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Boys Love (2006) (V)
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when two people cry together for the first time, they understand how much they love each other - E. Deschamps, 8 June 2008

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Just doing his job, magazine editor Taishin Mamiya (Yoshikazu Kotani) interviews high school model Noeru Kisaragi (Takumi Saito). Despite Noeru's bad attitude, an enchanting picture of the ocean he draws leads Mamiya to invite him out for dinner after wards. They connect at the restaurant, but while in the bathroom there Noeru solicits Mamiya sexually. The next morning, Noeru's office calls the magazine office where Mamiya works. "Your editor was rude. Have him come and apologize." When Mamiya goes to Noeru's house to deliver the apology, he sees Noeru with a dirty-looking man. Mamiya is shocked to discover at that moment that his interest in Noeru goes beyond article research--he truly wants to know more about him.

me: The movie is very sweet, it shows that Love is more than just physicality. and that there is a huge gap between obsession and true love. Noeru is someone who is tormented by his loneliness, he sleeps with men randomly to fill his loneliness without success. Along comes Mamiya, and refuses him, this I believe at first makes him more interesting for Noeru, but slowly the the two bound as Mamiya's interest in knowing who Noeru is..which slowly transcends to affection.

If you love the Genre, this movie is just for you...

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With one word: ART!, 4 February 2007

This is a wonderful short film, it's about an old woman and her life. she tells the story, by showing bits of her body. very touching, I recommend this movie very much.

If you can't deal with looking at an old female body, this movie is nothing for you.

there are two elements in the film, her body.. (that's what you see) the story she tells and the music. classical music is only present when it's necessary. there is an undisturbed silence in the movie when she speaks from time to time, but that only makes it more wonderful and touching.

the Title Undressing my mother stand for two things one she does really undress and second she takes of her ''wall''.. she tells you her story.

excellent short film, absolute piece of art.

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rather funny, even though the originals are far better.., 5 November 2005

I think this movie is a worth to see, there are a few good laughs in it. the originals with kemal sunal where a hell of a lot better. but, everyone who went to see it was already told. that they where not trying to remake the originals at all, but rather to continue the story.

it was worth to see it. too bad that they didn't change the jokes a bit.

go see it if you want to laugh, but don't see it if your expecting to see something better than the originals, cuz the originals are and will always be better.