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The Jacket (2005)
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Perfect, Amazing, GREAT, Sexy, Artst and Lovely!, 23 June 2005

Literlly a TEN! 2 thumbs WAY up! This was an uplifting, thoughtful, mind thriller! It makes you really think. This is not scary though. The romance and chemistry between "Jack Starks"(Adrien Brody) and "Jackie Price" (Kiera Knightly) was perfectly amazing! Adrian Brody has a way of drawing you in through his eyes and actions in all his films. I nearly cried at the end (Not saying if it's happy or sad) and I was just amazed at how it basically showed that life has meaning, and second chances ARE possible. Like he says in the movie: "I think we live through certain things, just to say that we actually did live through them. Not anyone else, but you." Amazing and lovely! I URGE you to see it and I was angry that it wasn't int heaters for long. By the way, I'm gonna marry that man! Hehe. --Natalie R.L.

Open Arms, 14 May 2005

I'm actually, in the middle of watching this right now. It is amazing. It's not a lay back movie though.... it's intense, moving and amazing. I can't believe someone could do so much hurt, just because of a different government (? Is it government, or majority. Tutsi v.s. Hutu.) Anyway, it really is good. Truly moving... showing how the world and people are so different. The thing that people do most is cause war. Big or small. Do you see any creature other than us, causing war against it's own species? No. Just us. We need to unite, and see the real issues. Pollution, extinction, death. Not who rules what and when. Not money and oil like Geroge W. Bush! No. We need to fight for the good. The world truly did close it's eyes, But he was good, and opened his arms WIDE.