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No job is too big, No pup is too small, 14 September 2015

Just recently, i spent the weekend out in a small village with my brother and Sister-in-law. They have 3 kids and those 3 kids absolutely love this show...until another one comes along and takes it's place but for the time being, this is currently their favorite show.

Paw patrol is about a group of puppies that act as public servants in adventure bay. Chase is a German shepherd pup who resembles a traffic cop, and usually directs traffic in appropriate situations. Marshall is a dalmation pup who resembles a fireman, and usually provides water when necessary and showers when it is not. Rubble is a bulldog pup who resembles a construction worker who digs with his excavator on his side. Then there's Skye, a Cocker-spaniel/poodle pup that can fly and apparently is a love interest for Chase. There's other pups in the paw patrol but i can't remember them.

This show serves it's purpose. It keeps your pre-schooler occupied for 20 minutes and it's over. It's cute but cute is par for the course in children's television....and Apparently, so is making CGI cartoons too.

It's still a young show, entering a 3rd season. Whether it lasts beyond 3 seasons is up to the kids' interest in it.

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Taking bets on who's gonna get eaten first., 5 September 2015

It's Jurassic Park. You just know someone is going to get devoured. It's just a matter of who's going first.

22 years after the original Jurassic Park was built, the popular tourist attraction Jurassic World operates, as originally envisioned by the visionary John Hammond. Visitors can interact with herbivore dinosaurs and witness the decimation of livestock by the carnivores. But after 10 years of operation, the park's visitor rates are declining. They need something that's going to bring back the people. As a result, they create a new dinosaur. But this dinosaur's more intelligent than the mad scientists who created her. and pretty soon, the park becomes an entrée plate of goodies. The real question is, who stays alive and who gets eaten?

For those who love a good monster movie, you're in for a good time. The action comes and goes and the survival horror mentality is there.

First of all, it was nice to see Chris Pratt as the hero but since he came off the lapels of Star-lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, it's kind of hard not to see him that way here. To me, he's still Star-Lord, except now, he's dealing with dinosaurs.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the quintessential woman of the film, Aunt Claire. And personally, I wanted her to get eaten the most (Well, except for Private Pyle) She demeans her nephews and treats them as if they're young children, when they somehow get a 1992 Jeep Wrangler running on fuel and a battery that had been sitting for 20 years, and they can drive Stick shift. Aunt Claire wears heels and gets glorified like Wonder Woman. That's the only thing that prevented me from giving this movie a 10.

And I mentioned Private Pyle. Vincent D'Onofrio. He played Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket back in 1987 and here, in an ironic twist, he's now a top military guy, looking for a new way to fight insurgents around the world...and trained killer dinosaurs come to mind.

To close the review, I recommend you go and see this film. It's going to have a sequel in a few years, and hopefully that one will be as fun as this one was.


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Must-own for the 7th-gen consoles, 22 August 2015

Years ago, I made a review for the Original X-com; Enemy unknown from 1994, when we all thought that X-com game was the only one that would exist...and then 2K & Firaxis teamed up to bring us this Masterpiece.

Set in the year 2015, assuming the year is still 2012, Aliens from outer space have invaded earth, and have begun killing, capturing & consuming humans. in the midst of this, the world's governments have come together and formed X-com, a project that has sworn to eliminate the alien threat, by any means necessary. But, if the project doesn't do as well as the nations of the world hope, they might just back out of the project, taking valuable funding with them. As the commander at X-com, it's your job to guide soldiers in battle, build a base and arm interceptors to shoot down UFOs around the planet. And the council will grade you on it. They'll be in touch, Commander.

This is the granddaddy of Strategy games, Games like Starcraft, Age of empires, and Master of Orion exist solely because of the original X-com. the 2012 remake is also a fun game, and it also tones down the difficulty and makes the battles a bit simpler for gamers of this decade. The gameplay is very similar, although battle-mode has been made a lot more simple. Time-units are replaced by lines that say how far your soldier can go before he's dashing, and it seems you get more hits in battle. The biggest and most disappointing difference is the number of soldiers you can send into the field, starting at 4 and capping at 6. Why would a government-funded program designed to fight 20-30 aliens on one field, only send out 6 soldiers?

The music has been totally changed from the original. Personally, I loved John Broomhall's score from the original game a lot more, but there are pieces from the 2012 game that are worth their weight, like "To the fallen" and "Depths of the hive mind" both composed by Michael McCann. The music lacks an eerie/creepy vibe and has a more movie-epic sound to it.

At times, this game feels like it's setting you up to fail, and at times, you'll have to retreat from a battle, or, you'll have to ignore a UFO over a foreign country, because the cost to replace a battle-hardened Colonel or an interceptor ship is not worth the risk of charging them to their death. It's hard to accept, but sometimes you have to pull out from the battlefield, and take the verbal beating from the council.

Overall, I totally recommend anyone to play this game while they're still available at EB & Gamestop.


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Stoner Comedy meets Action Suspense., 21 August 2015

When it comes to blending action with comedy, some films hit the mark (Lethal Weapon & Rush Hour) and others, don't (Paul Blart) but when you combine action/suspense with stoner comedy, then what leads is one of the most fun films you'll see this summer.

Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg) is an everyday small-town stoner, who works a bland job at a market, with the goal of marrying his girlfriend, Phoebe (Kirsten Stewart) but what he doesn't know, is that he's actually an experiment conducted by a CIA agent named Victoria Lasseter (Connie Britton) and that the CIA has put out a hit on him. With lots of time and money invested in Howell, Lasseter goes out to his little town and "activates" him, turning him into a stone-cold killer. But while he's the perfect killer, he's also a sweet guy who just wants to be with his girlfriend.

First off, I want to say that this flick was funny as hell and chocked full of good action. I had a good time watching it and I was rooting for Mike all the way. But while this film is awesome, I have some complaints but i'll get to them after the pros.

Jesse Eisenberg nails the role of stoner perfectly. He's a chilled out lovable guy who just wants to be with his girlfriend and a joint of marijuana. You want to climb into the screen and smoke a fat one with him. and you want to watch his back when he's surrounded by 6 assassins...not that he'd need you.

Kirsten Stewart might be known best for her role in Twilight and of course we all know how much those stories mean to single women who spend a lot of time writing fanfictions inspired from a Danielle Steel paperback, but here, she's actually not that bad. She needs to do more comedy cause she works well as the "straight man" or woman in this case. Although she might be typecast for romance films, maybe someone like Ellen Page or Kaya Scodelario would've been a better Phoebe, but hey, it's Kirsten Stewart. can't change it now.

Connie Britton fits her role well too. It's almost like watching Colonel Trautman with Rambo from First blood, assuming Mike Howell is John Rambo.

OK, now the complaints. first, the obvious. The shaky camera....Hollywood, get it through your thick dumb skulls; We HATE shaky cameras during fight scenes. It doesn't make the scene more exciting or interactive, it just makes the fighting hard to see. Enough already!

John Leguizamo. The guy is awesome, one of my personal favorite actors and half the reason I came to see this movie. And they gave him the persona of a wigga. Really? This guy was Benny Blanco from the Bronx and Luigi Mario...OK, maybe that wasn't his shining role as Luigi but he should've at least gotten more screen time.

Overall, I totally recommend this film, but maybe you should get baked before going to see it. Or at least get baked for the ending.


Tarzan (1999)
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The final movie in the Disney renaissance, 24 June 2015

From 1989 to 1999, Walt Disney studios created some of the most amazing, mind-blowing animated movies of all time. From the little mermaid to beauty and the beast, from Aladdin to the lion king, from Pocahontas to Hercules, and finally, Mulan to Tarzan, these movies still hold their staying power to today. However, Tarzan was the last of these films, from the period known as the Disney Renaissance. Disney remains a popular animation studio in the public eye, but no one could deny how popular they were throughout the 1990s.

Tarzan itself is based upon the novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and the movies from the 1930s. Tarzan is a baby who loses his parents, and is adopted by a family of gorillas, who raise him up as their own.

For a Disney film, this one is one of the best. For a renaissance film, It's not the best of them. I still like to say that the first 2 (The Little Mermaid & Beauty and the Beast) were the best. I know that some Disney fans would chew on me for not saying The Lion King, but that's just my personal preference.

I still think it's a great movie, worthy of being part of the collection of Disney's best.


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Wasted money, 5 June 2015

I've never seen the original Paul Blart film, but from what the reviews say, it's apparently not bad. but the 2nd one is the real deal, it sucks.

First of all, you could've hired a fanfiction writer to write the script, and it probably would have been funnier. Heck, I could've written a funnier script than what they came up with.

There's only one real redeeming quality to this film, and that's it's physical comedy. Some of the bits were well timed, but most of the time, it's just Paul Blart falling down.

The story is a hack plot. Blart's off to Las Vegas, and just happens to get wrapped up in the middle of an art heist. There's not much else that I cared about in the film.

1/10...don't go see it.

Splatoon (2015) (VG)
Lives up to the Hype, 30 May 2015

The first & third person shooter genres, shall we say, have been far overdone. War games (Medal of honour, Call of Duty), battling against monsters (Doom, Resident Evil) fighting secret organizations as secret agents (Goldeneye & perfect dark) it's essentially all been done.

Then Nintendo comes along, and says "What if...we took cute squid girls and cute squid boys, gave them water guns full of coloured ink, and had them splat the ink all over each other's faces?

It sounds dirty...OK wait, that was dirty, let's rephrase that.

"What if....we took cute squid girls and cute squid boys, called them inklings, and make them battle over condensed urban-like battlegrounds, using water guns full of ink, having battles over how much turf they can cover with that ink?

The story of splatoon is rather pointless, as most gamers bought the game to play online battles against other players. You take control of an inkling, and you level up and earn money by participating in turf wars. the object of the game is to cover more turf than the other team, using coloured ink to mark your turf, using ink guns, rollers, and other cartoonish tools of war. Win or lose, you gain experience points and money to spend on new gear and clothing you can use in the field. Level up by battling as much as you can.

The story is about the rogue octarians stealing the zapfish, a power source for the inklings. the player must successfully navigate the courses laid out for them in order to recover these zapfish, while fighting the octarians and their bosses. This mode is somewhat pointless, but if you have an Amiibo, you can unlock more stuff to use in multi-player with one, by playing the levels a bit differently.

Personally, I got hooked on splatoon during the Global test-fire dating May 8th, 2015 at 8pm, and I've been hooked ever since. Nintendo's always willing to go out on a limb to try new things, and splatoon is their newest effort.


When you're playing, you're either going to do 2 things - One, cover as much ground with ink as possible to secure your team's victory, or, you're going to go after the other team's players to prevent them from covering the ground. Either one of these objectives is necessary to win. If you're planning to cover ground, get a roller. If you're planning to fight, get the charger. if you're intent on doing a bit of both, the splattershot or any rapid-fire gun will be balanced enough.

it's easy to play, but not really too hard to master. Once gamers start figuring out new strategies and tricks, it might a little bit more effort to keep up. Watch how others play and learn a few strategies.


The controls are as fluid as the squids in the game, Unless you're playing with the motion controls. I found the motion controls are a bit frustrating, but you have the option to turn them off. I do and I like it that way.

The touchscreen can get a bit confusing, but once you've figured out everything, you'll navigate it well.


The music's not bad, but I wouldn't consider it a true collection of masterpieces. You get a rock-alternative style of music, with a bit of cartoonish sounds interspersed into it for multi-player mode.

The best piece of music in my opinion is the octo valley mission theme in single player mode. The percussion feels like a disco song with a distorted guitar hitting at the same time as the drums. It's awesome and gets you excited to play. Why it didn't appear in multi-player kind of sucks, but hey, at least when online support for this game ends by the 2020's or so, you don't lose that awesome song. Hopefully by then, Nintendo will release a sequel on the next gen console.

The sound effects are OK too, they're nothing special, just some squid noises and splatting sounds.


The internet whined about the game lacking some common features found in other FPS games, the biggest being voice chat.

Personally, for voice chat, some see it's absence as a liability, I see it as a blessing. For once in my life, I can play a shooter game without some 12 year old drama Prince calling me dirty names, and acting like a complete brat.


Lets be completely honest. While games like Call of duty are aimed at older gamers, and splatoon is aimed at the younger audience, it's the polar opposite of who will be playing what. The line-up outside of EB games on splatoon's release day was all guys my age (Mid-20s) And the number of kids you hear yelling on the mic playing call of duty or halo? too many to count.


Star Fox (1993) (VG)
Landmark title in the history of the 16-bit wars, 22 April 2015

In the 1990s, Video gaming was huge. But nothing was bigger than the corporate battle between Sega & Nintendo. While Sega had thrown their hat into the 3-d ring with the Virtua games, Nintendo came at them with Star fox, and not only did they introduce the very first game that was capable of 3-d polygons on their console, they created one of the most popular franchises of all time.

The Star fox team are a team of mercenaries on the peaceful planet of Corneria. Then one day, an army of bad guys from the planet Venom attacks their peaceful home, causing them to retaliate. these mercenaries, made up of a Fox, a falcon, a toad, and a hare, hop into their trusty arwings and fly through space, coming for venom, and largely, Andross, the evil being behind the attack on Corneria.

For the super Nintendo, this might not be the most impressive game on the system (That title arguably would go to Donkey Kong Country) But it's also the first to be in true 3-D. A few other games would follow, including Dirt Trax FX, and Stunt Race FX, meanwhile, games like donkey Kong country, which used 3-d rendered sprites, also became available for the console, including Killer Instinct, and even Disney Interactive's Toy Story.

Would I recommend Star Fox? Totally. However, due to it's Super FX chip, the game has not been made available on Virtual console/Nintendo E-shop, but it's readily available at your local retro gaming shop, usually commanding a high price.


Get Hard (2015)
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Get hard or get it where it hurts, 21 April 2015

I'm not a big fan of Will Ferrell, but I'll admit he has made some really fun movies, and he made the Celebrity Jeopardy parodies on SNL a thing of legend, parodying Alex Trebek.

But Get hard isn't one of those fun movies. It's actually a series of jokes, almost all of them in poor taste, with nary a laugh.

Stock broker James King (Will Ferrell) is accused of fraud and embezzlement, and after turning down the option to admit to his guilt, gets sentenced to 10 years in San Quentin, the worst prison a man like him could ever get sent. Desperate to survive, He turns to Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) who washes his car every day, to get him ready for prison. However, being an entitled elitist, James automatically assumes Darnell was incarcerated simply due to the fact he's African American and that statistics show 1 in 3 African American men have been incarcerated. With a little financial incentive, Darnell begins training James on how to stay alive in prison.

Unfortunately, movies like this one are dime-a-dozen and always have jokes in bad taste. I would need more than my 2 hands to count all the bad racial jokes and sexual innuendos that came through, none of which made me laugh.

The worst part of this movie, is the riot training sequence, where Darnell sets up the lights to flash repeatedly to simulate a riot. I was sitting a few seats from the screen in the theatre and had to cover my face to avoid getting a seizure.

And just so you know, I'm not epileptic.

To be fair, there are some moments that caused me to chuckle, but nothing caused me to laugh out loud. Also, the ending is truly satisfying for what it's worth.

But if you're looking to laugh, don't expect anything from this unless of course you like repetitive jokes and worn-out adult humor.


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The seemingly always quintessential game for the Nintendo., 20 April 2015

First of all, I'd just like to say that today is April 20th, 2015, which means I have officially been a part of the IMDb for 10 years. And i've also achieved "Top Reviewer" on my Page. That is a real Honor & achievement to me.

So to celebrate, my 10th anniversary review will be for the latest installment of the immortal & unstoppable game series, Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

To begin, The SSB Series began in the late 90's, coming off the lapels of other fighting games of the 1990s, but this one was different. if having Nintendo characters as the fighters wasn't enough, the game wasn't about draining your opponents energy bars or performing fatalities - this was about racking up damage and knocking your opponent off the stage. A completely new concept at the time. The game was initially released in Japan, but almost never made it over to the west, until Nintendo made the decision to do so. 16 years later, Nintendo is still releasing the game, with added characters, stages, music, weapons, and game modes, and we still keep on handing them cash over fist...and we love it.

There's not much else to add, it's the same old formula (Hey if it ain't broke, don't fix it) except on the Wii U, Nintendo's latest console. The gameplay is similar to that of Brawl and it feels like it's on the same engine. However, more characters come to the battle, including Megaman, Pac-man, The Xenoblade characters, The Wii fit Trainers and Little Mac from Punch-out.

Sadly, as far as I know, Snake doesn't make a return. He's exclusive to Brawl.

The trophy system's been reworked too, but not to my personal liking. The Trophy coin-op machine from Melee was cool, the coin launcher from Brawl was a real joy, but the new way to acquire trophies feels lazy. You destroy falling boxes on a platform and you pay for the time with coins acquired in battle. So you could rack up a boatload of coins to spend 10 minutes or you could spend a small amount for 10 seconds. Maybe i don't know how to do it, but i still don't like the idea. The coin launcher was much more fun in my opinion.

What I do like is the 8-man mêlée - last Christmas, My cousins and I spent new years eve together, and played a few brawls, 6 people at once - it was revolutionary and I couldn't have been happier to see more than 4 people playing at the same time when the maximum amount of gamers was 4. Nintendo pushed that boundary making a 4-player console standard with the N64 and now they're pushing it further with the Wii U. How many other games will allow 8 people to play at once?

To end this review, I'd love to say that the Super Smash Bros series is one of my personal favorites and deserves all the accolades and love that it gets. it's worth the 60$ you pay for it and you should definitely go get yourself a copy, you will not be disappointed.


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