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"Fargo" (2014)
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One of the best things on television., 21 November 2014

Right off the bat, I have to say that this show is highly comparative to True Detective. When True Detective ended, this show popped up. And which do I prefer? Well, while True Detective is of a higher quality, this show is more enjoyable. Another thing it is compared to (more obviously) is the film it is inspired upon. Lester's like Jerry and Molly's like Marge, and the film and the show cross paths at a few points, like they both have a parking lot scene, and the buried money pops up. But by far, the stand-out of the first season is Lorne Malvo, because he can get under your skin at parts and give you a chuckle at other parts. I will update this review by season, and as a side-note, the limited edition beanie is great, and I bought it since it's getting cold up here in Minnesota. If you enjoyed the film, you'll like this.

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A well-made game that can be rather challenging., 2 November 2014

Now first off, I want to say that this is my first game in the franchise that I've played (even though I have "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone" on my 3DS, but that was because of the fact that I was a buyer before the price-drop), so keep that in mind. Secondly, I must say I am awful at the game, I just won't accept any deaths, and I will not go causal! I must say, the gameplay is fantastic and makes me want to skip the story, despite how good the story is. May I note that because I have bought the game earlier today, I have only made it up to the end of the third chapter. I have already decided that after I finish the main game, I will buy all the DLC packs. Really check it out if you enjoy Strategy/RPG games or want to get into them.

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Oh boy, I'm getting hate mail for this., 27 October 2014

Now, right off the bat, this film is overrated. It thinks it is so smart, when it really isn't. Anyone could get the themes and symbolism right away. It is Diet-Lynch, with Dave's style, but none of his substance. Now, it isn't all bad. Kevin Spacey did deserve that Oscar, and Mendes isn't far from deserving his either. And the cinematography was also well-done. But it did NOT deserve screenplay and best film awards. The script is mostly awful, but I must say that some of Lester's monologues were decent, and Spacey was the only one that elevated the script. Annette Bening did the WORST job anyone could do, although it just may be the material to blame. And the ONLY reason that the Academy nominated this film so much was because they disrespected the quality films at the time, because '99 wasn't a bad year at all for films, but this is one of the stinkers. And this was just artsy ENOUGH to win over audiences, when it is far from what art house cinema TRULY is. It is as bland and generic as something can be. To be frank, it's pretentious crap. And no, I'm not trolling. Send hate mail here, at because you better defend it, and do a damn good job of it.

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A rather well-made low budget horror film., 18 October 2014

The Evil Dead is the 1981 directorial debut of Sam Raimi, and it's certainly a fine film. The camera techniques are easily this first film's high point, it was just done in such a creative way that still leaves you guessing how it was done. But the weak points are in writing and acting. Bruce Campbell is a great actor, but in this film, he's mediocre at best, and the writing certainly doesn't help that one bit, and he's the best of our five cast members. But despite the detractors, it does invest you into it. As stated earlier, the camera floats around in an inventive manner that is rather impressive for a first timer. Another positive is the tension, which is helped by the music. It has this really good and creeping atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Really check this out, but do note that this is the weakest of the three, although if you aren't too much of a fan of comedy, this one might be your favorite, yet that isn't my opinion and is certainly not the opinion of most. And for all of you, this is legally on YouTube for free, so you all can watch it.

An extremely enjoyable crime-vampire flick!, 14 October 2014

In 1988, Robert Kurtzman had an idea. Two wanted criminals have taken a family to get them to Mexico for a job, and where they go for the night happens to be taken over by vampires. A few years later, he Kurtzman made a short film/teaser where Joe Pilato (Of "Day of the Dead") is fighting of oncoming vampires. The 24-paged treatment was in the hands of Quentin Tarantino, a hip new director, who made a full script of the story. He gave it to Robert Rodriguez, a friend of his since they meet after their 1992 works, Reservoir Dogs and El Mariachi were at Cannes. Robert took up his camera and filmed the film, with Tarantino acting and producing. Now, with that out of the way, this is a great film! The first act is like a Tarantino film, but not as comedic, and is a slight bit more teen-ish in writing, ever so slightly. The second half is THE Romero zombie film of the nineties, with Tom Savini making it feel even more like that. I would suggest this flick just because it is a great time with a few beers, have fun!

Gone Girl (2014)
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A spectacle, in every sense of the word., 5 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I came into this film with minimal knowledge. All I knew was the most basic of the premise and that Ben Affleck stars and Fincher directs. That alone made me want to see this. Leaving the theater, I was speechless, in the best of ways. I swear, if this film doesn't sweep all of the big five from the Oscars, as well as best supporting actor, best supporting actress, I will flip some sh*t. Now, who deserves what? Best film better be there, best director (Fincher), best adapted screenplay (Flynn), best actor (Affleck), best actress (Pike), best supporting actor (Perry, yes, Tyler Perry, but Harris does deserve a nomination as well, I must say), and best supporting actress (Dickens or Coon, either or). Now, I will explain why in a spoiler- free review (harder than it looks)! Now, Affleck gives a relatable and at times, chilling performance as Nick Dunne, who's just had his wife kidnapped. His wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), was perhaps the most fascinating character I have seen on the big screen in a while. Nick, attacked by the media for his possible murder of Amy, hires Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry), to be a defensive attorney, as well as help his media view. Dickens plays the detective, solving the case, in a rather small yet poignant role. Coon plays the sympathizing twin sister of Nick, in a role showing some her sympathize yet disagree with Nick in a way that siblings would. I'd suggest this if you enjoy Fincher's films, this'll be right up your alley! 10/10!

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As close to the perfect television show we will ever see., 16 September 2014

I just finished this up and wow, is it good. Now you see, most television shows just don't work right with me. They have a lack of consistently good quality. Think about it. Most shows aren't consistent in quality, and even then, it's not always a good quality. This show is as consistent and good as you'll get. Spectacular scripts by one man, all on his own, all eight episodes. One director, doing an incredible job, all eight episodes. Two astonishing performances, in all eight episodes. The cinematography is beautiful. The editing is smooth, all the way through. The only thing I could say is bad is that the eighth episode was ever so slightly lacking. I guess it might just be what most call "The Return of the King syndrome", a little heavy of a wrap-up, that's all. But other than that, it keeps you intrigued all the way through. Now look, how I viewed it was via DVD rental. Yes, I don't have HBO and everyone that I could get an HBO GO account from either don't have internet or likely won't give me the account. I'd suggest to view the first three episodes on the first day, another three the second, and finish the last two episodes on the third. I will add to this review by season shortly after the seasons are released on DVD. Check this show out, now!

Tomodachi Life (2013) (VG)
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An enjoyable, quirky game!, 15 September 2014

This game is just wonderful. It has charm, humor, and good game play. The game can just crack you up. Also, it doesn't hurt that you can make characters from our favorite films, or directors! I got Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks, Dorothy Vallens, Jeffrey Beaumont, and Frank Booth from Blue Velvet, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and the Vega Bros. are in my game. And yes, Jeff and Dale have nearly identical faces. I had a few problems getting certain Miis to get in a relationship with another. My mom almost married David Lynch for crying out loud, even though their compatibility was in the thirties! I have two fictional brothers since my mom and dad got married in the game, Thomas and Jonny. I'm making Thomas a more snobby character, while I don't care much for Jonny. I'm saving up for the golden interior in the game, since I went into space. If you have a quirky sense of humor, the game's great fun. Just go to the café during boy's or girl's night. Not to mention that can give you insight on certain things to give Miis. It made me know that David Lynch needs frozen yogurt and a book, to feel smarter. The songs are great to mess around with. My family's a band, The Dude and Kevin Flynn made a band, "Two Bridges", Agent Smith and Neo are in "The Matrix", and Sly Stone and the Governator are "The Expendables", and more! I'm going to make Rust Cohle and Marty Hart "The True Detectives" real soon. Might not be your cup of tea, but hot damn, it's certainly mine!

A well made family film., 5 August 2014

Terry Gilliam's made many movies throughout his career since being the American of the (Mostly) British comedy gang Monty Pyhton. He co-directed Holy Grail with the other Terry, Jones. Then Jabberwocky, and now this. I suggest having this be an introduction to Gilliam to your child in a double feature with the Baron's film for they are easily his most child friendly for seven or eight year olds (I'd hold off on Brazil until ten for the youngling, despite the briefness of the language and other R- rated things). Alright now, this may not be the most enjoyable seeing it for the first time as an adult. I'd think I'd have a higher enjoyment if I grew up on it. But that only means that you'd better show it to your kid during a history and adventure loving phase. Since I didn't grow up on it, I haven't the appreciation as someone raised with it. But I can't deny its quality, eight out of ten.

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A really fine web series., 3 August 2014

Brad Jones of Stoned Gremlin Productions and Co. are in a web series with depression and comedy. Andy and Jeff are two reviewers, Count Thomas Howl and Spacelancer Steve, respectively. There was the Messiah, but he's dead now. The Uncanny Valley segment was alright, but the expansion to an actual series helps it in a way. It feels like your typical miniseries or film by the Mr. Jones, but as a full series. I think it helps for his narrative writing since I've felt that there's been just a little too much exposition in something like, say Game Boys. It is trippy seeing some actors playing multiple characters, such as Brad Jones being a child star, drug dealer, or boss of a little restaurant. Maybe he could be the same guy, I dunno. It's, from what I've seen, Brad's best narrative work. Also, give RickHead a spin-off, dammit!

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