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Decent effort., 29 December 2009

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I have to admit, this was a great idea, with decent acting and nice written scrip. But, I already knew what to expect, since I did some research about the movie, and this kind of documentary-like films based on "real found footage" have been made before several times. When the Blair Witch Project came out, it scared the hell out of me, my access to the internet was limited, not to mention I was younger and I came across the movie through a friend who told me "It is real footage". So the trick really worked on me. This time around, I saw the trailer, witnessed the advertising hype and after reading a little about the movie on the net, I exactly knew what was coming: A movie without main titles, just starting abruptly,with a very slow pace and lots of silence, barely any special effects, lots of noises without explanation and a mysterious ending where the characters scream hysterically but the camera doesn't show what is going on. By the way, I prefer the BWP ending, because you never know what happened to the characters, you only know they certainly suffered a horrible fate. I watched the movie about 2 am, on bed using my laptop and alone and in complete darkness. I really wanted to be impressed. The only creepy part was the dragging of the girl out of bed. I have respect for the director, very nice creativity, and I hope he enjoys all the money this low-budget film made for him. But please, do not abuse this kind of films anymore, it would ruin the real purpose of the technique. I hope they give it a break, and make another film like this in 20 years, to a different generation and with less advertising. And most importantly, with more fresh ideas.

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Do not waste your time, 13 October 2009

I have to tell you before hand. If you are not a Sam Raimi's fan FORGET IT. If you are looking for an exciting scary movie and you are over the age of 26, please, stay away from this MESS at all costs! Excess of CGI to the point that everything looks unreal and ridiculous, horrendous ACTING, terrible scrip and endless use of EVERY possible cliché in horror movies are some of the signatures of this movie. It is a shame Justing Long was involved here because his character was out of place and unnecessary, and he is really a talented performer with a bright future in the industry. As a horror fan, I'm really disappointed and I feel like a fool because I wasted my time, and fell on the marketing and propaganda trap that you find on sites like this.

1 out of 10.

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A waste of time for me. What about you?, 5 November 2008

Well I've smoked pot couple of times and I don't find it really interesting, only quite fun. I found this movie at my local videorental and I thought it would give me a closer and deeper look about the risks or benefits of Pot smoking and its medicinal use. All I got was a cheap movie about a mediocre comedian getting high and finding excuses for doing it so. I believe, if you are a pot smoker you are going to have a blast, not to mention if you ever attemp to watch this video while high... Awesome!!! Now if you are looking for a real documentary about the use and real positive/ negative effects of Cannabis in you body, please don't waste your time. I made the mistake already and I wish I was really high during those painful 80+ Minutes.

WALL·E (2008)
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An Amazing Triumph!!! 5 Stars!, 27 June 2008

Yeah, I bet you have seen the trailer, the graphics are super-amazing and the characters look really cute. After all, it's just another fun Disney movie and you are willing to go with your friends, date, kids or even by yourself, to watch it. But believe me, There is a lot, a lot, a BUNCH MORE in this movie that will leave you enchanted and delighted, I never felt so much magic in my heart after watching a movie (in fact, the last time I felt it, was when I was 7 yo after watching The Neverending Story), so my money was well spent until the very last cent. Very few times, you have a chance to go to the cinema and have the opportunity to laugh, cry, feel thrilled and after wards, take home not only a smile on your face, but also an important message about us, as human beings and as a community in this huge cosmos, a community that everyday gets more alienated and self destructive. Thank you very much Pixar-Disney!!!

Good one!!!, 30 November 2005

For all fans of Fung Fu cinema, this is another gem. The action scenes are amazing and the Tai Chi techniques used for the fight choreography's are very impressive indeed. This is a must for you if you are a Chinese cinema collector like me. The only problem I see is the bad edition changing from one situation to another and also the fact that is too long, but on the other hand, you get so many fighting sequences that will give you enough Kung Fu for 2 months!. This is a good movie, shot on video format, something that makes me remember that wonderful TV series "The Magic Palm of Buddah" back in my child wood in Venezuela during the 80's. Buy it now, if you are a Fung Fu cinema fan, you won't be disappointed. Yuen Wo Ping co-directed, so, you already know what does that mean.