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This is my idea cast for a live action She-Ra: Princess of Power movie so far. I made a post like this but nobody replied. I can't take full credit for thinking up all the actors though.
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This is a list of actors/actresses, directors, singers, and other people in entertainment with widow's peaks in no particular order.
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People in entertainment who are racially identified as black (at least 1/4) of Hispanic/Latino origin and their nationalities in random order.
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This is a list of men who in my opinion don't get as much recognition for their blonde locks as their female counterparts. This list is in random order except for Brad Pitt being number one because he is probably the most famous.
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A list of some celebrities born on a Leap Day (February 29) both living and deceased in no particular order.
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Some of these actors/comedians may never be named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine, but what they lack in looks, physique, (and in some cases height) they make up for in their comedic performances.