVD.. Excellent color, no dark scenes and some nice scenic shots... It's a western.. in the revenge mode.. and you could easy plug Yul Brenner, Lee Van Cleef, or maybe even one of the better cowboy actors into the lead role and it would've done big box office.. Again.. not a bad movie at all.. It's not RATS but what is?? What I didn't like... and I'll agree with the reviewer about.. is the Confederate uniforms.. they had been through as war... but their uniforms were brand new clean!! All white and fresh.. The torture by meat hooks scene was rough.. in a Man Called Horse sorta way..
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Zee-Oui (2004)
WOW!! They cant make them like this in the USA!!!
23 May 2006
A down on his luck refugee keeps getting the short end of the stick, finally snapping and resorting to cannibalism as a belief that it will cure his asthma..

Not as gruesome as some lead you to believe .. but in this modern day of "SOFT SENTIMENTALITY" in movies, it shocks like no other has lately..

Strangely you find yourself feeling sorry for a cannibalistic child killer.. simply based on all the crap the poor bastard goes through before he snaps...

Over all a very good, very thought provoking look at a sad sack gone mad.
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Another classic
21 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Reviewed By-Paul Cooke

Director : Haraguchi Tomoo Starring : Harada Ryuji & Ando Nozomi Source-Cannibal King Productions NTSC Reg 0 (2 Discs)

Just like David Carradine's Kwai Chang Caine , Kibakichi's Kung Fu Werewolf continues his quest. The same star from the original walks the path of self discovery to the infectious tune that plays out in the background to welcome effect. This time his way is blocked by an enraged samurai who has already engaged and slaughtered dozens of village people , not the group from the early eighties dressed like disco dandies looking to swallow the sword rather than die by it , and is high on the scent of the kill. Kibakichi obliges him with a brief engagement but suffers a savagely inflicted incision to his side and has to retreat. He wanders dazed into a neighboring town where the inhabitants are all stricken with fear , all that is aside from a young blind woman named Omatsu. Even though injured Kibakichi is quick to react when Omatsu is attacked by a wild dog. She returns his kindness by taking him into her home where she nurses him back to health.

The blind philanthropist tells Kibakichi about the insane swordsman he encountered. The barbaric samurai is known as Sakuramaru , an outcast from the village and the murderer of Omatsu's father !. Kibakichi vows to avenge her loss and put an end to the reign of terror placed upon the village by the killer Sakuramaru. Kibakichi meets Sakuramaru in battle but the fight is interrupted by the appearance of Anju , seeking to engage Kibakichi herself in her relentless vendetta to kill him. Once again the velocity of her deadly boomerang blade whips around Kibakichi's person to announce her arrival. Delivered with lethal intent and followed up with a toothy snarl from her inhibited Yokai werewolf persona.

As if fighting a samurai who doesn't know when to quit , and an enraged boomerang babe isn't enough for Kibakichi to have to handle , things get even tougher when another aggressor appears from nowhere. This new freak on the block has an all conquering agenda and all three have to contend with him and his creepy accompanying entourage. Enter the evil Dogan-Sama , a pasty white painted faced freakazoid with a deep sounding , possessed by a devil type baritone voice that suggests he may have been nurtured at a young age. Dogan has the ability to put all before him under a spell of hypnosis and take control of his victims very being , with Sakuramaru being a prime candidate for his purposes. For shear pantomime badness Dogan steals the show , coming across as a combo of Charles Manson and Billy Munster. His entourage is an enslaved collection of tortured souls brainwashed into carrying out despicable acts. When let loose upon Omatsu's village tragedy strikes and Kibakichi is enraged at the level of extreme violence and murder they inflict. The beast within stirs !.

Faced with Dogan and his emotionless Zombie like goons Anju puts aside her battle against Kibakichi and aligned with Sakuramaru , who is smitten with her like a wild beast tamed by beauty , together they take a stand against true Evil. Dogan sets free the Yokai monster within his followers which leads to both Kibakichi and Anju turning primal themselves. Its werewolf transformation time , bring out the popcorn for all out monster mayhem enjoy ability. Imagine Rob Bottin old school werewolf turning ala 'The Howling' for a far more entertaining turn on the body hair sprouting , far surpassing the modern trend to rely upon poorly executed CGI.

There's just as much arterial spray letting as before along with limb loping and sword impaling amongst the fight sequences. The characterization continues its well structured development along with the introduction of different bad guys to keep things fresh. This is a cracking carnival of killer Action with another all out fully fueled and frenzied finale to cheer at. Colourfully created players both good and evil give the movie a real fantasy pantomime feel. The birth of the 'Fantomine' is delivered here.
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O.K. Santo film..
2 April 2006
An intruder enters a Mexican art museum and, unseen by the guards, sprays a famous painting ("Los borrachos" by Velázquez) with a substance that, when the painting is uncrated back in Spain, has damaged the artwork. Famous art expert and restorer Dr. Mann is asked to work on restoring the canvas. However, Mann and his gang are behind the vandalism: using a process that involves tumors extracted from models held captive in his basement (!), Mann makes an exact copy of the painting and then "exposes" this fraud to the museum authorities. Thus, he gets to keep the original in his private collection.

Santo, famous masked wrestler and international secret agent, is asked to investigate the crime, since he's scheduled to wrestle in Spain anyway. He's teamed up with Paul, another Interpol agent, who proves his worth when the two men are attacked by assassins in Santo's hotel room. After an excellent brawl, Santo and Paul triumph. They investigate Dr. Mann (Santo: "Doctor of what?" Official: "Doctor of art. And I don't know what science."), but can prove nothing, although one of Mann's live-in models (Ester) tells Paul that each time a model finishes her work, she disappears and is never heard from again.

Interpol agent Susan is sent to Mann's castle, substituting for a real model. However, Susan and Ester are caught while snooping around Mann's laboratory, and they are tossed into the dungeon with the other captives. Santo and Paul break into the castle and, eluding the various death traps, free the models. Sara, Mann's assistant, falls into an acid bath used to dispose of dead bodies; Mann is captured. Santo pursues Peter, Mann's chief associate (who has been posing as a blind man). Peter tries to escape by motorboat, but Santo--dangling underneath a helicopter on a rope ladder--leaps into the boat. They fight, and Santo leaps overboard just before the craft smashes into the shore and explodes.
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2 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A young man walks along a lonely city street. Suddenly, he is accosted from behind, and kidnapped...

The next day, a young couple visit the famous wax museum of Dr. Kurt Walter Karol. They enter the museum.

Dr. Karol is finishing up a guided tour, and speaks about the wax figures of important historical figures of the past, such as Ghandi, Stalin, Blubeard and... Gary Cooper? Dr. Karol escorts the group to the basement. The young woman introduces herself as Susan Madison, girl reporter for New Arts Magazine.

Susan asks Dr. Karol's permission to take photographs and information for an article she has been assigned, about Dr. Karol and his most intriguing wax museum. Dr. Karol graciously accepts the offer.

Dr. Karol leads the group to a dungeon-like basement, where reside his more ghoulish creations. Dr. Karol shows the group some of the most famous monsters of film and literature, including Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein's monster, the Werewolf and Quasimodo.

Susan begins to take pictures of the gruesome exhibits. Dr. Karol inquires about Susan's background, and learns that another reporter from the same magazine is shortly going to marry her sister, Gloria.

Later that night, Susan is developing photographs at her apartment. She walks into the living room, and finds her sister Gloria kissing her boyfriend, Charles Humphries.

Meanwhile, Dr. Karol is playing poker with his good friend, Professor Halpin, at Halpin's office. Dr. Karol beats Halpin, and the two discuss the importance of strategy.

Dr. Karol invites Professor Halpin to his museum. Halpin finds it somewhat ironic that it is the monster figures which attract the most visitors, but Dr. Karol counters that men are always fascinated by their "dark side".

Suddenly, a radio antenna in Halpin's lab activates, and a giant TV screen on the wall comes to life. Appearing in the screen is Halpin's good friend, Samson, also known as "The Silver Mask Man," wrestler, crime fighter and all-around good guy! Samson informs Halpin that a colleague, Professor Rutherford, who was found dead recently, was in fact murdered by members of an unnamed foreign concern! Halpin thanks Samson for his good investigative work. The TV screen goes blank.

Dr. Karol asks Halpin about this strange superhero, and Halpin tells him all about Samson. Halpin explains that Samson is a mystery man; no-one knows his real name.

Late that night, Susan arrives at the wax museum to continue her interview with Dr. Karol.

Susan walks through the empty museum and, not finding Dr. Karol, descends to the dingy downstairs dungeon.

The fiendish dummies give Susan the creeps. She starts to take pictures. Dr. Karol walks up silently behind her. Susan is startled.

Dr. Karol apologizes for his indiscretion, and leads her on a tour of the museum. Susan asks how Dr. Karol became interested in these darkest emblems of humanity, and Karol starts on the first of many tirades against the human race. Susan becomes spooked by Dr. Karol's misanthropy.

Dr. Karol tries to persuade Susan to take a look inside his laboratory, but Susan gets creeped out by this weird miscreant, and runs out of the building.

As Susan starts to walk home down a dark, lonely street, a scar-faced man, one of Dr. Karol's flunkies, stalks her. He grabs Susan and carries her off.

Two old women are walking nearby, and happen upon Susan's discarded camera case, which contains her address.

Still later that evening, Charles and Gloria are worried; Susan hasn't returned home. Charles calls Dr. Karol at the museum. Dr. Karol says that Susan left awhile ago.

The doorbell rings. Gloria answers it. It is one of the old women, with Susan's camera case.

Now Charles and Gloria are really worried. They think something may have happened to her. They decide to contact the police.

Later, at the police station, Gloria tells the police chief the whole story. The police chief and a detective discuss two other disappearances near the museum recently, and feel there may be a connection. The detective is sent to question Dr. Karol.

The detective, along with Charles and Gloria, visit Dr. Karol later that evening, but he has no answers for them. He does, however, agree to visit the police station the next morning for further questioning.

and thats just the opening few minutes!!
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Santo Rules!!
2 April 2006
After a group of violent lepers escapes from a sanitarium, - robbing several farms, residents of the town demand the the sheriff - take action. Meanwhile, a local criminal joins forces with the lepers - to commit even more robberies. As the disfigured madmen keep the - entire town indoors with its reign of terror, the sheriff has no - choice but to call on the only man who can help--legendary wrestling - superhero, Santo!

After a group of violent lepers escapes from a sanitarium, robbing several farms, residents of the town demand the the sheriff take action. Meanwhile, a local criminal joins forces with the lepers to commit even more robberies. As the disfigured madmen keep the entire town indoors with its reign of terror, the sheriff has no choice but to call on the only man who can help--legendary wrestling superhero, Santo!
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The Howard Stern Show (1990–1993)
Hilarious cutting edge satire
15 November 2005
The way that real people talk when hung-up people, like the OTHER reviewers,aren't around. Sure to offend bible thumpers and child molesters, but others should get many laughs from it. All 69 (lol) episodes are hilarious and shouldn't bother any but the most uptight, Sadam Hussein like, joyless whiners. If you are offended by the three stooges or mash then don't watch, but if you want to see a lot of the early 90's and late 80's TV and movie icons, then tune in for sure. About the only way to get these classics is to buy them from ebay or download them from the internet.. both of these are not particularly the best way to see them, but, as they are not available on tape or DVD.. it is the only way to get them. Also, the other reviewer that was crying about the show never saw it, as his review is 10 years after the show aired, and it's never been repeated..
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Very moving..
7 November 2005
If you are tired of Hollywoods sub-standard claptrap remakes, even more tired of the TV-teen movie of the weak, and even tireder yet of the pg rated watered down remakes of r rated classics.. then this is the movie for you.. skulls are crushed, heads split open, and blood sprays like geysers.. much more killing and maiming.. enough to make you misty eyed for Hollywoods golden years.. when they weren't to PC to make Deathwish, Vigilante, and Exterminator movies... Ahh the good old days.. enjoy the mayhem!! Ah the love story... he loves Killing CHIN-LEE... the main bad guys are gutted and hung on pikes, the flunkies are devoured by lions and hungry bears.. the extreme content of the uncensored version makes it definitely worth the trouble to seek it out..
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Very good Sequel Bruce Li is amazing
7 November 2005
Here are some updated info's for this excellent movie. Bruce Li should have been as famous as Bruce Lee.. his action sequences are just as amazing and his acting is even better at times. This is a very good semi-sequel to Chinese Connection.. the USA version of fists of fury with Lee was the renamed BIG BOSS..Then Chinese Connection was the renamed Fist of Fury..confused yet? And don't even start with me about Bruce Le...

Technical Details Actors Bruce Li ; Lo Leih ; Ti Fung ; Lee Quinn Director Jimmy Shaw Certificate 18 years and over Year 1976 Languages English - Stereo Duration 1 hour and 34 minutes (approx)
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Grandfather of Night of the living dead
15 July 2005
Shuffling reincarnated zombies.. reanimated by Invisible invaders? If you call your self a zombie fan then you HAVE TO SEE THIS...

STRANGE.. BUT Interesting... on a double bill with "fiend without a face".. it freaked out movie goers by the thousands..

i find it a very interesting movie,,, flawed.. but without a doubt... very very much worth a viewing...

"THE DEAD WILL KILL THE LIVING" so sayeth John Carradine!!

Adam Tanner.. you have had your warning..

the zombies walk just like the zombies in NOTLD, the make-up is very much the same as NOTLD and the eeriness is also obviously borrowed 10 years later as a basis for NOTLD... I cant believe John Russo or George Romero have never admitted to this fact. In much the same way that ALIEN was based on IT! The terror from Beyond Space!!
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