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Cowabunga, Shredder get back here and taste cold turtle steel!, 17 August 2014

A lot of people give Michael Bay a lot of flack for practically everything he does. Actually, that's an understatement. People hate the guy. He's produced films with budgets in the 9-digit range, and usually those films are based upon a person's childhood superhero or cartoon, but whenever Bay makes a movie, he changes so many details, the people who see his films are disgusted. However, to say his films suck entirely would be a lie, as most of the stuff he's produced is very entertaining, and full of action fuelled by CGI and 3d effects. And sometimes the stuff he makes doesn't stray too far from it's source material. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is like that.

In this one, April O'Neil is after her big scoop for the Channel 6 News. While investigating why a bunch of new yorkers are rushing out of the subway, she comes upon a foot clan attack, and ends up being rescued by 4 mysterious vigilantes. After being rescued, she pursues them, and discovers that her rescuers, are none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

OK, I have 2 major negatives, giving this movie it's 8/10, and they're both in the casting department.

First, April O'Neil. The movie should've been called "The TMNT & April O'Neil" because a majority of the time, the camera was pointed at her. For the first 20 minutes, i was dying to see a turtle instead of her. I know Megan Fox has her admirers, but I really don't care much for her, and the role of April O'Neil should've gone to someone else...perhaps someone with red hair, maybe.

Second, Donatello & Leonardo. all 4 turtles were superb throughout the movie, But the casting for them was off. For Leonardo, Johnny Knoxville as the voice? No, not him. I love Knoxville when he's trying to kill himself in the name of comedy, but as Leonardo, Hell no. I would've preferred Cam Clarke (The Original Leonardo) or even Michael Sinterklaas (The 4kids Voice Actor) over Knoxville. Also, Donatello. I would've loved to hear Rob Paulsen Provide the voice for him over the unknown who did, because Paulsen is the greatest voice actor of all time, Hands down.

So whoever did casting for this movie, they're the ones who really, really suck.

Now, the Positives.

Michaelangelo is by far the best character, the one you will look forward to hearing and seeing in every scene. Just like the cartoons, Mikey is a joker, and almost every line he puts out will make you laugh.

Second, the action. it's everywhere and you will get your fill of it. Michael bay loves CGI and 3d and it's everywhere. The action slows down to take advantage of the 3D effects (Which might be Cliché for some) but it's definitely enjoyable.

Finally, to really appreciate the best part of this movie, you have to think back a few years when it was announced. The internet was extremely angry that Michael Bay wanted to make the Turtles Aliens instead of mutants. So the internet voiced their displeasure. And Mr. Bay listened. Guess what? The turtles are not aliens, they are mutants. Even April makes a reference to her friend asking if the turtles are aliens, to which she replies "No, that's stupid."

So to sum it up, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fun, full-length feature that everyone in the family can enjoy. There's almost no swearing, And the sexual innuendos are kept to a minimum. For a movie about our heroes in a half-shell, it's worth a view.


It needs a little work, 12 August 2014

Idiotest is GSN's newest addition to it's line-up of original programming.

What makes this new gameshow so unique? Trick Questions. Every question the players get must be read carefully. but they can't take too long, because every second counts - take too long and you won't win as much money.

Unfortunately, this gameshow needs a little work. It's very short and empty and not much action is going on. there needs to be a few more questions in each round. Ben Glieb is OK, but he's no Jeff Foxworthy.

However, it really does make you think before you answer, and that's where I give idiotest credit.


"The 7D" (2014)
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It's still too early to say whether this show is to be successful., 27 July 2014

Coming off Tiny toons and Animaniacs, I had some decently high hopes for the 7D. While I know that the 7D isn't going to be as good (Mainly because it's aimed at a young audience on a Disney network) and that the writers probably don't have the freedom they did with Warner Bros, This is what comes of it. It's not laugh out loud hilarious, but it's still an entertaining half-hour, and there's still plenty of episodes for the writers to come up with.

The 7D is a modern twist on the classic tale of the 7 Dwarfs, but there's been no mention of Snow white so far in the series. Anyways, the 7D are a group of dwarfs who live in the land of Jollywood under the rule of queen delightful. However, every so often, 2 bumbling sorcerers (Grim and Hildy) try and ruin the day for whatever reason, and the 7D are usually there to stop them.

The best part of this show so far is it's voice acting crew. You have Maurice LaMarche as grumpy, Jess Harnell as Grim, and Kelly Osbourne as Hildy, who oddly enough, is very entertaining as a spoilt brat.

Unfortunately, The writers and producers have fallen short so far in my opinion. There's the odd laugh, but it's not the kind of humour that people have come to expect from Tom Ruegger and his crew. So obviously the censors have gotten tighter than a snare drum since the early 90's in terms of what gets by them (Finger Prints, anyone?)

Personally, I don't think we'll see anything that can raise the bar higher than what Animaniacs and Tiny toons did, But even if they came close and were even a little suggestive in their humor, i'd be happy.

I give it a 6/10, but it's still too early to really say whether this show is worth watching. Give it a few more seasons.

Honey, I'm blowing up this movie, 23 July 2014

While the 1989 & 1992 Honey movies were enough to be satisfactory, The 3rd and final one in the series just sucks the life out of the series and makes me want to lose my cookies.

In this one, Wayne Szalinski is preparing the machine for display at the Smithsonian institute. Unfortunately, He also has a little momento his wife wants him to rid - the Tiki man. After thinking to shrink the Tiki man with the machine after promising not to use it again, Wayne accidentally shrinks himself and his relative. and when their wives return home because of a bunch of potassium pills, they shrink too, and so begins a miniaturized adventure through the szalinski home.

Sadly, only one original cast member returned - Rick Moranis. And he looked like he didn't care at all. Almost every scene he did felt more phoned-in than anything. All the other actors are re-casts.

On another note, this was one of famous actress Mila Kunis's first roles, as a party girl. That's really all this movie really has going for it.


A rescue plot to clear the name of a rustler, 28 June 2014

In this old tale of the lone ranger, The notorious madden gang has been rustling cattle all over the county, and leaving the bodies of their victims in the wake. However, their leader is behind bars, for a very, very long time.

So in retaliation, the gang kidnaps the son of a rancher, named Jim Patrick, and will exchange his life back to his father in exchange for their leader.

Meanwhile, A former rustler, Fred Vance and his wife are hoping to settle in the county, but not all the ranchers are convinced Vance is reformed.

So, in everyone's darkest hour, the Lone ranger and tonto arrive to save the day. Their plan? Help Fred Vance clear his name with the county by rescuing Jim Patrick.

This one's public domain, there's not much to say, it's a regular hack plot...NO, no, no, no, no wait just one moment, there is something very, very special about this one episode of the lone ranger.

You know who Jim Patrick is? That young man tied to the tree? Dickie Jones. Pinocchio's voice actor for the 1940 animated film. Can you believe at one point, that guy was looking into a microphone and saying "I'm a real boy!" which so many children, young and old have heard, some many times over? Yeah, that's all that's special about this one. Oh by the way, as of June 2014, Mr. Jones is still alive.

No Summer Vacation is complete without seeing this movie, 11 June 2014

Tiny toon adventures is a cartoon classic from the early 90s which takes the humor from the old looney tunes and gives it a modern look and feel, complete with full animation - According to the show's creators, most cartoons at the time used 10,000 frames per episode, Tiny toons used 25,000. double and a half. On top of that, Tiny toons had an all-star cast of voice actors and writers who still get praise for their work to this day - almost a whole generation of new fans love to watch the show on the Hub & Teletoon retro. And after a couple of seasons of laugh-out loud insanity, Tiny toons got a Direct-to-video cartoon release. and unlike the many direct-to-video releases that came after, this one is awesome.

In Tiny Toon Adventures; How I spent my summer vacation, The Tiny toons are eagerly awaiting the final bell which signals that the school year is over and summer is to begin. But since this is Tiny Toon Adventures - These toons are going to have a blast - Buster & Babs have the longest, most drawn out and vicious water gun war ever documented, Plucky Duck tags along with Hamton and his "unique" family to a ridiculous theme park, Fowlmouth takes Shirley McLoon to the theatre, and Fefe Lefume tries to track down her crush.

To really enjoy this film, In my opinion, there are 2 mandatory times this movie should be watched - at the beginning of summer, and at the end. Any other times it wouldn't have the same awesome effect as it would at those times. You watch it at the beginning of summer to think about all the fun things you're going to do in the next 2 and a half months, then watch it again at the end so you can look back on some of the crazy things you did in the last 2 & a half months before going back to the grind of daily life.

If you haven't seen this yet, get a copy and watch. It's tiny, it's tooney, it's all a little looney!

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It's nice to see the boys again., 24 April 2014

When the first anyone ever saw of the trailer park boys debuted as an indie film in 1998, it was a cult comedy hit because it had a formula that worked and was funny - it was a show that constantly broke the 4th wall as a Mockumentary with characters that never changed over it's first few years....then the 2006 movie and season 7 happened. Gone were the cheap cameras. People don't even realize that a camera crew is following them. Trinity isn't a little 9-year old anymore. The show's swearing and blatant sexual innuendos got more & more frequent.

The 2008 special "Say goodnight to the bad guys" came out. it was OK. then the 2009 movie came out. it was OK. Now we have this movie. it was OK.

There's one problem. it wasn't laugh out loud funny enough. it had some moments involving Lahey & Randy in a gas station bathroom, Ricky's Rickyisms that never get old, but the show isn't what it used to be. and sometimes I kind of wish they'd just end the show entirely and look back on what was one of the funniest Canadian comedies ever made rather than trying to make something else up.

So in this one, Life for the boys is all but mixed. Ricky's got a great dope operation in the basement of a house, Julian's working on a plan to deliver urine (that's right, Urine) to Montreal, and Bubbles is struggling to make ends meet by delivering chicken and liquor to trailer park residents. When the word goes out that the Canadian government is about to legalize marijuana, one might think that would make the boys happy, as they can never go to jail again for possession or distribution of illegal narcotics...but if it does become legal, ricky can't sell his dope at the prices he does. So, with his beaten 1975 New Yorker with a blown transmission, He begins a trip down to Ottawa to protest against the government's plans.

Now while I might have criticised this movie, I'm not going to lie. I'm always going to be excited to hang out with the boys again. I'm looking forward to conflicts between lahey and ricky, Julian's odd schemes to make money, and the undeniable charm of bubbles.

Fans of the series, I encourage you to go see the film, You'll have a good time.

Noah (2014)
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Folks, It's just a movie., 16 April 2014

To begin this review, I just want to say that I believe in God, and I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior.

I have heard a slew of criticism from everyone about this portrayal of Noah. it's so bad, my fundamentalist Christian cousin has shunned me on facebook because our opinions differ on this movie. But my opinion remains the same - it's just a movie. it's a form of entertainment. If anyone wants the most biblically accurate version of Noah, there's millions of bibles strewn all over the world which tell the story.

Based upon the story of Noah in Genesis, Noah is the last good man left on earth in the eyes of the creator. He has a nightmare in which he is deep underwater, surrounded by corpses of evil men. With the help of fallen angels who were cast out for helping Adam & Eve after the original sin, Noah spends years constructing the ark to survive the coming flood.

OK, time for some biblical comparisons, Accurate & Inaccurate.

- There is no mention of God in the movie. He's referred to as "The Creator."

- Even though the story of Noah is set a few centuries after creation, but it's not specified when this incarnation of Noah takes place. According to Emma Watson, it could take place 1000 years in the past, or 1000 years in the future.

- There was some criticism concerning Noah's drunken scene. Guess what? Genesis 9:21. Noah was a drunk, but...

-Noah was NOT a psychopath intent on killing Shem's newborn if it was a girl. Ham & Japeth also had wives as Shem did that were on the ark during the flood, and god intended for them to be fruitful & multiply.

-There is no mention of 6-armed stone angels in the book of genesis. They might as well have been transformer robots.

- I also don't think Noah was a murderer in any aspect. He has a body count in this one. It's almost as if i'm watching Gladiator at times.

Bottom line, i'm not going to promote this movie as a biblically accurate portrayal of Noah during the flood that destroyed the world. I'm going to say that it's Hollywood entertainment, and that's all it's ever going to be.

Actually, if you want to criticize a well known and highly respected Christian series for it's inaccuracies(For children, none the less) look to Veggietales. I'm sure Daniel didn't have a pizza party in the lions den, nor did Heyman get sent off to the island of endless tickling. funny, my fundamentalist cousin loves that series. 7/10

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A one-two comedy punch out, 27 March 2014

In my opinion, any Animaniacs episode featuring the Warners and Slappy squirrel is a perfect episode. First you get the zany, wacky, immature type of humor that everyone can understand. then you get the old-school, violent, yet satirical sense of humor that everyone can understand...except maybe the satire part.

The first bit of this episode is a direct parody of the 1960's classic which has been rerun for many, many years, Gilligans Island. The Warner movie lot is a parody of the show's theme song, replacing "Gilligan, the Skipper too, The millionaire & his wife." With "Scratchansniff, & Hello Nurse, the CEO, Ralph the guard." The second bit is the Warner's main bit for this episode. The set-up? A greedy candy store owner refuses to give a nun a candy donation for the orphaned children. However, after she's forcefully removed from the store, the 3 Warner siblings arrive, and pester the beans out of the owner.

The final bit on this episode is definitely Sherri Stoner at her best. Slappy takes Skippy to see "Bumbie's Mom" a movie about a young fawn growing up in the meadow with his mother, eventually losing her to hunters. As a result, Skippy is traumatized by the fact Bumbie lost his mom, and Slappy tries to convince young Skippy that cartoon characters don't die, and takes him to meet the actress who played Bumbie's mom.

What makes Bumbie's mom a special short for me, is when I watched it for the first time, I got about 10 seconds in, figured out what was going to happen, and just burst out laughing. According to the Animaniacs DVD extras, Stoner wrote the bit based on her experience watching Bambi as a young girl. And after the dawn of the internet, more & more people eventually came forward and admitted how that scene from Bambi traumatized them as children. So that's what makes the episode so special in a way.


Thank you, Slappy Squirrel, 26 March 2014

To say that "Guardin' the Garden" truly outshines the Warner siblings short on this episode is sorely insufficient. Good old Slappy Squirrel gives Satan a good whipping and we the viewers have no choice but to laugh about it.

In Guardin' the Garden, Slappy Squirrel is given the task by God to guard the tree of the fruit of knowledge of good & evil from the Serpent, who tries many times to tempt Adam & Eve with it in order to spoil mankind's relationship with God. However, Since Slappy Squirrel is addicted to making bad guys suffer in pain, The serpent gets beaten, Smashed, Squashed, and blown up within an inch of his life, making this episode one of the most satisfying ones to watch, particularly if you're a Christian.

Then there's "Plane Pals" with your favorite siblings, Yakko, Wakko, And Dot. In this short, A disgruntled and rather selfish man is forced in economy class for his flight, angering him, and causing him to abuse the airport workers & Hello nurse as the Stewardess. But he meets his match in the Warners, Who are on their first ever flight. They drive him even more insane with gags and stunts that translate into laughter for anyone who watches.

This is one of the best animaniacs episodes ever made. Nothing but fun shorts and fun characters. The animaniacs team at it's best.


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