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Fall of Eagles (1974– )
The Wait Is Over For Americans!!
25 February 2006
This superb series will be available on DVD in the US on May 2, 2006! Amazon and Barnes and Noble are already offering it for pre-sale. I've been waiting for this series for many years! When Fall of Eagles was first shown on PBS in the 1970s I fell in love with the fine directing and acting and above all the attention to the historical details. The last time I saw it was in severely edited form on TBS 15-20 years ago. Favorite scenes that have lingered in my memory over the years include a minute by minute documentary on the Crown Prince Rudolf-Maria Vetsera suicide at Mayerling, a great episode on Empress Elizabeth of Austria and her troubled relations with her mother-in-law Archduchess Sophie, a fine retelling of the story of Queen Victoria's oldest daughter Vicky and her problems as German Crown Princess and Empress, and above all several excellent episodes dealing with Nicholas, Alexandra, and the other Romanovs.
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The Lost Prince (2003 TV Movie)
Nicholas and Alexandra were not portrayed well
5 August 2005
I loved this film and I thought the British Royals and other characters were well done, but I do have a quibble or two about the portrayal of the Romanovs when they visited Cowes. Nicholas and Alexandra were old friends and first cousins of George V. They knew him and his wife Mary from childhood. They would never have been so stiff and difficult. Alexandra especially, though shy around strangers, was a very down to earth and relaxed woman among those she knew well. On the other hand the four Romanov daughters and the Tsarevich were extremely well portrayed. I love to watch the segments where the Grand Duchesses smile and talk with Johnnie.
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