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Domino (2005)
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ordinary but enjoyable, 29 May 2011

I should start by saying, there is nothing special about this movie, yet I like it. As with all the Scott brothers movies, they are a hit and miss, so, don't expect a political thriller like spy game or extreme action like Top Gun. This is a light movie, with nice lines and pretty faces, put together they make an enjoyable movie. However having said that, Scott camera work was very nice and fitted the style of the movie, making it something like a dream-reality feel, and since the movie is a recount of the main character's life, I think that style fitted perfectly.

The performance was nothing special and if anything, it was disappointing. Keira Knightley was a rather odd choice and was more of a pretty face to the movie than anything else. She lacked the the motivation of an action star and her movements were almost rigid. However, that doesn't mean she did a bad job, but other actresses may have been more suitable in the role. Mickey Rouke was trying too hard to impress through out that his performance was almost staged. It was very disappointing to see Rouke struggling with a character that he is undoubtedly capable of personifying. Alas this movie was made before the wrestler and Rouke at that stage was still trying to regain a life long lost and during this period his characters were always a worn out try hard. Édgar Ramírez, was OK at best, and i'm not sure whether it's his annoying character that made me dislike him or his short coming in performance, either way, i didn't like his character or his performance.

But don't let any of the performances dishearten you, it is a fairly enjoyable movie that doesn't require too much concentration. It's a good dinner movie if you don't mind the blood and guns here and there.

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A must see, 26 May 2011

why is it a must see? because this movie is heart breaking, tear jerking, mind blowing sad. The truth is the story is ordinary just like any other Drama that you might or might not shed a tear or two over, however, the power of this movie lies in the incredible performance of Carey Mulligan, Susan Sarandon and most importantly Pierce Brosnan. Personally, I have always found Brosnan awkward in his roles and I never found any of his previous performances gripping until I watched The Greatest that is.

Some people might say that the screenplay was exaggerated, therefore killing the beauty of the performance. However I have to disagree with this because if anything, the performance of the above mentioned stars brought an element of realism to the story which made it hard for the audience not to relate to at least some part of it. In addition to the incredible performance, I think the camera techniques worked especially well. The Director adopted a 'cold' atmosphere that can almost be called 'raw' but that would be a deceptive term in this context.

I highly recommend this movie, unfortunately it's very underrated despite the exceptional performance by fantastic stars

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Omaret Yakobean, 22 November 2006

man oh man. what a film; it will leave you dazzled and amazed upon it's beauty. Marwan Hamed is no ordinary director, he is one of the best around. i have never seen such a movie that tackles every issue in the Egyption society so honestly. it is a pure masterpiece and if i was running the Oscars then that movie will sure receive one. A movie so honest and directed, it is designed for all classes describing the social corruption in todays society - not only in Egypt but all around the world. if you miss this movie then you will spend your entire life regretting it so i advice every Arabic and non-Arabic speaker to watch the masterpiece and enjoy the art of this marvelous director whom i have a great respect for. two thumps up

Ouija (2006)
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Ouija, 22 November 2006

I wouldn't say that this is a masterpiece however it isn't that bad either. i believe that this movie has concentrated on the fragility of the human mind and it's ability to shatter and be affected by the slightest things in life. i personally wouldn't call this movie one of my favorite because i thought the story wasn't strong enough and although it carried a message but the message wasn't delivered effectively. the overall acting was spectacular. The actors and actresses adopted their characters very well especially Mena Shelbi - i thought she ruled in that movie. it's worth a watch but don't get your expectations too high because you might be disappointed.