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Movies that are new on dvd or coming to theaters or in theaters.
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This list took me forever to get together. So, anyways, this was all I could fine as celebrity siblings. Wasn't that easy.
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This is just a list of characters who were my favorite who left my favorite shows. I hated that these people had to leave them.
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These are men that I think are gorgeous. If you don't think they are then fine. Just don't complain to me and tell me who isn't attractive or who I am missing or who should be #1. They are not in any particular order. I should also mention, don't tell me I should add Liam Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt. I know I'll be cursed for not adding them but in my opinion I don't find them attractive at all. Channing Tatum is just, to me the most ugliest man ever. Hate me all you want but that is what I think. If you think they are hot or whatever than that's fine but we all have different opinions of different celebrities not everyone is going to think that Channing, Liam or Brad are so hot.
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These are just women who I think are beautiful not in any particular order. Just because I don't have many actresses here who have dark skin doesn't mean I'm a racist. I just don't know of that many dark skinned actresses. We all have our opinions, I do for sure and I am sure that all of you do. Don't go telling me who is so hideously ugly on my list cause again this is my list.
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I was told by my father that we all have a twin out there, maybe are look a-likes aren't always related but out there we just do have one. Like my sister, she has a twin, not related to her of course, this girl I've seen around town looks exactly like her, like they are the same person but their not. It's kind of creepy. And apparently there is more than one person who looks like her. So, I decided to make this list of celebrities who look like each other.
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Just a list of celebrities who are born the same year as me.
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Actors and Actresses who I think have talent. If you don't agree that's fine, this is just my opinion. No actual order.
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This is just a list of characters that I don't like at all. IF you like them than fine. This is just my opinion. All of us have characters that we just don't like and can't stand to watch.
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Yes, I know there are way more who have passed away but I can't list everyone. This is all I could think of right now.

May they all rest in peace!
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I'm just listing a bunch of celebrities who I think are annoying and can't stand. Don't think I am jealous of them, especially the girls cause I'm not. If I am jealous of any celebrity, it's Reese Witherspoon and suprisingly Olivia Wilde.

Megan Fox was on this list but after reading countless interviews by her, her bios, I realized that I may have judged her too quickly. She's just not as awful as I had thought. But everyone else on this list is.
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I decided to make a list of celebs 5 ft 5 and shorter. I am 5'2 and could never be a model, not that I would want to be one.
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Just a list of movies that are my favorite.
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And liked!
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These are just movies that I've seen and haven't liked.
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If you don't like any of these singers, fine, I don't care just don't complain to me on who I like. I just like them cause 'I' think they are good that's all.
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This is just my opinion and in no particular order. If you don't like someone from my list than fine thats your opinion but I'm not going to take someone off of the list cause you don't like them.
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This is my opinion. If you like them as couples, that's fine but don't bite my head off because I don't like the couples that you like, okay? Thank you. Enjoy!
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Just a list of bitchy tv and movie characters.
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This is just a list of movies that I've seen in the past 23-25 years. That I can remember. Also I don't like every movie that is listed, there are some that I really don't like and find boring.
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Most of them even went to the same High School either at the same time or after I graduated.
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I have been collecting horror movies since I was like 12. I was a big horror fan then, not so much now. I don't find horror movies scary they are usually gory and bloody stupid, well, most of them. So, here's my list.
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Just a list of all the men to have been on Supernatural.
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This is in no particular order. These are actors and actresses who I think are talented but have done very little work and I think they could do much better.
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In no particular order.
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Just a list of the people who died in the movies. I finally saw the 4th, so I'll just add that right now. And I do have to say that after 4 Scream movies, I do hope the 4th will be the last.
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This is a list of male vampires from over the years!
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Vampire academy is just a novel series not a tv show or movie. I created this cast, no one else.
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I'm just stating what movies I thought were/are scary.
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I've seen another list like this so I thought I'd do my own.
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I'll probably add more later but for now this will have to do cause I haven't seen a lot of disturbing or confusing movies. I know from other's opinions that there are some that I've never seen, so I will probably see them then mention them in this list.
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These are not new movies, not too new. There are a lot of movies that are kind of old that I haven't seen that I would like to see. I even own quite a few that I haven't taken the time to watch yet.
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This is just a list of movies where the characters or animals are possessed, like the Exorcist. Movies like that.
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It's just a list of celebs who are the faces of random tv commercials like neutrogena, maybelline, at+t, etc. Commercials like that. There are so many different celebrities who are in advertising commercials now a days, I just thought I'd do this.
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I'm sure most of you would agree that the movies that have been made like 5, 10, 20, so on shouldn't have been made or shouldn't be made. I think it's stupid, it just makes me think that they are running out of ideas. Movies are always being thought of but now they are remaking the classic movies. Anyways, if there are any that I missed then please leave a comment below, thanks.
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