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A list of slashers I have had the pleasure of watching over my many years of being a horror nut - from best to worst I shall let you know what slashers are worth a view, and which may be better to leave well alone.
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Quite recently I decided (for reasons I no longer remember) to hunt down and watch all the video nasties to see if they are...well...nasty. This list will be alphabetical (according to the actual list, so they may seem out of order, but are not) and added to as I see them.
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List of movies I've seen in 2014 (first time viewings)
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This took me awhile to think about, and it's probably bound to change as I continue to see more horror movies, but as it stands, I think this is a pretty good list for a century that has so far made very little to offer in terms of original, well-made horror.
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A look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2011!
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I figured this is a better time than ever to think about a Top 10 and share with fellow movie lovers.
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It's been awhile since I thought about my fave horror films, plus this is always a good way to introduce horror movies some may not have seen before! And yes, I do include some movies that you may not consider horror, but I personally think fit the genre.