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not very good, 1 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A man out jogging discovers a neighbors small boy dead close by. After a failed attempt to resuscitate the boy (presumably leaving his DNA there) the police question him over the circumstances.

This is a remake of an Australian series of the same name except this one has been lengthened from six hours to ten hours.

This series is different to your standard whodunnits insofar as it concentrates on the stress levels of the suspect and his family as the police appear to have hung out to dry with the local news media. The local residents appear to suspect the jogger as well. One can feel a certain sympathy for the suspect as he is tried by the media. Whether or not he did it remains to be seen.

My big problem with this is that it could be done in 4 hours. I have no doubt I will be thoroughly bored by the end and only be watching to see who it was.

Be prepared for plenty of 'filler' episodes.

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not very good, 4 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yet another series where a group of people from one environment are thrust into another environment. This one focuses on a group of Alaskans who relocate down to San Diego. They all supposedly 'lied' to their parents about where they were all going although quite how the parents didn't suspect something with all the camera crews around is quite beyond me. Is this going to be a fake like Breaking Amish ? Probably. It will last one series as it is on TLC and they do not have the money to axe series they have invested in. However, I feel most interest in this show will probably revolve around the pretty girls and what becomes of them. One of them is supposedly loved up in Alaska though I have grave doubts over whether that will last.

Old Scores (1991)
Lots of fun, 26 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this when it first came out and managed to find a copy earlier this year. It tells the story of a rugby match between Wales and New Zealand played in 1966 which the Welsh won with a last minute try which New Zealand disputed. Years later, in a deathbed confession, the touch judge says the welsh winger put his foot into touch. It is decided to replay the game with the same players. Things have changed now. One of the All Blacks, known on the rugby pitch as the enforcer, is now in the salvation army, another is a homeless drunk another is an aspiring politician. As for the Welsh, one of them emigrated and there was a messy love triangle which had festered for 20 years which needed to be sorted out. Great game at the end full of ex-players, slightly silly ending, but we can forgive that.

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not very good, 8 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yet another cop series set in Chicago this time which takes a dirty cop who first appeared in the excellent Chicago fire. Everything that is bad and over the top in cop shows is in this one. The lead actor overacts and you can see his face contorting as he tries to keep up his gravelly accent.

When you watch a show which has such a false unlikable lead it is really quite difficult to get into. I also have to say when the lead actor is a dirty cop it is difficult to know who to cheer for. This is certainly not Dick Wolf's best work and I would be surprised if it makes it into a second series unless it considerably improves.

Poor 2/10

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not very good, 20 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Set during the Great Depression this series follows the life and times of the Waltons. It is made up of four generations who all live on Walton Mountain. Despite displaying sound family values there was always a rather sickly gooiness which seemed to permeate in every single episode. The most annoying part for me was everyone saying goodnight to each other at the end of each episode.

Despite it being the depression nobody ever seemed to go short of anything and there was always a huge amount of food o the table. This is really not the way things were and it tries to give out a message that the Lord will provide. This rather vomit inducing moral warmth ruined what potentially could have been a good show.

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The Mozart Inquest, 17 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember watching this some years ago. The question being posed was how did Mozart die ? The actors and actresses had no set lines. They had been given material to research on their characters. The people asking the questions were real life barristers and it tried to unravel the questions and conspiracy theories of what actually happened. It helped if the viewer knew some background to it.

Several theories were put forward to an audience who had to vote on who they thought was the guilty party. I cannot remember what the result was but I think it was either rheumatic fever or his wife did it. Overall it was very good and one barrister in particular I would have liked defending me should I ever need it.

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Disgusting and tasteless, 21 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not me gaybashing. This film is pure filth. It tells the story of Quentin Crisp, one of the most outrageous homosexuals that has ever lived. He wore make up, nail polish, dyed his hair and was totally effeminate in every way. At a time when gays are trying to gain acceptance a character like this did no service back then and certainly does no service now to gays wanting to be seen as normal. The nauseating accent which John Huer put on for this film really set the tone for what followed. It was a portrayal of a real social misfit who made no attempt whatsoever to live properly in decent society. He may be a hero to some people in the gay community but to me he was little more than a show off extrovert who dressed and acted the way he did purely to try and make a statement. Tasteless.

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awful, 7 July 2013

This is on my list of worst 5 programs to have ever been made in the US. The list in no particular order are this, The little house on the prairie, The Waltons, champion the wonder horse and perhaps the worst of the lot Joanie loves Chachi.

The idea for this was quite good. 3 girls 3 boys and 2 parents growing up together so where did it all go wrong ? The scripts were terrible, the acting equally bad and everything was completely unbelievable and far removed from American life.

Added to this was one of the most annoying them tunes ever written for the small screen and we have the complete disaster. Awful, really really bad and a blessing to the current generation that they have not been subjected to this,

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Different, 2 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a fan of wildlife documentaries and take in as many as I can. I live in Washington State where we do have our share of wildlife. First of all the plus points: It has been beautifully photographed with great attention to detail and the sequences under water have been quite breathtaking. On the ground the one eyed bobcat hunting gulls and the intelligent hunting by the wolves has also been beautifully photographed.

Tom Selleck does a great job narrating in subdued though expressive tones and this is a good accompaniment to the already mentioned superb photography.

Now the BIG negative. The music choice. Playing 'wild thing' when the snakes are mating and California dreamin (that hippie drug anthem) whilst showing the west coast is completely unnecessary and in a way displays a lack of respect to the dignity of what we are watching.

"Survival" (1961)
Outstanding, 17 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anglia TV's jewel which showed the world's wildlife to the viewing public of the UK. This was ITV's first foray into this after the BBC had made zooquest. A string of well known actors were brought in to read the scripts and this was one of the first shows that centred on the animals rather than the people. You rarely if ever saw a presenter and this was the forerunner to the may shows that the BBC have now put together.

My favourite ones include Tiger, tiger narrated by Kenneth More, the one with the gorillas and the two with Bill Arjan Singh about Tara and Harriet, a tiger and leopard.

I'd love a DVD collection to come out. The best ones were made by Joan and Alan Root.

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