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Stuffed with plot holes
1 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I decided to give Ocean's 12 a second chance when the DVD came out. I remember coming out of the theater thinking "the plot did not make sense" and I was right. The acting, cinematography, and scenery were nice, but not enough. There were too many HUGE plot holes to make this a decent movie. 1. Ocean's 11 is ratted on by "the night fox" to Terry Benedict. Some business man told LaMarque about the job and said they were the best. Who is this man(wearing a pink shirt) and how does he know anything about the Bellagio job? Furthermore, how does the night fox find the whole crew for Benedict?

2.Catherine Zeta Jones plays ARROGANT SUPERCOP. No cop on earth is as intuitive as she in this film, she sees putty covering a hole and unravels the entire case. She has most of the crew arrested without knowing their names or their faces. She's way too sharp and not really charming at all, what does Rusty see in her?

3.The crew puts on an elaborate hoax to fool the night fox. WHY? If you already have the Faberge egg, show it to him and SAVE YOUR LIVES!!! But no, they risk imprisonment AND bring in Danny's wife to fool this stupid french guy.

Too complicated with too many holes. I think a better idea would have been for the crew to assassinate Benedict rather than give him $197 million but I guess it's not their style.
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Deep Impact (1998)
Still good years later
30 April 2005
I just saw this film again after several years. I feel that it was the best of all the disaster films made in recent years. Not too much cheese, a little heavy on sap but satisfying overall. It was much more realistic than Armageddon(which I think is one of the most overrated 'blockbusters' ever)There are no comic relief characters, no cheesy one-liners and no gorgeous movie stars(no offense to Tea Leoni). The solution to the problem was more real in Deep Impact and the time frame was much more believable. I like how the film focused more on what was happening on earth rather than in the spaceship. The end was interesting because the disaster wasn't totally averted so there was no cheerful hugging in the end with lame Aerosmith playing over it. The only thing that bothered me was that all of the nuclear missiles from the US and Russia had no effect on the comet. Wouldn't several hundred nukes do something? anything? and why wasn't the Messiah destroyed in the blast? So overall, good flick, deserves more credit.
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