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Uno (2004)
What it means to be alone in a cold cold world........UNO
23 April 2006
I don't know where to start. This film is excellent on many levels. All of the characters are believable and the storyline is quite realistic. The acting is superb. The soundtrack is great. The camera work is excellent. The movie is packed with RAW emotion.

David represents anyone who is alone in this world, or at least feels alone. His life was in a rut. His father is dying, his mom is having a nervous breakdown, and his brother has down syndrome. Aside from that he has no real friends he can depend on. David is really alone mentally and physically. Even though the film is very downbeat and sad, I feel that the ending shows how a real man must face the world. We must face it by ourselves.

I truly enjoyed the film and I think anyone with an open mind will enjoy this emotional piece of art.
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Marlowe.........Fed up with the World
10 February 2006
Montgomery brings an attitude with him that truly depicts what a fed up and truly aggravated individual would act like. Its Christmas time, he has no friends, he has no wife, he has no family, and he deals with the scum of the earth each and every day. If I was him I would be pretty upset too. Montgomery portrays Marlowe as an everyday regular guy you would meet on the streets. I like that aspect. As for Bogart's and Powell's adaptation of this great detective I would have to say that Powell's ranks at the top and depending on your personal preference Bogie or Montgomery could both come in at the # 2 spot. Robert Mitchum also plays a pretty good Marlowe.

As for the film itself. The great unique first person camera work really makes this film stand out. They tried something new and I think it worked out pretty well. This is one of my all time favorite noir's and I recommend this to anyone who is a true noir fan and wants a realistic portrayal of the famous detective Philip Marlowe.
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