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Plot summary, 1 December 2008

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Felipe is a Mexican-American runaway from an orphanage in California. Refusing to believe his father is dead, he has gone to Mexico to search for him. As the film begins he is living in the streets. After a close brush with the law he hops onto the back of a truck headed for the States with Punk, a greyhound pup stolen from the kennel where he has been sleeping. The driver of the truck turns out to be a priest, and when Felipe is discovered at the customs stop the priest takes him in and helps him train the pup, rechristened by the two as "St. Michael." Felipe tells the priest that the pup was given to him by an old man in Mexico, but in his first race "Mike" takes a big purse, the priest throws a party to celebrate Felipe, and the boy breaks down in tears and admits that he deserves neither the purse nor the dog because the latter belongs to the kennel owner. The kennel owner accepts the purse but lets Felipe keep the dog. Priest, boy, and dog drive away happy.