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Life and Death play a solitary game of chance, 18 November 2014

This is a movie that cannot be seen with the eyes of evasion. It is a movie that needs to be watch it with the eyes of the soul as well as the physical eyes, without prejudgments, and without taboos. In this film there is a naive and innocent eternal love, that needs to be fed with lust like vampires need to be fed by blood. On the other hand there is a world with lack of satisfaction, a world of loneliness and a life that has just started to open to the complicated world. The oneiric images are intermingled with fantasies and reality, and it goes slowly, until its climax. It is also a simple movie yet it is not. I like letting myself be taken where the director means to take the public. I find this film special and not liked by everyone. It makes you stop and feel all that happens in the characters lives. In our times, this movie has echoes from the silent movies, and the photography is spectacular, at times eerie and others, sublime and beautiful. It makes you feel in a dream at times, as if I had been in it as well. Strange, beautifully portrayed by all actors and actresses, I especially note the work by Kate Moran, Beatrice Dalle, Alain Fabien Delon and Fabienne Babe, although the rest of the cast is great. Dalle is very credible, Moran has moments of deep emotion that trespass the screen, Alain Fabien Delon is a tender heart in this film and his final scene very well defined, and Babe has great expressions in her role. The director is Yann Gonzalez and it is the first time that I see his work. I think he wanted this film to be deep yet naive at the same time. The fetish scenes are important to show the characters inner souls. Those that love the Art of the Seventh Art, may consider to try this one.

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Very interesting and special movie, 2 January 2011

The camera in this movie is fantastic! The faces's expressions are very well worked. The sense of oppression is evident and the ambiguity of the main character is very marked. I liked when she laughs and I really liked when she sees the buttons, the leggings, the skirts always with this cold but intense eye at the same time. I have to say that the actress surprised me greatly and that I have to congratulate Nunez's performance, because this movie is directed with a great critical eye, and as if we were inside the movie. The same story could happen to any place in Spain during my childhood. In fact, I felt quite impressed by many memories it brought up from my own childhood in a state school during the times of Franco.

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Sweet story, charming actors, and beautifully directed., 24 August 2010

When I first got this movie, I didn't watch it right away, thinking that, most probably it was a light comedy drama movie, but the actors interested me, especially George Brent and Bette Davis. Knowing that, in this movie, starring Ruth Chatterton, who was married with George Brent at that time, was happened to be the movie where Bette Davis and George Brent fell in love, appealed to me. Later on Chatterton and Brent would divorce but Brent and Davis never married although they kept a relationship for quite long.

But when I saw this movie I realized what a great actress Ruth Chatterton was. And for a time when actors and actresses would say their line the best right and straight forwarded way, Ruth Chatterton speaks in such natural way, at times repeating one or two words in a sentence, as if there was no camera at all. Something that nowadays actors do, at times not so naturally.

Bette Davis still not being "caught" by the clever camera, appears very glamorous, beautiful and determined, but her eyes, alas, the camera doesn't really focus the moment she is sitting on a couch and looking to the right, slowly... what would made her later on "Bette Davis' eyes". Anyhow she is so wonderful here that Davis fans will really love her play.

The romantic scenes are very well filmed, and because everything seems so naturally sophisticated, Brent kisses and embraces with a great gentleman's style. What he was in real life.

This movie's plot is very simple, but it is very well portrayed and love has a great importance as a meaning, like in so many classic movies. Only that in this one, love goes beyond "you and me"

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Great Surprise - Great Message, 22 August 2010

Sometimes films can really surprise us. I didn't know this movie was going to affect me so much. But it did. Times have changed (a little) but enough so that the media now doesn't need lots of big drama to make people watch TV. it seems many got used to it and now little things become so important and get such high scores in TV rankings.

BUT, here I will speak about this movie... First the way it is filmed. Some parts are real funny. Others very dramatic. The way it appears to the eye, with romantic hints, horrifying quick images, the TV chain that seems the Vatican, the beautiful scenery and the dark passages. It all shows the inner side of the human being. Jordi Mollà stars and directs this story that we have seen many times on TV. But what happens in the inside of honest people? The story reminds me of what some important artist can live and his or her struggles, the way the big companies treat big stars and the way they treat people whom they made stars born in the mud. Even how the big companies manipulate the people to show them that a simple person can be The Saviour.

And sometimes, the simplest person is the honest one, who would like to give something honest and sincere to the world. But... big companies want their say, not his.

I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know some hidden truths.

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Like a surreal painting, 9 May 2007

This is a movie that needs a lot of attention. The details in this movie are very important, they are very surreal, they are also very beautiful, scary, claustrophobic.. it is like watching a surreal painting and starting entering inside it, watching all the details and getting lost inside this painting.

I like the ending of the movie, it is not what I expected, it was more beautiful and I like the way the camera moves in the movie. At some points the eyes go where the director precisely wanted the eyes to fix but without any kind of play with the light or camera movements and this is great.

I like the way the actors perform their roles and also like the comical moments in this movie that because of the subject is quite depressive and the comical gags make all a turn to the plot.

the beginning of the movie is very powerful too. and it explains the reason for the ending.

I recommend this movie very much.

And Ivan is very brilliant and I had never seen him act or direct.

Svengali (1931)
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The pleasure to watch the classics, 18 July 2005

I felt very touched by J. Barrymore's performance as Maestro Svengali, although I had already tasted the pleasure to watch this great actor in Grand Hotel. The movie is short to me, while the way it develops is slow as slow the way Maestro Svengali speaks, to give a more sense of fatality to the movie. The little resources that movie makers could use during those old times are more than enough to give an impact still to the spectators of our century. The eyes, the decorations, all is very well portrayed and gives an eerie feeling all through the movie. The scene where maestro svengali looks at his beloved (before the end of the movie) when he speaks slowly while crying in silence is a masterpiece.

I recommend this movie to people who want to discover more the classics, and those who like suspense and thriller movies.