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Jaws (1975)
Don't dip your toes in the water, 10 April 2006

The films influence on the blockbuster movies of today is well documented, Spielberg youthfulness to the style and the mise en scene is a breath of fresh air from other films of the period. Its cinematic style provides much of the films horror and this included with the Jaws theme tune makes the movie a massive film worth a watch or two, but ht watcher must beware this film didn't make the blockbuster it only added to the film industry. The use of music within the fabric of the film also makes the film intensity magnify to a degree rarely seen in films of this vintage. The films overall success at the box office gave the film a $100 million dollar return, a figure which broke all previous records. The characters within the films and the way in which they are allowed within the confines of the fame to explore the dynamics of the characters persona gives the films a brilliant energy, from improvised rhymes to little sea diddys produces a great film.