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Great Short...
15 August 2009
This is a well done, 11 minute short. It does not take place in the 1880's as the previous reviewer wrote-but from summer 1892 when a stranger buys land in the little town and has a home built, completed in December 1892 when the stranger comes into town and moves in. The stranger keeps to himself for the next 5 years though. He does not seem to want to mingle with anyone else in town. The stranger is quite and keeps to himself. Why does the stranger remain so withdrawn? Why has he never invited anyone into his home? This mysterious man receives women's clothes from the City, but does not comment on what they're for when questioned, instead just giving the local folks a hand written note thanking them for a cake they brought him when he first arrived in town. He is a mystery-which is solved on Christmas eve 1897.
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Great Documentary
12 February 2009
Just caught this documentary on the Sundance channel. Jack Taylor is 92 years old (b. 1916), has been married to his wife for over 65 years and has dressed every leading Hollywood man and major male celebrity since the 40's, including Cary Grant, Jack Lemmon, Monty Hall, Joe Lewis, Ali, Elvis and hosts of others-you name it, he made custom clothes for them. Jack, along with his head tailor Sam, has custom made their suits, slacks, shirts-everything. Even at 90+ Jack goes to work everyday, and he does indeed work, and has impeccable taste in clothes. We are treated to his suppliers from Europe and given an insight into Jack's relationship with them just like with his high-end clients.

I really enjoyed watching this film because it gave you an honest insight into a person who supported the stars and developed sincere friendships that lasted a lifetime.

Great film.
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Pulp Fiction (1994)
Last Scene (Hawthorn Cafe) has The Best Lines Ever Written In Film
3 January 2007
Sam Jackson's lines in the final scene, and his outstanding delivery, are the best lines ever written for film.

The film itself is fantastic-but that last scene is the icing on the cake and truly takes this film to the top of the list of the best movies ever made.

Pulp Fiction seems to be shown on cable and regular TV often these days-and I watch it like a religious experience waiting for the pay off at the end.

If the final ending moves you like it did me please comment. The real funny thing about this show is when I saw it in the theater in 1994 I was initially very turned off by the violence-hated it the first time out. But after watching it a second and third (and now hundreds x's) time it grew on me, and I realized the violence blocked the meaning of the movie for me at first.
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He Got Game (1998)
This Movie Is The Best Movie Spike Lee Ever Made-End Of Story!
11 June 2006
This movie is so much better than anything Spike Lee has ever done-with maybe one exception-although the story could have been tightened up and shortened (delete the Denzel/Hooker scenes) it still hits the mark with all pistons pumping full blast. Anyone that says this movie lacks heart or does not have a story to tell does not know anything about movies. Spike Lee has a story to tell here-and he tells it with amazing commitment.

Ray Allen puts on such a top notch performance in the pic that I am shocked I have never seen him again since, although being an NBA superstar might have something to do with that.

Denzel, what can you say, he kicks ass. His role is one where you think he is a big bully, but under the bully mentality is the goal of building a better life for his kid. Did he make mistakes in he still making mistakes while out of prison furlough-yes....but there is more to his role than that-and Denzel hits the mark.

Fantastic movie.
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Hello Sister, Goodbye Life (2006 TV Movie)
Best Made For TV Show EVER!
17 May 2006
You know-it is so rare to see such a well written and well acted show on TV today

This one had both.

Two thumbs up for a fantastic show.

Lacey Chabert does a great job.

Why not make it a series? Would love to see the writers put out more material like this show.

I say go to the comments and post we want a series for this show.

Go Lacey!! !!

Lacey is cool!! !!

Thank you Lacey!!
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