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Old Sci-Fi Cries For Lovers, 18 April 2005

I have this movie on Video, tped in VHS in 1994 from broadcast from Atlanta (hint.) I picked it up from a man running a little memorabilia shop / museum in downtown Roswell0. That Roswell! Other Sci-Fi movies I like include these: Every time I drive by an old Drive-In Movie site or an old Theater, I am reminded of the many "B" movies that played during my childhood. found a liking for sci-fi. Early in the 20th century, Jules Verne stirred the imagination with books about fantastic adventures. Some of those books spoke of the Earth, the Moon and creatures from outer space. When I started watching this new and most often scary stuff, the Sci-Fi craze was barely upon us. The very first film I saw was "The Thing,"starring James Arness (Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke fame) as a gigantic cabbage man who had crashed his flying saucer in the Arctic, and the Army Air Force found him in a large block of ice. When the Thing thawed out he ravaged the polar post, killing sled dogs and any other creature in his path. It was the trip home after the movie that literally scared me to death. When I walked home, all the shadows were concealing the huge green man. As I sprinted home up Ninth Street, I ran from light post to light post on alternate sides of the street, to keep out of the dark shadows. Boy, how I wished mom or dad would come along to snatch me into the car and deliver me from this evil.