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Predator (1987)
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Up there with the greatest of 80s action movies !, 2 April 2008

Schwarznegger movies in the 80's saw Arnie taking on allcomers - whether camp commandos, evil barbarians or the mafia no one stood a chance against his one liners and big guns. Since no bad guys on earth could stop him, in 1987 a logical choice was made- let Arnie do battle with an alien. The result is predator- one of the best action movies of the 80s.

From the very beginning the machismo and hard boiled dialouge comes thick and fast and things escalate, getting more intense and action packed as the movie progresses. There's serious air of tension and mystery too as the script wisely keeps the predators appearance secret until the films thrilling climax.

The well assembled cast (consisting of real life tough guys) play their bad ass roles brilliantly and Arnold schwarznegger handles his part with his unique charisma- he has a screen presence strong enough to hold the movie when every other character has been killed by the predator. And speaking of which, the titular predator looks awesome to this day- very few computer animated creatures can hold a candle to the human hunting extra terrestrial bad ass.

Preadator is awesome- its a tough talking, exciting action packed thrill ride from start to finish.

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The 1986 film was better. And that had transformers dancing to weird al yankovitch, which says it all really., 15 December 2007

Michael Bays toy based block buster is a lot like a transformer itself.On the surface it appears to be a fun action film, but when you sit down to watch it, it transforms into something else- a moronic, product placement pushing remake of independence day, where giant robots replace giant space ships.

Though the transformers franchise has its own universe and mythology, the live action movie throws it all out of the window and replaces it with a mid nineties disaster movie formula: Tons of clichéd, underdeveloped characters, holey and illogical plotting as well as unintentional laughs.

A big problem with the movie is its frustrating sense of priority: the transformers are supposed to be the main attraction of the movie and yet the film devotes most of its time to an annoyingly bloated cast of characters who don't have any real impact over the plot and really aren't worth giving a damn about. The transformers are reduced to being clumsy machines who destroy stuff and say funny one liners which is just wrong because its their movie, not the U.S military's - save that stuff for G.I. Joe !

As to be expected, the visual effects are amazing: the autobots and the decepticons look spectacular. Even when they are doing something as mundane as talking to each other, optimus prime and co look very realistic. As great as the transformers look though, you'll have trouble seeing them at times and that leads to what is unexpectedly but undoubtedly the biggest fault of the movie: the action . Transformers is an ACTION movie based on ACTION figures, directed by an ACTION movie director and yet the films action is surprisingly crappy. The moment it looks like a big battle is gonna kick off, wobbly camera shots and hyper fast ADD editing just distract you from whats going on . Movies like king kong (2005), and Hulk made sure that their action sequences featuring giant battling behemoths were exciting and easy to see- why couldn't transformers do the same thing?

It boggles the mind to think about how badly bay missed the mark on this one.

Unleashed (2005)
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The best of Jet Li's English language movies., 14 December 2007

Unleashed is a compelling story of a man regaining his humanity....that just happens to be filled with brutal, bone shattering action.

Stylishly directed by Louis Leterrier, the film differs from Li's western action movies because of it story- its just as watchable as the action. Its an emotionally involving and genuinely interesting story thats well acted by a cast that includes legends bob hoskins and Morgan freeman who give great performances. As great as they are though, its actually Jet Li who's the star of the show here. As brainwashed brawler Danny, Li's performance is amazing to watch- one minute he's vulnerable and child like and the next he's an ass kicking wild animal. And while we're on the ass kicking side of things, the fights (violently choreographed by woo ping) are gritty, raw scraps that are miles away from woo pings work on the matrix or crouching tiger hidden dragon.

Unleashed (or Danny the dog) is an excellent mix of martial arts action and drama thats by far the best of Jet Li's English language movies.

Blade (1998)
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The first marvel comic book movie that worked., 14 October 2007

2 sequels , a TV series and a few video games later, the first Blade movie is still daywalkers best outing .Its a super stylish, exciting and down right cool thriller filled with great action. It also holds the little mentioned distinction of being the first marvel movie to actually work on the big screen (come on, seriously ,do you realise what marvel movies were like before this ? )and predating the matrix by a year with its black leather clad martial arts hero theme.

From the kick ass opening rave sequence to the (wisely re-shot) sword fight climax, there's never a dull moment and it keeps a dark, slick, visual style throughout.

The best thing about blade though, is that its one of those few comic book movies that has a hero who's every bit as interesting as the villain. As blade, Wesley snipes makes a stoic, powerful , mysterious protagonist and on the other end of the scale, Stephen dorff makes deacon frost one of the coolest vampires ever and it keeps their rivalry highly watchable. Also worth mentioning is blades grisly mentor whistler ("catch you ******* at a bad time?")played brilliantly by kris kristofferson .

Blade is easily one of the best movies to be based on a comic book. Go see.

Critters (1986)
The best of the post-Gremilns "knee-high monster movie" craze., 8 October 2007

After the success of gremlins, horror comedies about knee-high monsters came out thick and fast .Ghoulies, munchies, hobgoblins......all crap-except for one: critters. This funny and entertaining film succeeds where the other gremlins clones fail because it successfully mixes horror and comedy together.

The plot, in which a farmhouse family (comlete with nubile young daughter and pro active kid) are terrorised by carnivorous aliens , is pure 50's B movie material but its handled with humour, tension and some cool pre digital visual effects .The cheesy 80s rock sound track also has its unique charms ("the power of the night !!!!!").

All the sequels that followed were truly awful , so don't bother with them - stick to the best of the gremlins imitators and get your teeth into critters.

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Excellent ! Makes you want to stay away from public telephones........, 1 March 2006

When I first heard about phone booth , I was doubtful that it be worth the time of day . " A thriller about a man stuck in a phone booth from the director of batman and robin ?" I thought " that sounds stupid !" Thankfully though I thought wrong ! Phone booth is wicked !It definitely deserved to be a much bigger box office hit than it was .

Phone booth is a chilling , edge of your seat thriller that wrings every ounce of tension from its ambitious concept of a guy under siege in a phone booth from an unseen menace. The performances are all excellent , and the script is inventive and smart.

The best thing about this masterful thriller though is the unseen sniper who terrorises stu from the other end of the phone line . Sadistic , sarcastic , and down right creepy , he is up there with best movie villains .

Phone booth is a film that deserves classic status and must be seen ! Don't be surprised if you develop a fear of payphones after viewing it though.......

S.W.A.T. (2003)
SWAT stands for - So so Watchable Action Thriller, 1 March 2006

Swat is an simple but entertaining action flick that's high in both testosterone and corny clichés.

It feels like a big budget pilot for a TV show rather that a well thought out movie-it doesn't quite shake off the conventional structure of the TV show its based on . The characters (played on autopilot by everyone of the cast members ) come in , do what there archetype requires and nothing more . The story despite having some a few twists here and there is straight forward - you could go to the toilet and leave without being lost in the story. Its basic stuff-but handled with style, peppered with some nice set pieces and really gets going once the main bad guy proposes a $100 million dollar reward for his release.

Swat is corny and simplistic but its also fast , very watchable and doesn't out stay its welcome.

Hulk (2003)
"Grr....all hulk wanted was hug from daddy..........", 8 July 2005

The hulk was a lot different from the all action smash em up I was hoping for. Rather than a straight up live action comic book action adventure in the vein of the Spiderman or x-men films , ang lee has presented the hulk as an emotion driven art movie that happens to have a giant green monster in it . Its an ambitious attempt to add depth to a superhero movie ,and while its mind blowing in some places its not entirely successful.

When the hulk does his trademark temper tantrums of mass destruction , its very entertaining to watch as he destroys tanks , mutant killer dogs and fighter jets . But all the stuff in between is a bit hit and miss. There are a lot of revelations that occur in the story but the characters are so casually played that these plot developments are not as shocking and moving as they should be when they occur .

As for ILMs hulk , all the money and complex development techniques used to create him was worth it to an extent - it does look amazing , but only from certain angles . Close up he looks as real and organic as every human actor in the film , but from a distance he looks a kind of video game character .

Hulk is a very different kind of comic book movie ,that's of an acquired taste and while it wasn't the best way to interpret the comic in movie form , its definitely got some great ideas and its miles ahead of many a superhero flick in terms of artistic integrity .

Saw (2004)
An intelligent , gory and down right disturbing classic., 8 July 2005

Saw is a disturbing , smart and down right scary horror that's up there with the best of them . Directed with a twisted visual style , and following an excellent script , James wans serial killer thriller will have you cowering behind your seat in fear with its unflinching gore and will keep you in a perpetual state of dread and suspense up until its bleak and horrifying climax.

Saw is a film that will horrify you on both a psychological and a visual level ,it's a tale with plot twists aplenty and torture methods so intricate that you really cant help but worry about the minds behind it -its seriously twisted stuff .

If you like your horror with a mix of style, stomach churning ultra gore , intricate scripting , and unadulterated terror, than go see saw it's a classic !

Catwoman (2004)
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They don't call it "crapwoman" for nothing........, 6 July 2005

According to the unintelligent opinions of many portly fan boys , catwoman failed at the box office because the catwoman character was black , the director was French and there wasn't enough sex and violence . Well let me be the one to say that these opinions are not only wrong but incredibly dumb. The reason why cat woman failed is because it looked stupid - which it was ! Catwoman sucks on every level . The plot ,that sees our cat powered hero taking on a killer cosmetic company , is just ludicrous. After a short while you wont care about which character does what to who and if you haven't walked away from catwoman after about 20 minutes of screen time then you'll probably be sticking around to criticise its many , many flaws . Flaws like the cringe worthy acting , the atrocious dialogue , the embarrassing cat resurrection scene , the poorly shot action , the hatefully crappy and unnecessary cgi stunts …. Its all just embarrassing ! The film would have benefited from sticking to batman returns continuity and following the further adventures of Selina Kyle (a far more charismatic character than this movies catwoman ) as she faces another DC villain .

The only high points are the films stylish set design and halle berry's sassy, sexy interpretation of catwoman (and not her nerdy and annoying alter ego , Patience Phillips). These highlight aren't enough to improve this campy , corny and incredibly dumb, waste of a potentially decent comic book flick though. Avoid this cruel joke of a flick and watch batman returns or the original batman animated show instead.

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