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Click (2006)
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At first everyone couldn't stop laughing, then ithey couldn't stop crying, 28 June 2006

I simply just love this film. When i watched this film, all parts that were meant to be funny, people laughed. Parts that were meant to be sad, people cried.

Its a film about life, and to decide things in life carefully.

In this movie, Adam Sandler puts his family after his career, after finding out his dad has dead...his whole view of this changed Family comes before anything else.

A lovely film, Best comedy movie of 2006!

I give it 9/10

Its worth watching at the cinemas

Aquamarine (2006)
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Way better than 2.5, 8 April 2006

This story is mixed with romance, love, and friendship. I really enjoyed this movie. Its actually quite funny too.

Aquamarine (who is played by Sara Paxton is a fantastic actor i reckon)is a mermaid who needs to find love in 3 days or she will be forced to marry some she doesn't wanna get married to. She decides she wants Raymond who is extremely popular and all the girls are after him including the two best friends who found aqua.

The endings are very sweet and aquamarine is just so funny cause she doesn't know much about boys and life on the surface.

Good Movie!