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Due Date (2010)
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Laughed a lot -- but have seen this movie before!, 2 November 2010

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Attended sneak preview of this movie last night. We laughed a lot, squirmed due to over-the-top action, laughed some more but recognized that this is a dirtier version of "Planes, Trains & Automobiles." Road trips with opposite personalities are pretty much the same -- this one is just crazier and pushes the decency envelope a bit. I'm not a prude but even I was a little uncomfortable over a "spanking the monkey" bit. It is a fun, forgettable, not-too-long film -- just don't go with your parents, kids (who should NOT attend this movie) or coworkers. You'll be embarrassed by how much you'll laugh at inappropriate behavior and might have trouble looking them in the eye the next day.

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I can't stop thinking about scenes in this movie!, 5 October 2010

I had read the book and loved it. But this movie isn't for just anyone. I went to the sneak preview last night and there are always people who go to ANY movie because it's free -- those people hated this movie. My rant is it is their responsibility to do a little homework about a movie -- don't just go because it's free! That said...what a beautiful film. The visuals are something you will remember, the acting is superb, the cast (the kids as the young students and the older kids), the horror of "the secret" and then the unveiling of the reason for "hope" they cling to. One of the best reasons to see this movie is that you will need to think about topics you have not ever grappled with before. Your memories and opinions of this movie should be haunting and unforgettable. It is not a happily-ever-after film and is quiet, slow, and deep. The music is wonderful. Think of this as a foreign film and go with that in mind.

The Town (2010)
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Ben Affleck -- Great job all around!, 14 September 2010

Went to a sneak preview of this movie last night. And I came out of the theater exhausted from the tension of caring about the people in this movie. Ben Affleck was one of the screenwriters, the director and the star and he did a great job in all three jobs. Jeremy Renner was so enthralling to watch -- he was a tightly wound fist of energy, frustration, anger and violence. Jon Hamm was the FBI good guy and did as good a job as any. Blake Lively surprised me with what I never would have guessed was true acting chops. And Ben deserves every accolade. This is not a movie for people who cringe at the F-bomb, or violence, or two really hot sex scenes. Definitely not for young people. But a thrill ride that will wear you out! Go see it!

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Beautiful to look at -- but impossible to care about, 12 August 2010

When I read the book last year, I had just lost my job, was looking for a new one and eating everything that was bad for me, so I enjoyed Liz's misery and newfound joys. But now that I'm content, in this new phase of life, I find myself annoyed by people who create their own drama and then whine about it. So I would not have enjoyed the book if I were to read it now. Although everyone does a good job in this film, and the scenery is breathtaking -- now I want to go to Rome!!!-- I really couldn't stand Liz. She has everything but whines about how "I don't even know how to be HERE!" I meet people in my new job who are fighting cancer every day -- they deserve the opportunity to whine (and few do, I might add). But pretty people who have everything and think they deserve more just tick me off. And it was a long painful sit. I do love the men in this movie -- each one of them is so good. And Julia Roberts does what she can with this selfish character. I just don't want to spend any more time with spoiled Liz. The time I spent watching her only ticked me off. I cannot recommend it, unless you're self centered, indulged and rich -- this could be your inspiration. Phoo!

Inception (2010)
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Mindbending, amazing, multi-layered gem!, 15 July 2010

Do not let anyone tell you anything about this movie before you go see it. It is best experienced with thrilled expectations -- and you will not be disappointed. The acting by all cast members is terrific, the story line is amazing, and the special effects are breathtaking. I am so honored to have attended a sneak preview of this movie. The theater was packed without one empty seat and the crowd was so into the movie, it was silent until the end. Their reaction at the end was loud and vocal. I will admit that I got a terrible tension headache from the intensity of being a part of this experience. But I will never ever forget the movie. I also must admit there were several times while watching the movie that I wanted someone to explain things to me (I commented to my husband -- WTF?) but rode it out, thinking, comprehending and understanding. I do think that younger people will "get" the story better than older people, since they play multi-tiered level games, so the concept won't be so difficult to wrap their brains around it. Outside the theater afterward, no one would leave -- they just stood around talking about it, reliving scenes, ideas and concepts. This is THE movie to see!

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Nope! Not worth seeing this one., 9 February 2010

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Way too predictable -- too fluffy! I will admit that I love Ashton Kutcher more than before. But I knew where his story line was going early on. Same with Jessica Alba (who should NOT be a blonde!!), Jennifer Garner's story, Jamie Fox's story, Topher Grace's, Anne Hathaway, McDreamy, McSteamy and Bradley Cooper's -- I saw their endings coming like a train wreck. SPOILER COMING!!!! Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautener, Emma Roberts -- They were just added to the cast to pull in young audiences but totally stupid, wasted story lines. They were unnecessary and took up too much valuable space. Jessica Biel was very good and surprising. Hector Elizandro (sp?) and Shirley Maclaine were wasted --their story should have been fleshed out more about them. Julia Roberts' storyline was also predictable and wasn't enough -- I wanted more on her character's life. She didn't really have to act but her character had some quirks that could have been a good story by itself. And Queen Latifah should sue! Her story line was paper thin and the way it ended with her story was stupid and disrespectful of her skills. Garry Marshall wasted a lot of good people's talent and my time. Friends who were at the same sneak preview LOVED it, even dropped a few tears. I couldn't wait to leave. I may be a little jaded but I can't wait to see what the real movie goers (the critics) say. Pee-yew!

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Wonderful! Charming! Don't go hungry!, 10 July 2009

Saw this movie at a private screening last night. What a lovely movie! Amy Adams is playing Julie -- a part that Meg Ryan used to play when she was young and adorable. Amy so is! Chris Messina as Eric, her husband, is a saint (you'll understand why I say that when you see the movie). Stanley Tucci is wonderful and you'll just love him. But nobody can top La Streep! Every time she appears on screen, the film just glows. She is amazing and you will smile every time you see Julia on screen. The only thing that might upstage Meryl is the food being cooked. I had eaten dinner before I went but was actually salivating several times during the movie. Julia Child made French food accessible and you will want to eat -- a lot afterward. Everyone was laughing a lot -- sometimes on top of lines being said, which made us miss the next few lines. This is NOT a chick flick -- I highly recommend this for people 14 and older (younger kids will probably be bored ---- silly younger kids!). I am just amazed at Meryl Streep! She's a true talent. Oh, I was happy to see Jane Lynch appear briefly. Love her! Go, go, go!

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Lovely film, 19 December 2008

I saw this last night at a sneak preview. This is a gentle, loving film done with a glow of kindness. The scene of the father of the soldier rowing out to see was breathtaking. The story is intriguing, entertaining and a joy to watch unfold. The performances were mostly good, however, Brad Pitt didn't react to specific scenes in ways that were logical or emotionally correct. Cate Blanchett is just wonderful and Taraji Henson is unforgettable. The girls who play Cate's character when younger are breathtaking to watch. This is a lovely film --- yes, it is almost three hours long but it didn't feel like it. And the packed theater audience was totally enthralled the entire time. I so enjoyed the movie and recommend it. The story also shows Hurricane Katrina coming to New Orleans, which we know is where Brad Pitt is working to rebuild the city and raise his family much of the time. Keeping that in mind makes the story even more golden.