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The worst of the three films, 7 September 2005

Jurassic Park was a new different type of film. The story and special effects were right on the map and did justice to the book. Four years later we get a sequel to that good movie, and let me tell you it doesn't come anywhere as close to the quality of the first movie.

The sequel has a terrible screenplay by the talented David Koepp who made some really good films. The visual effects are pretty good from this film, and the dinosaurs look more realistic. Jeff Goldblum rocks again as Ian Malcom, and saves the movie from being complete garbage. Julianne Moore really sucked in this movie, and I don't blame her. Anybody who gets a script like that won't take it seriously. The other actors were mediocre and gave passable performances. This movie had TONS of mistakes and comes off as a very stupid picture. Thnkfully Jurassic Park 3 is better than this film. Still it had some decent moments.

The ending of this movie totally sucked big time.

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A very moving film about the last day of the Messiahs life., 7 September 2005

This was a great experience seeing in the theater with 300 people when it first came out. The movie deserves to been seen by everyone for it's beautiful message. Jim was amazing as Jesus and the scenes with him being tortured poured my heart out. I felt so sorry for the guy. Maia was senesational as his mother and the flashback to him as a boy tripping and her running over to help him was so amazing. I definitely shed some tears during this two hour film experience. I will never forget the day this film came out. It was on a very special day of my life that I'm proud to remember for years to come.

MY BIRTHDAY What an amazing response when the film ended. People got up and left without saying a word. POWERFUL

Alexander (2004)
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I want my 3 hours back Oliver Stone., 6 August 2005

This movie was absolutely horrible. I mean it truly sucked. No directors cut can make this better. Val Kilmer was absolutely terrible in this movie, Colin Ferrall was the wrong man for the job. Angelina Jolie once again gives a terrible performance and I'm beginning to question her acting abilities. Rosario Dawson picked the wrong movie to show her boobs in, and she gives a really unbearable performance. The script makes Alexander out to be a intelligent bisexual general. The direction by Oliver Stone is so bad you just want to laugh. I wasted three hours on this movie and I want them back. Never have I wanted my precious lost hours returned to me. Oliver Stone you BLEW IT. I want a much better movie from you when you go to work again.

Rocky V (1990)
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History has proved itself correct. Rocky 5 sucks, 28 July 2005

After three good Rocky films that should've been a trilogy, the series took a turn for the worse with Rocky 4. While that movie was mediocre, it was a lot better than this crap. Rocky 5 has managed to completely destroy the series. Stallone gives possibly the worst performance of his career, and Talia Shire is totally wasted here. Burt Young is no longer a delight to watch as Paulie and the screenplay is complete garbage. When will studios learn that a franchise should stop at the first sign of trouble. This movie doesn't deserve to be seen by Rocky fans and all copies should be burned to let the series die in peace with the fourth one.

Batman Begins is the best portrayal of Batman to date., 28 July 2005

From 1989 to 1992 Tim Burton brought us a different portrayal of Batman that was never seen before. His vision was loved by many fans and enjoyed by most regular moviegoers. In 1995 Joel Schumacher took over the series and gave us a decent movie called Batman Forever. While that film didn't live up to the first two, it was a lot better than the movie that came before it. Batman and Robin destroyed what was so good about Tim Burtons Batman and put the series on suspension. Now 8 years later the series has been resurrected in a big way. This movie is so well done and excellent that it erases all the bad memories of the last two. Christian Bale was great as Batman, and beats Keaten by far. The rest of the cast does and excellent job with the exception of Katie Holmes who sucks really bad. Christopher Nolan knew what he wanted and he got it. I prefer his vision over the last two directors and I think many people will agree too.

The Island (2005)
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The Island is a good sign for Bay. He finally makes a real movie., 22 July 2005

After 5 films that have gotten mixed reviews, one gets extremely good with Sean Connery in it, Bay returns with The Island. This movie was very good, and much better than his other movies. Michael Bay has put full force into the story and action in this movie which is good. The plot had me thinking throughout the whole film. The action scenes are well timed, and don't take up large parts of the movie. Bay is learning to balance both categories and is doing well at it. The acting by the cast is exceptional, and the script is well written. I hope Michael Bay stays with Spieldberg because he is better for him than Jerry Bruckheimer.If you're one of the many who hated Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Bad Boys 2, then you will like this movie. It doesn't suck at all and comes in as Bays second best film to date.

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It's OK, not bad but definitely not great either., 16 July 2005

I walked into this movie expecting it to be total crap from all the negative reviews it's been getting from critics and fans. Well, I found the movie to be a decent way to get rid of 2 hours, the film has a lot of problems that keeps it from being a really good experience like Batman Begins and Spiderman 2. The script is what kept the movie from being good, and almost kills the film in the process. The special effects are impressive, but not amazing enough to capture your attention. The actors fit their roles fine, but Jesssica Alba feels like the wrong choice for her role. The movie is just too goofy to be taken seriously like other comic book movies, and could be called a comedy instead of an action film. Still it'snot a bad movie, but not so great either. Strike one for the director of the Barbershop movies.

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Bay's fifth film equals the first movie but is not better., 9 July 2005

After the strong mixed reaction that Pearl Harbor received Bay returns to what many people say he does best. Making another Bad Boys. Bad Boys 2 is just as good as the first movie, but not better. The chemistry between Martin and Will is still there, and better than ever. This time they go all out with their comedy, and end up being funnier than the first. Michael Bay gives his fans all the good stuff which includes explosions, car chases, beautiful women, and music video shots to make this movie enjoyable. Bay has succeeded in all five movies, and the next film guarantees to be his best work yet. Keep up the god work Michael.

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Michael Bay's fourth film is better than three, and more exciting., 9 July 2005

After Armageddon received mixed reviews from moviegoers and critics, everybody wondered what would be next for Bay. When it was announced that Bay would be doing a movie on one of the biggest events in US history, it was met with mixed reactions. How can this man who did three mediocre action films bring something as big and dramatic as Pearl Harbor to the screen? Bay stated that the movie was aimed for young children and teens to give them an education about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I think for the most part Bay succeeded in that department. He includes a two hour romance between two pilots and a nurse while trying to make a classic picture like the old days. The acting by the cast is surprisingly good for this movie. Affleck comes through here in the eyes of women, but men might hate his style. Hartnett does a good job, and you sympathize with his character. Beckinsale is so damn pretty, she does a good job playing the gentle and caring Evelyn. The screenplay by Randall Wallace has it's flaws with dialogue, but he gets the job done putting all the stories together. The Japanese scenes are well acted and stunning to look at, and the films big 45 minutes are perfect, and may entertain the people who find this movie bad. This is not a bad movie, and deserves better reviews than it received. I would rank it third on Bays best movie list.

Armageddon (1998)
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Michael Bays third film doesn't measure up to his last two, but it's still entertaining, 9 July 2005

After The Rock's success, and Bay being included on the list of top action directors, he makes a third film called Armageddon. This movie isn't as good as his last two films, but it doesn't suck either. The action scenes are thrilling and the destruction of New York is incredible. The acting by the cast is right on and fits their characters well. Bruce Willis gives a wooden performance here, but it works well because his character is somebody you won't like in real life. Ben Affleck is not a good actor, so his performance is like the way he acts in real life. Being himself. Liv Tyler is surprisingly good in her role, especially during the scene where she says goodbye to her father. This is nowhere as bad as you heard. Armageddon is not a great movie by any means, but it's very entertaining.

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