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Here is my list. I would just like to mention that there are many funny movies that are not on this list, like every movie by Jerry Lewis, Woody Allen, Abbott & Costello, The Marx Brothers, The Bowery Boys/East side kids, Frankie&Annettes beach movies, etc. Also, there were movies that were on everyone elses list that I didn't think was that funny, like Animal House, The Big Lebowski, The Wedding Singer, A Fish Called Wanda, Mash, Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire, etc. I'm not saying they weren't humorous because they were, just not laugh-out-loud funny.
The order that they are in is not set in stone. They could fluctuate 5 or 6 spots up or down on any given day. One day I might want to watch "Tommy Boy", where the next day only "Waynes World" will do the trick, and so on.
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